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Don King - I Was Obama When Obama Wasn't Cool

1/18/2009 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don King is super-excited to be in D.C. for the Inauguration, and makes it clear he was not a Johnny-come-lately.

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same same same    

inauguration ripoff obama showboat... and who said you were cool! rediculous!

2072 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Haha, he's drunk as an idiot.. no wait, that's how he is all the time. Love to see him and Tyson get at it. Let's get ready to rummmmble.

2072 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

What a waste of matter.

2072 days ago


Man the Obama inauguration is going to be the party of millennium. I been up here since Friday and everybody who is anybody is up here. I was at a party hosted by Lil Wayne, he said he is making a new song about Obama cant wait to hear it.
Obama yes we did.

2072 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

I studied Abe Lincoln, and Obama is NO Lincoln (at all) . Abe Lincoln was one of the Founders of the Republican Party , The Republican Party was founded on anti-slavery reformers (The Ideology of Freedom). The Democrat party turned to Nationalizing Resources and Companies which severly limits freedom (via socialism).

2072 days ago


BAmmie is NOT cool, in spite of the spew of Don King. This money wasting INAUGURATION extravaganza is a shame on our nation and is proof of the type of wasteful thinker this man Bammie truly is. Unless HE CAN CHANGE, HIM, HIM, NOT US, we are in trouble and may be the end of this grand experiment in democracy. It is true if the rest of you read your history books in school that one day the giveaway programs of the left will kill this nation just as Rome decayed and fell, as well as other democracies failed. Recessions come and go and have since time started. Global changes do just that over time and have for time immemorial. One thing that does NOT CHANGE IS PERSONAL GREED. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always depend on Paul's vote. That is how Bammie got elected. Watch out we are IN TROUBLE.

2072 days ago

same same same    

anyone and everyone who attends it part of the problem! celebrating what? inaugurations ripoffs and bloat! we are at war we are in a recession and obama and anyone who is anyone (others words) are partying their butts off in DC and on the roads to DC that are paved in dollars... obama inexperienced ripoff artist!

2072 days ago


MAJOR jackass...

2072 days ago


I thoght convicted murdere'z couldnt vote.........

2072 days ago

patty cake    

a convicted felon?

2072 days ago

Michael H.    

Someone should remind him that he supported George Bush in 2004. By the way I enjoy reading the wingnuts who are posting here declaring Obama's presidency is already a failure negative two days into his tenure. Enjoy the fringe, fellas, cause you'll be there awhile.

2072 days ago


Dang the only one missing so far be Plaxico...nice performance this year Plax, taking one like that for the Team.

Now that a Black man who did his homework, listened to his teachers, his parent(s), and the Police has shown the world a Black man can be President in the country---will Black youth now turn their sights to wanting to become more like him and less like people like Plaxico, Vick, and Rappers?

A new hero for a new generation---put the gloryifying Prison culture behind you...Simmons is a bad man for promoting it and cashing in on kids getting killed over it.

Obama can be the new Black Role Model, without the Bling, the droopy drawers and a gun in his waist band.

Plaxico is a bad man, a very bad man. Obama a good man, a very good man

2071 days ago


Thank God there are still people in this country like #5! The liberal media is completely out of control. Without people able to educate themselves, make their own decisions and form their own opinions, our country will be renamed the USSA.

Educate yourselves before you vote or you may not be happy you got what you wished for!

2071 days ago

same same same    

obama is not a black man!

he is black and white

2071 days ago


This guy is a big joke! I read an article on CBS about him backing the Republicans (McCain), and now he is saying that he voted for Obama? What a loser!

2071 days ago
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