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Tickled P!nk

1/19/2009 11:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The red-hot butt belongs to -- appropriately enough -- P!nk!


If only she had used protection.


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nothing better to do    

It's not tattoos that make a person trashy.
You can be the lowest of low on the skank -o-meter and not have any tattoos.
Trash comes in every size, shape, color and economic class.

I'd much rather my beautiful young daughter get a tattoo rather than be a bitter, judgmental know-it-all.

Having said that, the crotch tattoo is kind of gross....but I love Pink....I don't think that one tattoo (or several) devalues her (or anyone else) as a human being. However, such crass judging & condemnation from people who have never met her DOES devalue them as human beings.

2111 days ago


To everyone, their own but tats may look pretty hip, when your young but unfortunatly, we all grow old and things don't look the same. We all may have the uncle, who got his old tat while in the service many years ago. Well, no matter how you take care of it, or look at it, after years of life, it looks like crap !!!! Well, that goes for all tatto's.....She has a nice body but those tat's kill any fantasy for me !!!

2111 days ago


ewwwwwwww, she is pretty thick in the legs! Looks like a boy's body, although her butt looked ok.

2111 days ago


when you get old everything sucks not just a tattoo... So you get a tat in your 20's of course it will look different at 60 or 70...Just like your face will look different, your hair will look different, you skin will look different, you will have no shape anymore, you will not be as strong, you dont hear good, you dont see good etc etc etc...

You are have old bones old everything...The YOUNGEST thing on you is the

2111 days ago


It is not about the tattoos. It is about the placement of them. I myself have 5 tattoos and 3 piercings. But they are all done w/ class. Putting a tat on your inner thigh is just nasty....

2111 days ago

Geez Louise    

If tattoos are so trashy why don't you write comments about them on Brad pits pictures or Angelina jolies? Why don't you put that on David beckham or Mark wahlberg photos? Why do you put that for Tyrese or for Nicole richie, oh ya because they all have more money then god. To you idiots that see tattoos as trash it's ok I understand either a tattooed girl stole your man or if your a guy, you got beaten up or had your woman stolen from you from a tattooed guy. Makes complete sense! Just because you are to pu$$y to get one keep your opinions to yourself.

2111 days ago

jack meove    

Oh, you have tattoos? How original.
It's an attention seeking cry for help.Sad individuals who think they are being rebellious and original.
If you get a tattoo on your back,who's it for? Because the owner definately can't see it.Why get your name done in Chinese symbols? Do Chinese people get tattoos done in Engish of their names? Doubt it.
Usually you find these people are quick to remove clothing to show off their body 'art'.Sad.

Maybe not 'trashy' people but definately a 'trashy' mentality.Grow up you losers.

2111 days ago

Geez Louise    

So let me get this straight your telling everyone with tattoos to grow up you losers???? hahahah What an ass! Why don't you leave your e-mail address in your next comment so everyone that has a tattoo that needs to grow up can talk to you. It is amazing that some one can be little themselves so much to honestly care one way or another. I see you as a very sad lonely person! I know my tattoos are for me and no one else! What kind of work field are you in that you can feel that confident to say all people with tattoos need to grow up losers? I'm sure bill gates would laugh at you if he read that. I would cost him thousands of dollars just to take the 10 seconds to read your pathetic comment, so imagine what he made during the time he got his done. You my friend need to go to a shrink asap or get out of your house in iowa and join society again.

2111 days ago


Pink is in great shape and has a great butt - however, her legs look like tree trunks. There is nothing as dirty as seeing a lovely woman with a skirt on trying to look professional, then there is this ghastly tatoo on their ankle or calf....same goes for a gal that wears a formal gown and shows off her shoulders only to expose a big, fat tat. Unless you work at a music store or for a young, casual web company, you aren't going to look like a winner to the employer. Even the valet parkers at my work building have to cover tats as company policy.

2111 days ago

Laughing at you    

Don't you get it? Tattoos are so over that they've come full circle.. they're back to being nothing but trailer trash ugly. It's hilarious to read the ones who say, "but MINe are classy and cool".. no. They're not. They were a grotesque fad and thank god for the young girls coming up that it's over. You all look as dated as polyester leisure suits. LOL.

2111 days ago


so just because it's on her inner thigh it's trashy. you weren't supposed to see it! it wasn't for YOU to see. the paps got the picture and she was getting dressed. who the frick cares! let her live her life the way she wants and stop judging! as i said before on number 14 only god can judge you in the end! and for all those judging now, he will!

2111 days ago


so everybody that doesn't like tatoos is in trouble with God? uh oh....

2111 days ago


I didnt say that i said judgers are! uh oh!

2111 days ago


People with tattoos dont even trip....not everyone has to like them, but what is funny is the people against something that has nothing to do with their lives, and it doesnt even affect them You see they are not against tattoos..They just have to be against SOMETHING to give them purpose everyday..Its a way for them to lead a purposeful existence..They wake up telling themselves they are such and such kind of person and who ever is not like them they are Truly happy people dont act that way.

These losers judging others is a way for them to keep on living, because if they dont judge they dont exist in society..IT gives them an outlet to vent their frustration with their own lives, because honestly it is not that big of a deal to hold a grudge against something as irrelevant as a tattoo..haha You know how old people get stuck in their ways and you cant teach them anything new...well people who judge etc etc are kind of the same way..They dont want to know anything else but what they have been exposed to in their little world which is fine, but that same ignorance is what fuels racism, sexism etc etc...

2111 days ago


I wonder how people who do not like tattoos would react if we had them spend a day with someone who had tattoos, but covered them so the other person was not aware of it. and then see their reaction on how they're just like everyone else. and how they treated them the same as a person who does not have any tats when they thought they didnt have any....

2111 days ago
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