Cabinet Spouses Have Their Last Supper

1/17/2009 5:30 AM PST

Cabinet Spouses Have Their Last Supper

With no good times to reminisce on, the spouses of George W. Bush's cabinet gathered together this week for a final luncheon that at least featured some good eats.

Georgetown's 1789 Restaurant hosted the affair on Wednesday, which featured Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney. The main course featured gave the spouses three options:

-- Roasted free range chicken with Jerusalem artichoke purée, roasted fennel, hedgehog mushrooms and chicken jus.

-- Maryland style crab cakes with parsley spaetzle, honey glazed baby parsnips, roasted hazelnuts and Madeira

-- Chesapeake Bay rockfish with Nantucket Bay scallops, black trumpet mushrooms, celery root and smoked golden trout roe.

None of which could mask the bitter taste of the last eight years.