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Barkley's DUI Means He's MIA From TNT

1/9/2009 6:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles BarkleyIt was only a matter of time until Charles Barkley's DUI arrest had serious repercussions for the NBA star.

Barkley will take a leave of absence from TNT for a minimum of several weeks with no return date set, a source told the AP. David Levy, president of TNT Sports, released a statement that reads in part, "When I spoke with Charles, he was apologetic for the events that transpired and it was obvious he understands the significance of the situation. This is an important time for Charles as he deals with the legal and personal issues that confront him. Charles is a valued part of the Turner Sports organization and we are concerned for his well-being."

It was revealed today Barkley had a blood alcohol level of .149 -- nearly twice the legal limit in Arizona.

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i guess "Bling Splatt" happens to ballers too !!!

From the pages of the New England Journal of Health, December 2008,
Vol XXICCMM, Issue VIII, (copyrighted einStinE):

one and all,

i must resurrect my hypothesis that of which i am most known: 'Bling
Splatt the Cause of Pre-Mature Death among Rappers'.

As submitted
to the New England Journal of Health, the American
Medical Association, National Geographic, Reader's Digest, and

My postulate that the root cause of death among rappers is not due to
black on black crime, per se. But, due to the inordinate use of
within the framework of their upper torso, in the region of what is
known on the street as 'da grill'. Commonly used metals such as
silver, gold, platinum, and an occasional diamond or two (dependent
upon the rappers ability to sell their wares - ie records - ) as
placed in the oral cavity of said rapper, causes reactions such that
mortality rates are a foregone conclusion. There is no cure for
'Bling Splatt", the diagnosis is death.

What causes 'Bling Splatt'? There is no simple answer. My theory
revolves about the idea that low IO levels of said rappers combined
with calcuim and phosphorous (previously stated in street slang as
'da grill')
when mixed with metals and/or metallic objects react such
that positively charged electrons are emitted which when released
within the parietal lobe send such a large electrical pulse
throughout the parietal region of the brain, that the organ cannot
absorb...in essence...KABOOM !!!...the brain has exploded...ie "Brain

Collegues at the Bellevue Mental Hospital, Def Jam Records Inc.,
Johns Hopkins Medical University, and Toys 'R Us are in concert with
my hypothesis, theories, and ideas. They are all in agreement that
more study and review is needed in this arena of medicine. I have
applied for a $500 Billion bailout for study and research and a few
luxury amenities for myself (Mustang Ranch, Nevada trips for me and
the staff, and dubs for my Prius). President-elect Obama has been
apprised of this situation and receives daily updates as to which
rapper is next believed to contract the illness as such.
The Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),
the Secret Service, MI6, Scotland Yard, and Elmer Fudd are conducting
intelligence quotient (IO) tests on secretly on unsuspecting rappers,
as we speak, in order to compile and update their existing files of
low intelligence rappers.

Such a twist of fate that belies our 'mos def freestylin'
word-slangin' prophets. That there by the grace of God, he shall
speak. But, there by the grace of God, when he speaks with mouths
full of 'bling', his head will go BOOM !!!

My services are rendered to expose the truth regards the death of our
nations rappers. Word !!!


(As reprinted by waYneNuton, with permission from his supremacy

2114 days ago


hey chuckee,

say goodbye to makin' eazy mo' money from dat eazy gig you have
(had...LOL) @ TNT doin' yo b-ball shiznit smack !!! yo ma
can have ma cell, coz it be empty soon...gonna be free
to make mo' money in da NFL when i git outta hizzee !!!


2114 days ago


sir charles is THE MAN and should be exempt from all penalties and reprecussions! kinda like an ambassador to AWESOMENESS. at the very least, straight up admitting that it was all for a Beej makes him MORE interesting to watch, and TNT could seriously use some first-run entertainment. Barks is the man, so SHUT UP N JIZZZZZAM!

2113 days ago


One nice outcome from all of this, every time in the future this nut opens his mouth or his face is seen anywhere, 70% of the people will not hear a word he says, but only envision this large fat man seeking and getting oral sex. What a disgrace he is, to himself, his state, his profession, his family and himself.

May he learn humility the remainder of his days----being humble for a blowhard like Charles is a pennance more punishing than any jail or community service could ever bring to him.

He will not be invited to any function of signifigance from here on out, nor be asked to have his name to appear with any product, service, event or thing.

You did all of this to yourself...hope the bj was as you said charles, the best there is.

2113 days ago


Considering the Tens-of-Millions of Americans who voted for Clinton, despite perjury, allowing him to re-define what sex is and isn't, a tool by the way. that has been used for 1000's of years, including 2009, as a tool to gain Intel, money, to state secrets and/or access to it, and who gave the Chinese nuclear technology for MONEY for his 2nd run for the Presidency that catapulted them @ least 25 years into the future, something that if anyone else had done, like those serving time for treason for doing so, that is not only a Double Standard, but Double Stupid since anything we gave or sold has comeback to haunt us, I think the same corporations who funded his campaign and Republicans, who both share in scandals in both parties administrations who KNEW of and ANTICIPATED (albeit too late & while palying odubt & oblivious to the expected fallout)) the drawbacks and the limited shelf life of all scandals), we can overlook the scandals from Junk Bonds, the S& L crisis, the worldwide Cooking-the-Book scam, and he latest Easy-Money-2nd Set of Books Mortgages, and now Bernie "Mad Dog Drinking" Madoff, Barkley's should be able with a little time, that all will and can be forgotten and forgiven.
Guess what one of the activities "some" Verizon execs are "Down With" when in Vegas?!

2111 days ago


I guess that is why he is so fat... He so swollen from all that beer he drinks.

2110 days ago

john smith    

charles is great, dwi, is is not that serious, anyone who hates charles and thinks he doesn't need to be back in the seat is ridiculous and never really watches the show. Charles is one of the few commentators who knows that game and has something interesting to say, not to mention he's an fun nice guy, i like c-web and all but charles has to come back fast..

2108 days ago
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