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Dumbasses Try to Neuter Hooters

1/12/2009 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some desperate men with a dream to serve hot wings and wear short-shorts are suing the people behind Hooters -- because the man-haven wouldn't hire the dudes as waitresses!

These dumbasses -- led by some d-bag named Nikolai Grushevski -- have filed a class-action suit in Texas alleging they were each "denied a waiter's position because of ... gender." No s**t?!!?!!

Anyway, the guys -- who we'll call "the ruiners of all things good" -- are claiming the Southwest Airlines defense, citing a three-decade-old case where the airline was forced eventually to hire male flight attendants.

The guys are asking the court for emotional damages -- but we thought you had to have those before getting a job at Hooters!

Mike McNeil, the VP of Marketing for Hooters of America, tells TMZ, "This move of course begs the question, why would a man want to be a Hooters Girl? In our opinion, he doesn't and he is simply looking for an opportunity to be the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit so he can try and make some money without working for it."


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2112 days ago


golddiggen are mean e anz

2112 days ago


Believe it or not you do have women that goes to hooters for the food not the boobs! I am a woman and I do not go to hooters because I have a pair and do not need to see anymore. If they did have male servers I would go there because I do like thier food. Good for him!!!

2112 days ago


Justified. They should hire men, too.

2112 days ago

Dyna ™    

They need to open their own place where women can go. Call it Dangles and wear huge bulges, just below the fupa. Then they can serve bad food and satisfy the desperate.

2112 days ago


richard simmons in his lil dolphin shorts !!! how quaint !!! o make that queer !!!

2112 days ago


This was in an episode of King of the Hill and it was stupid then too!

2112 days ago


Some gays have just figured out a way to make some money over their "emotional distress."
I tell you how to get over it, be and act normal and you might just enjoy a good looking hooter.
Why is it every time a gay or lesbian whines we all have to bend over (no pun intended) and either pay them or kiss their butt, which I am sure that's what they prefer.

2112 days ago


Maybe they should consider opening their own resturant and call it TOTAL DUMBASSES!

2112 days ago


You beat me to pointing out that these "geniuses" got their idea from a recent KING OF TH HILL ep. What HOOTERS SHOULD have done would have beem to have given them jobs as dishwahers. Check Mate! They sould have said "We hire men. We hire men to clean the dishes and mop the floors and clean the toilets. Have fun, Fellas!"

2112 days ago


Hey! more power to them!!
I think it just shows how silly these "sex discrimination" lawsuits are.
You get women wanting to be men, such as firefighters, who are not (for the most part) physically able to do the job, but
the NAACP bitches and moans until places give in.
I see this as no difference.

2112 days ago


I myself cannot go to Hooters because I want to ask the waitresses why in the world they would EVER here work. But, I guess if these boys want a job there what is the big deal?

Hooters might get more business from folks like me who think that the girls whom work there are dim wits, I might throw up watching them allow themsleves to be exploited and stared at JUST because its Hooters which means boobs are all over and one is suppose to behave like a drooling fool.

But, hey maybe some men might balance it all out. Not that they need to wear a cup or anything. Just waiters.

Oh and don't give the jealous sh!t either, dd's NATURAL and good skin, green eyes with long lashes and a rockin' body, I ain't hurting for attention. I just hate the atomsphere of this counrty and the big fake boob craze! Then all the dippy girls who are EVERYWHERE now. Puke.

2112 days ago

paul rod    

Equal work for equal pay. The whore waitstaff at Hooters makes way more than the dudes in the kitchen makin all the food. The amount of money earned should reflect on how much work is done. Screw those baby factorys.

2112 days ago


Listen, these guys wont win. A guy in Michigan tried this a decade ago he suid Hooters and loss, kinda. Hooters told him they would hire him but he would be required to wear the uniform, tank top, little shorts, etc. Guys do work there, some are Managers or cooks or barbacks. This will be bounced soon enough.

2112 days ago


Sounds like someone needs money and they found the easiest way to obtain it "A LAWSUIT". For real how many years has Hooters been open? Everyone knows that they only hire female waitresses. I'am a married female and my husband and I like going to Hooters and eat as well as our kids.

2112 days ago
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