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The Accused

1/8/2009 3:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 51-year-resurfaced at an art gallery in Hollywood, looking better than ever.

Kelly McGillis

In 1982, McGillis and her roommate were both raped in their apartment by two men. This incident was a motivating factor in her starring in "The Accused."

Kelly has been married twice and recently appeared on "The L-Word."


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george kaplan    

This photo was taken several years ago on the east coast - it's not current and she doesn't look like this anymore - she looks a lot better!

2081 days ago


THIS JUST IN TO THE TMZ NEWSROOM... tom cruise says former costar kelly mcgillis' ugly face is a bigger tragedy than travolta son's untimley death, insists SCIENTOLOGY not to blame. hahaha.

2081 days ago


Ok maybe some people on here don't find her attractive after all these years but how about showing a tiny bit of respect.The woman was raped-violated. 'beat with an ugly stick"? Why would you even joke about something like that? If you or someone you know was raped and they said side something like that you'd be ready to raise hell and really offended-maybe even hurt that someone could joke at such brutal misfortune. I'm only 17 and i've got more sense than some of you. I hope no one ever forces you to do something taotally against your will and you don't have recount and constantly relive every terrifying, excruciating, and humiliating moment.

2081 days ago

Ana Banana    

wow, I doubt Cruise would want to make a love scene with her now. She looks as old if not older than what's her face from Rosemary's Baby. I forgot her name, she was in the remake of the Omen.

2081 days ago


My mom is ten year older and she looks way younger than McGillis. NO double chin and she blondes her long hair.

2081 days ago


That's what happens when you let girls finger you instead of getting that good man juice - you dry up!

2081 days ago


LMAO@dianerw--Yes, she looks like Toni Collette's older sister. However, I think Toni Collette and Kelly McGillis look fabulous!

2081 days ago


Horrid, just horrid. My wife told me to take a look, and now, for the love of God, I wish I had not. I have not ate dinner yet, and am fairly sure I will not now! TMZ, there is a limit to bad taste, and this went way past. Blechh, I think I just threw up a little!

2081 days ago


yes we all get older,,, and yes the comment about the rape is not necessary.... but one thing is true: kelly did not age well, this is a fact, nothing wrong but she is not pretty. Get it?

2081 days ago


Yikes, aging really sucks especially for light eyed/lighter haired women. They don't have as much pigment in their skin which makes the sun more damaging to them, which means more wrinkles and sun spots.

2081 days ago


Kelly McGillis is gay?......I always hoped she was...Cool...Bring it on....

2081 days ago

Mark Scroggs    

This is an old picture, not recent at all. As always, TMZ should be commended on your inaccuracy!

2081 days ago


Dang #62, if this is an outdated picture, I'd hate to see what an updated one looks like. This woman is FUGLY. I'm sorry...but like all white women, she did NOT age well. White women just don't look good when they get old without plastic surgery. I swear... all white women look at LEAST 10 years older than what they really are!

2081 days ago

patty cake    

lesbian it killed her career

2081 days ago


Holy cow, she has NOT aged well. Look how good Tom Cruise looks in comparison.

2081 days ago
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