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The Weirdest Thing About Jacko ...

1/9/2009 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... he still buys actual compact discs.

At this point his masked, netted safari/funeral garb is just standard uniform for the former King of Pop, but the fact that he went to a brick and mortar record store and bought his own CDs is just plain strange.

Who knew anyone had purchased a Michael Jackson album in the last 15 years?!


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People could be so cruel sometimes.

2116 days ago


BTW Im still buying MJ's his cd's, and what's the problem people???

2116 days ago


He has vitiligo which makes his skin lose pigment but I've met people who have it not as serious as him though. They usually lose skin pigment mainly on hands and face. Plus he has lupus. No matter what he is still the King of Pop and one of the most influential artist of our time. and none of you can't deny that

2111 days ago


Um, last time I checked Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. Please name anyone in Michael's generation that accomplished more than him. Didnt think so. For all of you who accuse him of molestation, maybe you don't believe in democracy. The last time I check a man is innocent until proven guilty. Michael has NEVER been proven guilty. So keep on jumping on the media's bandwagon. You liked MJ's music then and you will again. I am able to distingush between his odd appearance and his musical brillance. If anything you should have sympathy for a man that has been through the trails he has. Judge not lest ye be judged,

2104 days ago


Would people please stop relying on this website for all the celebrity news. TMZ ain't nothing but a bunch of losers. Michael ain't guilty of nothing but being kind hearted, and you see where that's got him. People taking advantage of him and making other people assume that he done something wrong. When the evidence eventually concluded that it was unsubstantial and therefore he was found NOT GUILTY in a court of law. So anybody who thinks different well go find someone else to pounce on, cause there are plenty more out there. I don't think people who abuse little children should go unpunished, that is if they are truly guilty. And Michael is not. So leave him alone. And so what if he's done things to his face, that's his business, so leave it alone, he ain't the only one. :p

2099 days ago


You people are HYPNOTIZED. So what if he's white? Its a disease,

and you can't do anything to terminate all the people who loves michael.

stop it and you're just wasting your time,

if you hate michael then why do you view these articles about him? you're super interested about him! Hahaha!

2085 days ago


you're right sterling.

So what if he has that appearance? So what? What do you get when you say those stupid words? You get money? Maybe TMZ and the media does, haha, stupid haters!

Michael's appearance doesn't represent HIS GOOD MUSICALITY AND TALENT, AND HIS KINDNESS. Michael's just too soft hearted that's why the MEDIA and THE STUPID PEOPLE does this. ü

Happy Valentine's to All!

2085 days ago


Michael Jackson está vivo. Lo que no entiendo es: Porque carajos tenía que estar metida TMZ en el hoax?? Con tantas cosas estúpidas que decía sobre él!!! Que nos quieres demostrar Michael??

1629 days ago



1094 days ago
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