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Obama's New Decorator -- You Be the Judge

1/13/2009 8:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The White House private quarters will be gussied up by interior designer Michael Smith. The dude has decorated the homes of Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Smith is big into antiques that feel "airy and family friendly" -- whatever that means.

So look at the gallery and tell us....


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that's all    

It's not the mother-in-law moving in, it's the grandmother of his wife moving in. Soon they'll have 2 Aunt-T's, Cuzin Desmond, and Uncle Rufus all moving into the WH.

I'm packing up and moving to Australia.

2106 days ago


Yet again TMZ is posting something to slant a story a certain way....Imagine that! I'd suggest folks go to his web site and look at some of magazine articles of his work if you aren't familiar with it. Most of his stuff is elegant and warm and FAR NICER than the pics TMZ used. Also some of the ones on here look much better if you see the rooms surrounding them IE one with cleaner lines near a room with more going on etc.

I was very impressed by most of his stuff. There is some (like most of what TMZ cherry picked) I found dull, but let's not forget a good designer will create the types of rooms/homes their CLIENTS love and will adore. Some folks like stark. But bottom line, this isn't a fair or full representation of his stuff IMHO. Just look for yourself and see!

2106 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

Please show where you got these facts. I would like to see them. In other words, cite your sources.
Whenever you state a fact, you must be able to back it up.

2106 days ago

that's all    

76. little mama - Sarah Palin SUCKS and her daughter Bristol is a whore!! Baby daddy might want to get a paternity test, I heard she slept with the whole hockey team!!!

Posted at 11:26PM on Jan 13th 2009 by hahahahahahahaha


O's momma was ho, too. She was 17, unmarried, and slept with a stinky, foul-smelling, drunk, African-in-heat with a large mole on his neck and got knocked up. Even her daddy didn't like her and named her "Stanley" an ugly man's name.

2106 days ago

I'm just saying is all.....    

Responding to Tamaraja
Hey Moron! The Whitehouse houses a lot of furniture from different
periods and each new admin. can choose from the already in place
inventory to decorate. No one is tapping into your tax money to do
this...every administration does this when the old moves out and the
new moves in. Do a little research instead of bitching about
everything..and you might learn something.

Before you call anyone a "Moron" show proof, cite your sources when
you state a "fact." I would like to SEE where you recieved this
information. Thank you

2106 days ago


It is tiring, being politically correct, for a segment of Americans. Negroes, colored people, people of color,black people, African Americans.Let me know when they have made up their mind. Let me practice: african american, african british, african chinese, african irish african african, african canadian, african russian, african israeli. British african, Norwegian african. greek african. irish british greek canadian norwegian italian british spanish, french british. Arabian greek. , australian serbian.........bloody ridiculous.

2106 days ago


Instead of a fine china pattern we will probably end up with to go plates from KFC next

2106 days ago


Yeah, who cares about the decor? How about, leave it the same? EVERY thing you can do to help cut costs is beneficial... geeesh! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

2106 days ago


#82. Go look it up yourself. It's easy to find on the Web.

2106 days ago


I thought the idea was CHANGE, meaning act like real folk once you get into the White House. And yes, I voted for O. Instead, Mrs, O talked about how nice it would be to have someone else make her bed in the White House (the Barbara Walter's interview), then the Hawaii VK (which would have been fine, but one lasting WEEKS in light of what this country is going through??...NOT in good taste imho) and now this. How much of taxpayer dollars will be spent on this makeover??? How many millions??? Smith's services do not come cheap. NO THANKS. Bad timing. As Aniston said, there is a sensitivity chip missing. We voted you in to be different, not more of the same.

2106 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Milan - you must be posting under multiple names Milan/little mama/Cindy/Thomas. I have only posted on this article once, yet you judge so harshly...just who is the ugly one?? Have you looked in a mirror??
BTW - live quite well, with a wonderful spouse and 2 kids, thanks for asking! Oh, and exposing yourself as a hypocrite because you call someone viscious names for stating their opinion, how very incredibly intolerant of you.
I am starting to realize that as the inauguration grows closer, the paranoia in the haters and racists is really getting to a fever pitch, chill out, ok??

2106 days ago

penelope Bianchi    

Wow! Why all this anger?

I don't get it! Actually; the taxpayers provide our new President $100,000.00 of decorating money to spend on making the White House his home....... He could go to anywhere.spend it any way.......Every President gets it.

The family's choice of Michael Smith means; (in my opinion)..that that money will be well-spent; with items and fabrics, etc,, with lasting value ,in beautiful taste!

Every single President has the same stipend........(adjusted., I am sure, for inflation.....etc)......why are people complaining about his family ; within the rights of every President, making this house their home?

I guess that people who get angry about things like this......don't know the facts.

Anything spent over and above $100,000.00; will be paid for by private donations; or the Obamas.

I hope lots of people make a happy and beautiful home for the President ! Who has our whole country in the biggest mess I have ever known; to help him sort it out! God Bless him.....and his beautiful familyt!

I just don't get the "bellyaching" all....about his choice of a decorator!! I applaud him! And his decorator! Bravo; Michael! You deserve it!!



2106 days ago


if you were a president would you send your kids to public school? what president do you know who's kids went to public school......stupid asses! the wild ride is going to be seeing all you idiots hate yourselves into oblivion...ridiculous

2106 days ago


I'll believe this is paid for by private donations once the NY Times reports that.

The O's should fire their PR team. Because anyone sending out a press release without making if absolutely clear that taxpayer dollars are not involved, missed an opportunity to douse a firestorm before it ignites. It's the equivalent of the auto executives flying private jets to D.C. to ask for their bailouts.

If you'll recall, the Bush White House took heat for serving $500 per bottle (might have been $700) wine at one of their last big dinners.

We're sick of it. Doesn't matter whether it's the President or a corrupt CEO.

The party is OVER. There's still a tremendous amount of goodwill toward the O's. But that can disappear very quickly with a series of unfortunate PR nightmares.

2106 days ago


Well, this is absolutely marvellous. The needs of Obama & his family are being so well met.& he is not even in office yet. What about the needs of the American taxpayer.? Change, Yes. Chump change. That is what Obama will give to his people. Hail to the King, & Michelle Cruella-de -Ville Oscama.

2106 days ago
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