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Tom Cruise -- Otherwise Engaged

1/8/2009 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's pretty clear ...Tom Cruise is not going to Jett Travolta's memorial in Florida today, because he is currently in NYC taping "The View."

Cruise -- who is really close to John Travolta and Kelly Preston -- is at the ABC studio right now, taping the episode that normally is broadcast live -- it will air tomorrow (the delay is because of Prez-elect Obama's speech).

Interestingly, Travolta did not attend Tom's star-studded 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes.


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If he's such a "great" actor, why can't he "act" like a normal person??

2116 days ago


Who cares.

2116 days ago


ummmmm just because they're the same religion doesn't mean they're best buddies and go to everything for one another and hang out all the time. Breaking News: a whole bunch of other people won't be there either!

2116 days ago


Maybe Tom is also showing a smart and sensitive side. I like the guy, so that's my take on it. He knows if he showed up it would turn this tragic, sad event into a circus. The funeral is for close friends and family. If TC showed up it would just bring 50,000 paparazzo and just make it a nightmare.

2116 days ago


If you choose to do "The View" instead of going to your "close" friends child funeral, then they aren't that close....

2116 days ago


Blah: LOL.

Maybe they are not so close as TMZ seems to believe. Mystery solved! That was easy.

2116 days ago


I had an epiphany a few years ago where I was out at a celebrity party and it suddenly dawned on me that I had yet to meet a celebrity who is as smart and interesting as any of my friends.

2116 days ago


yeah real nice friend. he could be a guest on the view anytime, i'm sure. he's a jerk & an odd duck anyway. if he was a good friend, he would be there for john & his family. but hey maybe he sent them a plant or flowers...i'd rather have the plant/flowers there than tom cruise anyway.

2116 days ago

Jeremy Bosco    

First, @Sara (#4) and Sensitivity (#5):

Scientology is NOT a religion, but a dangerous and evil CULT, whose core beliefs center on the fact that our so-called "creators" are aliens from the planet of Xenu, and that one day, those aliens will pick up everyone from the planet Earth on their mothership, carry us across the entire universe, and make us all immortal. Also, they brainwash every member, to make them more subservient to their self-serving whims, especially when it comes to milking money and power from wherever they can (Tom Cruise is a fantastic example of this, though he probably wasn't too smart and normal to begin with), and it has been proven that the highest nutjobs in the cult have ordered to have people killed for various, and again self-serving, reasons, including people who just simply don't served their greedy needs anymore. Hope these facts help shed a little light on what's really going on, not only with Cruse, but with Scientology as a whole.

Now, the Cult Of Scientology caused Jett's death, because one of the other twisted and stupid beliefs is that modern medical science and care are "evil" and "wrong," because it isn't practiced or sanctioned by our "creators" on the "planet of Xenu." Therefore, it is a guarantee and fact that the Travoltas DID NOT get Jett the proper care he needed for his medical condition(s?) that he definitely needed, and basically murdered him, for the sake of their cult's twisted, evil, and just downright retarded beliefs.

Mourn Jett, and for what he no doubt had to endure for his short 16 year life in the shadow of the evil cult of Scientology, but condemn and scorn the Travoltas, and every other Scientologist as well, for what they did to help in his murder.

2116 days ago


Hmmm. That just doesnt sound like a close friend to me. The death of a child is the worst that can happen and deserves full support. Celebs are just plain weird.

2116 days ago


They are NOT close friends. Travolta was NOT invited to Toms wedding and at the time of the wedding when people were asking why John wasnt there they BOTH said they were not that close.

Not to mention that when Tom and Nicole broke up, Kelly Preston was in the media taunting Nicole and asking why they havent seen her around "Church funtions". Nicole then had to come out after three seperate Kelly Preston comments and say that she was always and is a Catholic even though she supports Toms choice in "religion.

Not that any of that matters because all of this a big farce.
Celebrities, ALL OFTHEM are a freaking JOKE.

2116 days ago


Why must people always past judgement when you do not know personally what transpires in someone elses life? Leave them be...mind your own business....Your assumptions are almost always wrong and you have already misjudged somebody..Let us just pray for the repose of the soul of Jett and strength for John, Kelly & Ella in this difficult time of their lives...

2116 days ago



2116 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

I can't decide who is more pathetic.....Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt

both a couple of they are rich? so what? Brad Pitt is trying to stay young...good luck with that Brad, not working so far

and God only knows what Tom Cruise is really looking for in life....

neither one of them is worth the price of movie ticket let alone millions

2116 days ago


This is a private matter for the family. Who cares if Tom, Joe or Harry is there. It will not change the fact that they have lost thier child. Let these people have some privacy. Let them bury thier child. This is every parents nightmare no matter what religon they are.

2116 days ago
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