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Dumbasses Try to Neuter Hooters

1/12/2009 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some desperate men with a dream to serve hot wings and wear short-shorts are suing the people behind Hooters -- because the man-haven wouldn't hire the dudes as waitresses!

These dumbasses -- led by some d-bag named Nikolai Grushevski -- have filed a class-action suit in Texas alleging they were each "denied a waiter's position because of ... gender." No s**t?!!?!!

Anyway, the guys -- who we'll call "the ruiners of all things good" -- are claiming the Southwest Airlines defense, citing a three-decade-old case where the airline was forced eventually to hire male flight attendants.

The guys are asking the court for emotional damages -- but we thought you had to have those before getting a job at Hooters!

Mike McNeil, the VP of Marketing for Hooters of America, tells TMZ, "This move of course begs the question, why would a man want to be a Hooters Girl? In our opinion, he doesn't and he is simply looking for an opportunity to be the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit so he can try and make some money without working for it."


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ex hooters girl    

First of all, I am an ex hooter girl and I can tell you that it does not take double d's to work there. And, most of the girls that I worked with were putting themselves through college, so they are NOT all dimwits "get a real job honey." SOme of the girls that I worked with moved on to be teaches, business women and most importnatly great moms!
I can also tell you this is not the first time that guys have tried to sue Hooters for not being able to have a job... just a bunch of idiots who are sue happy.
If they want a job at hooters so bad, they can become a cook, a host or a manager... plenty of openings.

2078 days ago


Good for them! It's about time! I will gladly send them financial help for their legal fees!

2078 days ago


Good for them. Think about it, how many females have forced their way into places that were men only? Turn about is fair play

2078 days ago


i say call there bluff,,,hire them make them wear the uniform...guarantee theyd quit within a week

2078 days ago

fashion disaster    

Put 'em in tight speedos and tight mesh tanks. Fair is fair...

2078 days ago


This "restaurant" should be put out of business. You could never have a "restaurant" that racially exploits and degrades people, doing so to women is NOT acceptable. Losers and lowlifes go here, and eat gross fried food. Eww. Meanwhile, the guys should win. Put them in short shorts and tight shirts, give women something to leer at, and even things out. Loser guys are threatened by this because objectifying women is all about power.

2078 days ago



2078 days ago


To Get A Real Job Honey,
If you have never been there then you need to shut your trap! Hooters is a great company to work for, they are the #1 employer of women in the world. 90% of our wait staff are in college, on the deans list and active in our community. We have a future Dr. on staff, a future DDS and yes a few Mrs. The food is good, the girls are great and its a lot of fun.
P.S. it also gives 1000's if not closer to a million dollars to Breast cancer awareness in Kelley Jo Dowd's name. Google her and have a chicken wing!

2078 days ago


I see I struck a cord.

To defend this 'company' because they give money to breast cancer???!!! They should! They need to keep all those boobs good and healthy to keep making money. You GIRLS need to come up with a better one then that! To say you are a 'waitress' is denial in a huge way. Its like Phillip Morris and their cancer research cash for the smokers, we don't condone smoking and its bad for ya, but keeeeep on buyin' em! Wake up girls.

Come on, we all know WHY most of folks there are men, duh. I wouldn't go to strip club either. The wait staff at Hooters is one step away from getting one dollar bills in their shorts!

It kills me when women say they go there to eat! How do eat when all I want to do is ask where your Mother is? Has she a clue this your job? Do you realize what these men think of you really?

One has to decide in this life, do you want to be a nice girl or a pig? I'm hearin' a lot oinkin' right now. Wise up.

2078 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

by losers and lowlifes and fried food,

I love hearing from bitter scorn women. You one of the many out there that is standing the soap box against a place the exploits or degrading to people…

I ask, who are you to decide that this is degrading? Are you out closing ever place that promotes products using sex appeal, beauty, charm?

Are you just scorned because you are in a cubicle taking orders from catalogs some where? These people chose these jobs, there not worked to work there. The can take a job easily at Burger King or Taco Bell but they choose to work at a fun entertaining place.

Stop judging others and worry about yourself. Just because your husband finds other women attractive and would to eat at Hooters, doesn’t mean he is a lowlife loser. We like beautiful women serving his wings, instead of the biter scorned sea-hag serving the meatloaf at home in here bath robe and curlers.

2078 days ago


I have been to many Hooter locations in the US because business clients chose to go there. I find the food mediocre at best and the service abysmal. The attitude, naivete and arrogance of many of the girls is evident. The majority of them lack personalities and have nothing going for hem except their chests. It's very sad. They need to learn to say hello, please and thank-you - common courtesy will get you tips and respect.

2078 days ago

Stop the PC!!!    

by Another, get a real job honey!...

Are you fat and ugly and have you been ignored by men your whole life? They made Chucky Cheese's for women like you, don't worry, Chuck will give you a hug.

Let me guess, your response is going to be that men have been attracted to your mind and that your are a processional career women and want to set an example for other women that they shouldn’t have to depend on their looks or body’s to make a living or get attention from men.

Listen lady…the day sex no longer sells on this earth or make a difference, I will want to take my dirt nap six feet under.

2078 days ago


Oh good god, did one of them break a nail and get in a snit??? Pretty idiotic.

2078 days ago

ex hooters girl    

I cant believe all of the negative and horrible comments by people about Hooter Girls. If you don't like it or don't agree with it than that is your opinion and keep your trap shut. The girls at Hooters come from all walks of life and all chest sizes for that matter. I am a 34B and I made just as much if not more money than the girls with bigger breasts. It was a good job and I made good money! And the girls are FAR from one step closer to a dollar bill in their shorts! And, once again to "get a real job honey" you really need to get a life! Like it has been stated in numerous blogs... some girls that work there become Dr.'s, Dentists, Teachers, and successful business women! Since I have worked there I am now a mother, wife and I work for a successful global company! I don't hide that I used to work there, I am proud of it... and I am proud of the person that I have become.

2078 days ago

Get A Life!!!!!    

To Get A Real Job

As a person very familar with the Hooters Concept - I have to tell you that your comments greatly offend me. I invite you to go into any Hooters in the country and take the time to get to know some these "dim wits" and "dippy girls" that you speak of. If you had actuallly taken that time before posting your very unintelligent remarks, you would be surprised at the girls that you would meet. As one other person posted - you would meet girls who are working their way through college to become Doctors, Lawyers, Dentitst, Educators, and the list goes on and on. Your other two comments offend me as well - these girls are nowhere near one step from having dollar bills stuffed in their shorts. Again the vast majority of these girls are working their way school- not taking their clothes off on a stage in some dimmly lit club, strung out on God only knows what what drugs, and doing that little extra for the right tip. And for their Moms. I have met a number of the parent of the girls who I work with. Some of them thought like you at first - but after they took the time to come in and see what Hooters is all about - they were fine with their daughters working for Hooters.

For you assume that Hooters girls are "dim wits" and "dippy girls" is about as fair as me making the assumption that you are some uninntelligent, unemployed person who has nothing better to do with their day than sit around and post comments like this. And before you pop off about me posting this - I have NEVER visited this sight until today when this story and your offensive comments were brought to my attention by a customer that called me. I can also assume that you speak so highly of the Radio City Rockettes and The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders ( or any NFL Teams Cheerleaders for that fact.) I wonder - do you leave the stadium at halftime, or scamper to change the channel on your televisiion everytime one of these dim witted, dippy, one step from having a dollar bill shoved in their shorts girls is shown? See the similarity - They don't hire men to do those jobs either.

Again I invite you to go into any Hooters and take the time to get to know these girls that you feel you can speak so freely about. Who knows - if you are as good looking as you think you are - maybe they will offer you a job. Until you actually take the time - Get A Life!!!!

2078 days ago
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