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Tickled P!nk

1/19/2009 11:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The red-hot butt belongs to -- appropriately enough -- P!nk!


If only she had used protection.


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The tat near her crotch looks like a long curly pubic hair

2047 days ago


I am a woman with multiple tattoos but I still think Pinks look trashy. Hers are big ugly ones that are badly placed. They do make her look trashy which is a shame since she is a beautiful girl.

2047 days ago

It's Time For A Change    

To#10 - all this tells me is that the only people you know are low class trashy people. Apparently, you dont know a lot of people. time to crawl out of your hole and in to the REAL WORLD.

2047 days ago


Tattoos are passé

2047 days ago


So for all of the tattoo haters. Are you sure you are not living in YOUR perceived reality where everything is a reflection of YOUR hangups and YOUR preconceived notions about life...Does having a tattoo really SCREAM "look at me Im insecure"...Honesty..You think EVERY tattoo on EVERY person really say that...Does EVERY tattoo On EVERY person really make them LOW CLASS? Really be honest with yourself..You people cant be this foolish to think this way.

Are you people really so delusional that you base certain LIFE views on reducing a HUMAN BEING, an Ever changing evolving species down to something INKED on skin..Reducing something as complex as a Human down to your PERCEIVED beliefs that are not true.. Grow up people

2047 days ago


Nice a*s. Too bad that when I saw the whole body the only think the suck out are those tatoos. I don't know why women think those things enhances their bodies. No one can get past those gastly things.

2047 days ago


Your trailer hitch is showing honey! What a hideous waste of sperm. Nothing more.

2047 days ago


This was taken at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton resort in Jamaica. I was there last week while she was there. Someone asked for a photo and she said no. Looked like she was at some sort of family reunion. She was also demanding and rude when trying to get a table at the restaurant.

2047 days ago

It's Time For A Change    

To: #20 - Do Mens' tatoos enhance their bodies? Be more specific. You comment that only women 's tatoos look ghastly.

2047 days ago

It's Time For A Change    

To: #23 - Ok...I have to soy,your comment was funny.

2047 days ago

Dyna ™    

Skin will get old and sag eventually. Even "cute" tatoos will look grotesque when that happens. I'm just sayin'... have you ever seen an attractive tramp stamp on a 70 yr old?

2047 days ago


Some of you people are so judmental...get over yourselves.
I have two responsible, well-adjusted, gainfully employed grown children with tattoos; one is a school teacher with her graduate degree in special ed and the other is in finance. They are polite, compassionate, well educated and very well respected in their professions. I would have a tattoo myself if my health allowed...I'm in middle management for a major department store and my husband is a VP for a large international "white trash" here.
From my personal observations (50+ years of people watching) there a more than a few hypocrites sitting in the front pews at church. It's a shame so many people just look at the outside "packaging" of others instead of concentrating on their inner beauty.

2047 days ago


A tattoo is one's own personal preferance... it is an art form that is painted on skin instead of canvas. They are NOT a sign of trashiness or insecurity. It is something a person has chosen to do with their own body for self-expression. Do you consider ear piercing trashy? Do you consider hair coloring trashy? How about the clothes you wear or your hairstyle... you shouldn't judge others by their skin. I would like to spend one day with each of you that consider tattooes "trashy" or "low budget"... you would be in for a surprise.

2047 days ago


sorry ...I meant to say hubby is VP of an international company...oops

2047 days ago


I like tattoos and I have to say that I do think hers are trashy. THe one by her crotch is tacky.

2047 days ago
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