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Four Men Down at "Notorious" After Party

1/18/2009 12:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

By the time the MTV Movie Awards come around, there won't be any one left alive who's actually seen the film "Notorious."

Just one day after a guy was gunned down at a premiere of the film about Notorious B.I.G., four men were stabbed at a NY nightclub following an unofficial after party for the flick.

During the stab-fest at the Djumbala Club, a 21-year-old man sustained multiple stab wounds and is listed in critical condition, while the three others remain stable.

Fox Searchlight denies any connection to the party.


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miss kitty    


2071 days ago


Good thing this movie isn't shown in 3d.. People would be shooting at the screen

2071 days ago


why does that not surprise me. But hey St. Obama will get right to work on straightening out his brothers im sure

2071 days ago


WOW........who would have thought?

2071 days ago


This is the culture Hollywood & the music industry have told a generation to emulate.

How did the people who dislike traditional Americans the most get control of our popular culture?

2071 days ago


Its like the wild-wild-West in the hip-hop/rap world. This genre of music is the rot of society. Just looks what it's about (drugs, fast, easy money, gang violence, guns and sex) and who are at the top of that food chain (ex-cons and drug dealers that wear their rap sheets as a bdge of honor) There is no effort at all for these thugs to set the examaple for the youth or breaka the cycle and try to better the slum communities from which they came. Its all about greed and turf and the instant gratification for themselves. How big and bad you can be without a conscience.

2071 days ago

Yeah Yeah    

4. why does that not surprise me. But hey St. Obama will get right to work on straightening out his brothers im sure

That comment is as dumb as you..

2071 days ago


Obama is elected which is a good step forward and ten steps are taken backwards by these people. We had someone shot and killed here in NC at a theater showing that movie. Ridiculous. Maybe we should not even promote this movie if it takes us back to the stone ages.

2071 days ago

gee i'm surpised - NOT!    

Surprise surprise. Thugs, every last one of them.

2071 days ago


When keeping it real goes wrong...

2071 days ago

miss kitty    

And yes, the comment about 'St. Obama' is ridiculous. He isn't a saint but at least he is a sign of hope and change. He has been left a complete disaster with 2 wars and a world economy on the verge of bankruptcy so he definitely does not have an easy job ahead of him. Nevertheless, he is a sign that anyone in this country can fulfill their dream. I did not think I would see it in my lifetime but it is encouraging to see that the US is once again progressive. We have not been for many years regardless of what most Americans believe.

2071 days ago

Hubba Bubba    

I miss the days of De La Soul.. true hip hop

2071 days ago


Gonna be a long four years for you, isn't it, Debbi? Your poor little mind is so constipated it's scary.

"4. why does that not surprise me. But hey St. Obama will get right to work on straightening out his brothers im sure

Posted at 11:00AM on Jan 18th 2009 by Debbi"

2071 days ago


This man glorified everything that was the antithesis of a good life; drug abuse, indiscriminately fathering children out of wedlock, gluttony, violence, etc. There is nothing to celebrate about his life not even his so called "talent." And, yes, I'm a person of color.

2071 days ago


To Read Tape -
Well written. Not only is our society backwards, I don't see much progress being made. I'm not a HipHop fan (I'm an old white guy), but I do like some of it. As an old white guy I would be Stupid to go to a Hip Hop club without my black son in law, but then he gets the looks and it's no fun for anyone.

2071 days ago
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