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Wishes Pap Was

Gone Baby Gone

1/17/2009 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Affleck had a run-in with a paparazzo in Santa Monica on Thursday and we don't think they were talking about the Sox.

According to one photo agency, a pap from another agency got a little too close to comfort for Ben, so he pulled over and flagged down a cop (we think it was a parking enforcement lady). In the end, everyone just went their separate ways.

We called around to different law enforcement agencies -- none had any report of the incident. Ditto for Ben's rep.


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Keyser Soze    

First Yay.

2067 days ago

lisa lisa    

Ben should go home and stay home.

2067 days ago


Being a die hard Red Sox fan myself, I can only applaud Affleck for what he says about the Sox. Unfortunately, his acting really sucks.

2067 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Success (or lack thereof..) has gone to his head. Yea, his acting suxx. His cohort Matt Damon is 10x better.

2067 days ago

Chris X    

I don't know why I bother to read any comments - it is like the crap in Penthouse Forum. Adn them I remeber that you are the same idiots who put Buh ing the White House TWICE. For the record. If you go to movies that don't contain robots, explosions or Zombies, you may recall Hollywodland - where Ben got the Best Actor Award at Cannes. Also a Golden Globe nomination. The next year he got awards for directing and Gone Baby got an Academy Award nominaiton for his suppoting actress. So while your Matt is running around being Bourne and cool Ocean, he is gettign no awards for anything - they didn't even notice him in Departed.Ben is truly his own man FINALLY so if he doesn't want to get his car dinged by paps who want a picture of him driving, good for him adn the rest of you need to go home and stay there. Adn dont' turn on your computer in the basemen until your mom says it is OK.

2067 days ago



2067 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

I'm a NY Red Sox fan so I sympathize. But from other fotos, you can tell how verrrry unhappy he is with the paps. Always scowling.

2067 days ago

50 is apig    

Ben, get over yourself. The paps didn't kill Diana, Diana killed Diana. You don't drive through the tunnels of Paris at 90 miles an hour because someone might get a picture of you sitting in a back seat. You especially don'[t drive 90 miles an hour through the tunnels if your driver is drunk.

2067 days ago


If he'd only use that much energy to get rid of his home states congressional rep, Barney Frank, instead of supporting the liberal giving away the farm goof. Frank is personally responsible for the financial mess we're in due to handing out loans to people with no jobs or income under the guise of "everybody deserves a house"...and Ben, who supports every liberal politician in MA, is out in hollywood chasing away photographers.

2067 days ago

The former shadow of WTC one.    

Go Ben! That was the Manly thing to help from a 105 lb metermaid.

This guy reeks of Hollwywood lib cry baby who has never been able to get out of a jam without screaming for someone to come and un-jam him.

2067 days ago


Her name is Danielle and she has no idea how to work properly. Its funny Bauer used to have a great bunch of professional snappers and now they employ people that have no idea what they are doing and cause huge headaches for everyone. She is a prime example of that and we dont need her in the industry.

2067 days ago


While I love seeing pics. of this family, I can't say I blame Ben one bit. You need to give them a break, stop crowding them, especially when they've got their kids along.

2067 days ago


um.....wrong affleck in the movie reference

2067 days ago


For the love of God!! Our country is in a recession, unemployment is at its highest since 1945, people are losing their homes and their jobs and all I hear are these whiny, talentless, pathetic idiots complaining about the inconvenience of being photographed or bothered by fans. They are so far removed from the real world it's sickening. If they don't like dealing with photographers and fans then they should go into another business. I wish one of these photogs would finally turn the tables and punch one of these cry babies!!!

2067 days ago


Is this Ben Affleck, or Mark Titus from The Ohio State basketball team?

2067 days ago
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