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Cabinet Spouses Have Their Last Supper

1/17/2009 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With no good times to reminisce on, the spouses of George W. Bush's cabinet gathered together this week for a final luncheon that at least featured some good eats.

Georgetown's 1789 Restaurant hosted the affair on Wednesday, which featured Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney. The main course featured gave the spouses three options:

-- Roasted free range chicken with Jerusalem artichoke purée, roasted fennel, hedgehog mushrooms and chicken jus.

-- Maryland style crab cakes with parsley spaetzle, honey glazed baby parsnips, roasted hazelnuts and Madeira

-- Chesapeake Bay rockfish with Nantucket Bay scallops, black trumpet mushrooms, celery root and smoked golden trout roe.

None of which could mask the bitter taste of the last eight years.


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It saddens me that as an American citizen I wished the guy who threw his shoe at Bush would've had better aim and a bigger shoe. I wish that I would have more respect for him, but he has been a horrible, HORRIBLE, President. In fact, according to poll numbers, the worst in American history, and we are all suffering from it. I can't believe some people still come to his defense. He emboldened Al Qaeda's resolve, distracted the war on terror with Iraq, filled some of the most important positions in our government with less than qualified people only because he knew them, and that was just his first year and a half in office.

Kept America safe? Come on. Just to play Devil's advocate in case I was misinformed, I just Googled "Has Bush Kept America Safe" thinking I was going to find some magical independent website that lists things that his Administration has done that anyone else wouldn't have. What comes up? and Fox News. His "legacy" is being sold to the morons who into the spin like a get rich schemes from a late night informercial. Order in the next five minutes and get a trillion dollar national deficit, and an incoming Democrat who won because millions of Americans were desperately chanting "Hope!"

2082 days ago


"George W Bush was probably the most popular Texas governor ever...and dearly loved."

Pffft. Everybody in Crawford immediately points out he wasn't a local boy because they're embarrassed he lived there. Stop makin' stuff up. Geez.

2082 days ago

Deepest respect for an honorable man    

President Truman left office with the same approval ratings as Bush, but now historians claim him to be a great Prez, so history will decide, and after the next four years, we may all be looking for the next Bush to elect to take us back to a safer state on our own soil. It's much too early to know if we have jumped out of the frying pan straight into the fire. Heck, Palin has more experience than Obama, and so I'm sweating what is coming down the pike here. It's pretty darn scary to deal with "change". Especially when the democratic congress is ready to spend trillions of our hard earned dollars to do their "thang" with spend, spend, spend as their mantra and their historical legacy. With Obama on their "team", they will be spending to the max...probably the largest spending congress in history, no doubt. Looks like America will become "povertyville".

2082 days ago

Deepest respect for an honorable man    

To Pffft:

You are not very savvy if you think that the Crawford, Tx folk represent the majority of Texans. Bush has already
gone down in Texas history as being the most popular governor...he even beat out Ann Richards who no one thought could be defeated. He was loved. And still is, by the majority of Texans. That's the truth. Get over it.

2082 days ago


OMG I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF THE REPUBLITARDS ACCUSING THE DEMOCRATS OF OVERSPENDING! George Bush beggared this nation and put us trillions of dollars in debt, you stupid partisan hacks. Go back to your trailers and STFU.

2082 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

I studied Abe Lincoln, and Obama is NO Lincoln (at all) . Abe Lincoln was one of the Founders of the Republican Party , The Republican Party was founded on anti-slavery reformers (The Ideology of Freedom). The Democrat party turned to Nationalizing Resources and Companies which severly limits freedom (via socialism).

2082 days ago


"You are not very savvy if you think that the Crawford, Tx folk represent the majority of Texans...."

Yeah, the majority of Texans weren't unlucky enough to have to live near him. Gotta tell ya, most people in Texas also thought Obama was a Muslim according to the polls right before the election which just tells the rest of the world that the majority of Texans are stupid and ill-informed. So, yeah, saying Texans like Bush is like saying hillbillies like moonshine. It doesn't impress anyone.

2082 days ago

Deepest respect for an honorable man    

Well Pffft, now that you have insulted most Texans by your comments, it is time for you to realize that yes, Obama was born to a Muslim and therefore, he is considered a Muslim by their standards and beliefs. So knowing that, well sure we would see him as a Muslim. You know a person by their "fruit". Obama's beliefs about abortion are not in line with Christian beliefs, that is for sure. People often like to ask..."what would Jesus say about that?" Well, Jesus would not like to see babies lives snuffed out. So, he sure ain't a Christian. If you call yourself a Christian, there are certain beliefs and principles that go with that label, and no matter what uppity liberal intellects "think", it doesn't jive with what's cool with Jesus. So, if we Texans hold strong beliefs about what is Christian and what isn't, and if Obama's beliefs don't line up...then please don't call him a Christian. Fact is, he was born to a Muslim and they don't let go of their own that easily. Hmmm.....

2082 days ago


Hope Laura enjoyed her meal. Too bad she didn't give her former boyfriend the opportunity to enjoy his. She and George are nothing but a couple of murderers!

2082 days ago


Dear Honoring The Bush Family,

OMG, your stupidity, it hurts. Muslim is not a race, you ignorant backwater idiot.

2082 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

I am so very greatful to have had them as our First Ladies. They have always remained just that...ladies. Thank you Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Cheney for showing America how a first lady is supposed to be. You were not elected officials and while you remained in the background (as you are supposed to in a supportive position) whenever you had something to say, it was always with dignity, grace and intelligence. A job well done. I hope the First Ladies who follow in your footsteps do as fine a job as you have.

2082 days ago

Deepest respect for an honorable man    

Pffffttt, A person who believes in and consciously follows Islam is called a Muslim, also from the same root word. So, the religion is called "Islam," and a person who believes in and follows it is a "Muslim."

Just to help you be clear on this. Obama was born to a Muslim. Period.

2082 days ago


And guess what? You bunch of whiny Hollywood creeps were scared to death after 9/11!! You would have screamed bloody murder if George Bush had not done anything. He went out and made a centralized war zone where they have gotten rid of large groups of terrorists. And yes, those terrorists did exist before 9/11. You have no clue what the president has gone through in eight years. And by the way, our economy was fine until Democrat congress came in two years ago. They are the PROBLEM!!! Get a clue don't listen to CBS, NBC, ABC or CNN for your news. They do not tell the American public the whole truth. I have learned more from British and Canadian news organizations than those four media outlets will ever tell about our congress and our president. Try this website: ttp://

2082 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Hey, honoring the bush Christians also believe in torture? Cuz Bush and Cheney authorized plenty of that. And also the MURDER of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq(including babies!!) I would sure hope that you are doing YOUR part to make fewer abortions out there, otherwise stfu.

2082 days ago


May the cowboys and their women choke on their last meal at Camp David and the people of Iraq haunt their dreams every night they remain in their bodies.

2082 days ago
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