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What Economic Crisis?

1/8/2009 4:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So you want a piece of history ... for under $100,000?

This is how desperate people are to get into Barack Obama's sold out Inauguration: The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Georgetown is selling a special Inauguration package: 4 nights in the Presidential suite, a set of Gucci luggage, 2 tickets to the parade and official ball and a 4 night stay at the Ritz in Grand Cayman to recover. Price tag: $99,000.

A Hotel rep says someone bought the package.

UPDATE: The room did sell -- but not for $99,000. We're told it went for $12,000 per night.

We also found out someone did buy a $50,000 "Politically Correct" package at the The Ritz in Washington D.C. -- which includes 4-nights in a luxury suite, 2 tix to the inauguration, 2 tix to the parade, 2 tix to the ball, some jewelry, a designer tux and a dress. It's good to be rich.


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OMG, NO WAY !!!    

john travolta has resevered the top 3 floors of the ritz for the incoming xenuvians coming into town for the inauguration !!!

2112 days ago


My house is 1/2 hour from DC and for $100k they can have the whole house for the week with full bar and theatre.

2112 days ago


haha thats funny@ digi well i'm 1 hour from DC got no tickets but i will go with 20 other people from baltimore and freeze our asses of and will be drunk of course when doing it!!!

2112 days ago


I am sure the person who bought the package is some celebrity who campaigned for Obama and probably sold this line once or twice about Financially we need him in office HMM who needed him not them and why didn't this liberal donate this money sickening

2112 days ago


$99,000? Is that per person or what??

2112 days ago


That someone was Oprah.

2112 days ago


It's really not a bad idea if your well off and a Democrat. Cheaper than Dubai.

2112 days ago

we r in trouble    

You couldn't pay me that much to see him get inaugurated. We are in may take a while to see that his idea of change will hurt this country.

2112 days ago


>> It's really not a bad idea if your well off and a Democrat. Cheaper than Dubai.
>> by Roxy62

I thought a "well off Democrat" is called a Republican.

2112 days ago


well it is a historic moment and if ya got the money why not!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had that kind of money to do that .....and if i did I could care less what any of you thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell I don't care now HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2112 days ago


Good lord, the mania that is Obama is more than a little scary!

2112 days ago


Seriously? Can you ppl not see how messed up that is? Here we are struggling and I'm sure Obama is sitting back with his pitch fork laughing his ass off that he is "famous" enough for someone to spend that much money on seeing him, and what the hell has he done so far? NOTHING...i know what he can do....blow me.

2112 days ago


Boy do I feel like an idiot. I misread it as "bail" not "ball."

2112 days ago


In this horrific economy with millions homeless, hungry and losing their jobs or have already lost them, I find it terribly offensive and outrageous that we're having this huge "coronation" at all!

AND I would say that if McCain had won too so it's not just me ranting against Obama!

Our Governor is doing a huge bash for himself at the expense of our State too which is ALWAYS broke but even poorer in this economic mess and I'm against that too. Even worse with HIM? It's his SECOND one since he is already the Gov!

All these wastes of taxpayer money are costing US and we, our children and God only knows how many of our CHILDRENS' line will be paying off this TRILLIONS of dollars debt this country's in anyway!

We all pay, yet we have no voice in the matter. The "voice" and reps we're supposed to have? Well, they're all too busy padding their own pockets in Congress with special interest and perks themselves and taking care of their already mega-rich friends to worry about us.

Oh well, what's a few MORE trillion added to our future debt?

If Obama (or as I said, if it had been McCain or anyone else) truly wants to help the American people, us REGULAR people who are paying for all this and for their "bailouts", then they would have put a stop to all this stuff and just get on with trying to get us all out of this mess before millions more lose their jobs and homes

They're all alike. All of them are self-serving liars who care about themselves and their cronies, not about us out here who have to work for our money IF we can hang on to our jobs and all the millions who are really hurting

CNN reported this morning that the new job report which comes out officially tomorrow shows that we've lost ANOTHER 13,500+ jobs this past month and business after business are shutting down and laying off people, so yeah, all these parties to coronate themselves planned by all these politicians, from local officials, governors and the Prez elect are REALLY important in view of those numbers

So they'll all party - at all the dozens of "galas" and balls, eat all the expensive food, drink the expensive wine, ride to and from all of them in their limos and spend more on one ball gown and/or tux than the rest of us probably MAKE in a year all at our expense. And we have no say in any of it! What a democracy!

They did all the bailouts with the majority of Americans against it too so who cares what the rest of us peons feel, want or say?

2112 days ago


hmmm...funny I bet most people on here screaming "BAD ECONOMY...FEED THE HOMELESS INSTEAD" are the same ones who call Obama a "socialist" for wanting to help everyone, they are also the same ones who wanna "hold on to their own hard earned money instead of bailing out losers who can't take care of themselves"...why the different tune now? LOL.
Good for whoever it was that bought the's a great deal if you got the cash...I TOTALLY would if I could afford it.

2112 days ago
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