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Hey Spielberg, Where's the Nepotism?

1/9/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So why wasn't Kate Capshaw, aka Steven Spielberg's wife, cast in the latest Indiana Jones movie? After all, she was in "Temple of Doom." Call us cynical, but really Kate ... you were too busy?

Kate Capshaw: Click to watch
On the bright side, her entry, "Temple of Doom", is no longer the worst in the series.


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Rick J    

Did anyone else notice that the latest film had the appearance of being shot on a soundstage? it looked smaller or something...The scenes where they went down into the cave to find the skull the first time, and when Indiana was tied up in the dentists chair in the tent looked like they were filmed in someones back yard...

2076 days ago

Lord Xenu    

The last Jones film ended like an X-FILES movie.

I expected Mulder and Scully to show up at the wedding.

Hopefully this is the end of Indy. Its gone sillier as time has gone on.

Now if I, Lord XENU, gets a major role, I might change my mind.

2076 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Spielberg could cast Kate in SPACE CAMP 2: Astro Nut

The plot would revolve around that crazy astronaut woman who plotted to kidnap her estranged boyfriends girlfriend - aboard the International Space Station, the kids would duct tape her up and blow her out the nearest airlock.

2076 days ago


Hey, I liked temple of doom. At least Harrison Ford played Indy as sarcastically as Roger Moore did Bond in that one.
These idiots really need to move on though, instead of bringing back a twenty year old idea, someone needs to smack them around with a new original thought.

2076 days ago


She was the worst part of Temple of Doom. Almost as bad as the asian kid. But she is one lucky woman. She had an affair with speilberg and he left his wife (actress Amy Irving) for her. But Amy got a 100 million dollar divorce settlement, not bad.

2076 days ago


Kate Capshaw RUINED Temple of Doom for me. I cannot stand to hear her screeching in that film.

The first Indiana Jones movie was so great precisely because of Karen Allen. I always wondered what happened to her.

2076 days ago

poopy pants    

Maybe because she is a crap actress with no talent at all? Just a thought

2076 days ago


back n' da day...katie had a GREAT KILLER set of b@@bies !!!

2076 days ago


c'mon now....temple of doom was my fave!!

2076 days ago


"On the bright side, her entry, "Temple of Doom", is no longer the worst in the series."

Good call, but Temple of Doom doesn't deserve all the crap it gets.

2075 days ago


As far as acting skills are concerned, both Karen Allen and the ex-Mrs. Steven Spielberg, Amy Irving, can blow Kate C. out of the water.

2068 days ago

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