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Robert Blake -- Fully Loaded

1/16/2009 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So what to ask Robert Blake. Good Italian restaurants and shooting ranges, for starters...and enders.

Robert Blake: Click to watch


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Fire this A**hole Cameraman,Very Disrespectable PUNK F^CKWIT

2103 days ago


hey,did you hear the gun shot'z up on sunset last night???Bang bang bang...police were thinking it waz gang related but waz just robert blake...he'z back dating again............

2103 days ago



2103 days ago


99centz... Aren't you clever....what are you, like 12? Zilly Azz.....

2103 days ago

my 3 cents    

Dear TMZ,
Keep this guy.....very funny interview.
Thank you

2103 days ago


He's actually Jewish, he hides it well and doesnt worship either. Typical New Yorker who instead of going to Miami Beach went to Los Angeles I guess back when it was worthwhile to do so. Now anyone going there should have their sanity checked. Could you imagine living there? Traffic, gangs, smog, rudeness, minorities everywhere ready to knife each other, money given to illegals and the governor crying for the working white to give more? Terrible place to live. Even in the hinterlands, thats where you find the Manson types, still to this day.

2103 days ago


Hes my second favorite actor,I loved him in shaft!

2103 days ago


For once the paparazzi is doing some good! Keep it up!

2103 days ago


If I didn't know any better I'd say he's Bruce Willis' long lost twin brother.

2103 days ago

donna e    

Your cameraman is a retard loser.Sorry I don't mean to insult special needs people because those people have a lot more class than this dork moron with the camera. So why is TMZ still hiring drug infested homless people to shoot video. Harvey you suck and so does this segment

2103 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Another OJ who got off.. Douche bag filed bankruptcy to avoid paying the family $15 Mil which he still owes. Civil judgement appeal was upheld. PAY UP!!!

2103 days ago


Robert Blake is awesome. All I KNOW about his dead wife is that she was a con artist. That fact cannot be disputed. Her death appears to be karma related. Nobody misses her. The camera man is the biggest sissy I've heard in a long time. He keeps the car between he and Blake, then when Blake enters the car, he keeps the front of the car between them. All the time, the cameraBOY's voice is trembling. Blake is more of a man at 75 years old thaqn the sissy behing the lense.

2103 days ago



Bakley would place multiple advertisements in "swinger" magazines soliciting men for sex under different aliases. "Men wanted - any age from anywhere," read a typical Bakley ad. Those who wrote to her under her various aliases would receive "personal" letters from her that often included (or promised) a pornographic photo similar to the partially-covered one (top left) which she submitted a quarter of a century ago to Hustler magazine. Typically, her note would promise sex in exchange for small amounts of money. "Don't just look! You can touch me," said one letter, used against and again. "All I need is $30 for gas money and I can be at your side." In her later years, however, Bakley began substituting photos of younger, prettier models, but continued her letter-writing business, promising sex and asking for money to all who wrote to her many rented mail addresses. The "lonely hearts" scheme was by no means a small operation. Bonny Bakley made a profession of it. Not only did she raid the bank accounts of her unsuspecting mail order husbands, pocketing $350,000 in one case, but she did it incessantly for about 20 years. In fact, she had bilked so many men out of money that she reportedly owned more than a half-million dollars in real estate at the time of her death, including houses and undeveloped tracts of land in Tennessee and California.

2103 days ago


dont go to bad with no price on your head....dont do it...............

2103 days ago


Here we go again.. Blake was SET UP by one of the stuntmen. He DIDN'T DO IT, okay? Please, people, just let it go - he was found not guilty, and he IS not guilty, okay?!
PLEASE tell me the photog wasn't Spicoli/Max. He's on my BILF short list of "dumb but still kinda cute".
#5 - Truth Serum - How on earth can you say Blake is Jewish? With a legal surname of GUBITOSI? You can't get any more Italian than that.
#14 - 99 centz - Please go take a remedial English class and learn how to spell - or at least slow down your typing so you can spellcheck before hitting 'send'.

Keep on keeping on, Mr. Blake - Illegitimi non carborundum!

2103 days ago
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