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Tyson -- All Ears For Obama

1/17/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Retired boxing thug Mike Tyson was spotted at LAX on route to the Presidential Inauguration.

His handlers are hopeful they can explain to Mike what an inauguration is prior to the ceremony.


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arte help    

Yeah, this is good for Obamas image. Obama, come clean on your first scandal. You and Blago have to tell all before more comes out!!

2083 days ago


You rednecks need to get over it. There will be a black man living in the White House on Tuesday.

2083 days ago


TMZ, you need to get some class about yourself. This was a rude and totally uncalled for assault on this man. Let the man live. You guys are supposed to be entertaining....not insulting. Keep it up and you will lose a loyal fan. It's not funny, appreciated or becoming. This truly leaves a bad taste in my mouth regarding TMZ. Many people have called you racist and slanted. I've always defended you for the sake of entertainment.....but I'm starting to wonder now. Mike Tyson keeps a pretty low profile and has for a while. Why is it necessary for you to insult and degrade him? Like I said, get some class.

2083 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Let's see-- SNL writer A. Whitney Brown was a drug dealer. Yet NBC hired him, and no one calls him a "thug." Robert Downey,Jr. is jailed repeatedly for drug offenses, yet no one calls him a "thug." Robert Blake gets acquitted of murdering his grifter ex-wife, yet no one calls him a thug. Phil Spector blows a poor woman's head apart, yet uses his lawyers and money to stonewall the justice he's got coming. He neglected his adopted son, who contracted AIDS and was homeless. Yet, Spector's not called a "thug."

I wanna know why Mike Tyson's juvenile record somehow taints his whole life, while the adults I've described get off without the smear--and the undeniable whiff of racism that accompanies it.

You disappoint me, TMZ.

2083 days ago


Mike Tyson raped a woman so rapist is the proper term. I don't know, Carolyn A-B, you bring up good points. Saying "racism" though shuts up almost every white person's ears. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was glad Blake got off as I found his wife trashy. I didn't really know much about Spector. And, yes, Downey lost several years with his son due to his drug use. I think with Tyson, though, the rape, abuse of Robin Givens, and biting off of Holyfield's ear definitely qualifies him for "thug" or at least "former thug". He's served his time, and hopefully he can make the second half of his life better than the first half.

2083 days ago


@rainblow68: OMG, really? REALLY? You should be ashamed to open your mouth-hole. **SIGH** Another braindead moron poster on TMZ.

2083 days ago

Mike Tyson    

what's next? calling muhammad ali a monkey?
the guy's one of the best boxers the world has ever seen and you call him a "thug." this is so tasteless, but expected from such a low-class group of idiots like tmz. i'd love to watch mike go looney tunes on one of your douche cameramen.

2083 days ago

Tom P    

but where was he before this?

2083 days ago

Juicy J Triple Six Mafia    

Thank you "GiGi" -My sediments excatly to what you wrote. Thank you

2083 days ago

Juicy J Triple Six Mafia    

I think Gigi's observation is spot on.

2083 days ago


"His handlers are hopeful they can explain to Mike what an inauguration is prior to the ceremony." Good luck to them; they've got a Herculean task ahead of them. His IQ is no doubt lower than Britney's and Lindsay Lohan's COMBINED.

2083 days ago


Good thing Obama doesn't let his white side out of the closet as much or else 70% of this inauguration crowd would pack up and go home. Its a shame the majority of the black vote went to Obam just because he is half black. Yes, this is a historic moment, this is the first mixed race president not the first black president as so many would like to label as such.

2083 days ago

arte help    

To poster number 2. I hardly think Obama is a black man, being of mixed race. You liberals try to shut down people ability to critize Obama by using the race card. IT'S OLD AND BORING. He's not explained all about his first scandal, trying to push it under the rug, he's from the dirty politics of Chicago and his day in court will come.

2083 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Handlers...yea handlers is a good word. He should be in a cage for God's sake.

2083 days ago


it's a shame African Americans voted for Obama? When was the last time you say a Republican politician help a minority? Fr that matter, has anyone ever seen a minority at the Repubican National Covention? The only thing that separates it from a Klan meeting is the pointy hats and bedsheets. LOL

2083 days ago
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