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The Weirdest Thing About Jacko ...

1/9/2009 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... he still buys actual compact discs.

At this point his masked, netted safari/funeral garb is just standard uniform for the former King of Pop, but the fact that he went to a brick and mortar record store and bought his own CDs is just plain strange.

Who knew anyone had purchased a Michael Jackson album in the last 15 years?!


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Fan Since 2007!!!    

GIL...#28 got dumped by his hot filipino girlfriend or wife...

2080 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Couple in the back DO look terriried!!!

2080 days ago


ummm...I bought a Michael Jackson CD for Christmas...I've been TOTALLY jammin' to it, and looking up the vids on YouTube. The man had talent - that is for sure!!! He was almost magical. And by the way, can any of us say we're perfect and without our own psychotic tendancies? They say that the person who denies being crazy is usually crazy, so......

2080 days ago


I bought a quite of Few MJ albums over the past 6 months. A lot of people have. And why he goes around wearing masks is because if the paparazzi get full picture of him people will pay to dollar to publish it in a magazine.

2080 days ago

vile comments    

if tmz paparazzi didn't follow him he wouldn't wear a mask!!!

2080 days ago


Darkman lives- A reaction to a reaction....Not GUILTY! NOT GUILTY and not not guilty just alot of gaydar parents lookinf 4 a payday workin for CBS after KING trashed`um.

2080 days ago


Has anyone ever noticed how he seems to be holding onto his nose in every picture? Odd, but his music is still something.

2080 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

Mobsters on broadcasting RADAR`SS for sony CBS.Trained the public to hate the KING.Marfe turus little plasmid spinROBOT`ss GPS mind control.KING trashed sony GE no body does that and lives.NOT GUILTY Plus means just that.Does the public progarmmed by the NON free press from moneySS bagSS at the oneness of holyWOOD know better than the court system? GOD AN`t build them trash them double paydaySS still the KING of being trashed...sounds like a pattern like what they did to Howard Robard hughes JR on his own satellites.KillroySS at colleges ripped off HHM and all those patents for themselfs by masonic frat fartSS of killroy broadcasting.

2080 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

A pulse radar runs though IT and a gama-satellite projects images into it(DARKMAN)!BioHuman ROBOT`ss

2080 days ago


I wonder if anyone would recognize him without the mask.

2080 days ago


That probably wasn't even Jacko. He was probably a decoy and the real Jacko slipped out the back door and into a 1982 brown Toyota Corolla hatchback. You guys are fooled so easily! Jeesh.

2080 days ago


Michael Jackson is covering up like Muslim women do, all so that he can be as ready and proper as possible on wedding night with Prince.

2080 days ago


He's holding his cd singles boxset that was released several years ago. You can see the "MJ" logo ontop.

TMZ and anyone else that carried this photo just gave him some very free advertising.

2080 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I've heard rumors that his health is really bad. I wonder who will have custody of his kids if he passes away.

2080 days ago


"Who knew anyone had purchased a Michael Jackson album in the last 15 years?!"

^^ Man you guys claim to be so hip. You're just nasty C U Next Tuesday's. For your information, I went to buy Michael's Off the Wall album...and it was sold out! The store said they had a new shippment in and it sold. So guess you guys at The Moron Zone really are as lame as you come across.

2080 days ago
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