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Yo-Yo Ma -- Composed When Dissed

1/19/2009 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma was a child prodigy who performed for JFK when he was seven -- and has since won 15 Grammy Awards, was named Peace Ambassador by the UN and has even appeared on an episode of "The Simpsons..."

Yo-Yo Ma: Click to watch
...and our photog actually had the nerve to ask if he got his Inauguration gig by winning "a drawing."

It's pretty hilarious -- and Yo-Yo Ma is the nicest guy ever.


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Thank goodness Mr. Ma is a gentleman with a lot more class than your "journalists" usually show. Where do you find these barely educated idiots? How can you send them out without any sort of cultural literacy? Few of them ever evidence any knowledge of subtlties, awareness of simple and well-known symbols or sayings. Feh.

2104 days ago

Oy Veh    

Perhaps your photographers should take a few classes in current events. Heck, I'll be happy if they go get their G.E.D.'s, as some of the most lame and idiotic questions come out of their mouths.

Why not hire the Hollywood homeless? They know more about who's who than your own people do.

2104 days ago

obama osama    

That's a good question.

Yo-Yo Sux

2104 days ago


Your photographer is an idiot. He obviously doesn't usually hound people of world class talent and has no idea what he is talking about. Yo Yo Ma has played for 7 Presidents and doesn't have to "win the gig" or "have any pull" to be invited to play. Your staff is beyond embarrassing.

2104 days ago


jeeze TMZ... what a jackass phototog you have...

2104 days ago


i'd have taken the bow to him.............

2104 days ago


That's because paparazi are the dumbest beasts on the planet.

But we knew this.

2104 days ago


I have worked with Yo Yo Ma and he is a great artist, a philanthropist, HUMBLE and much more of a human being than your entire staff combined could ever dream of being.

FYI, sure your photogs are idiots but your producers are almost as stupid. Putting them on the air everyday is certainly going to result in an ass kicking.

2104 days ago


You're kidding, right? How RUDE. And way to show how stupid YOU are phodog-guy.

2104 days ago

Lax Mom    

Instead of focusing on the ignorance of the videographer, how about responding with praise to the grace and humility of Yo-Yo-Ma. No diva that one. He was courteous and kind, a true gentleman. I have only watched him perfom on television but even in that genre, he is stunning; he is so talented that he can make classical music electrifying. If only more celebrities acted with such grace.
I will say also that although the videographer may not fully understand the extent of Yo-Yo-Ma's "celebrity," the videographer does speak in a respectful manner and asks good questions.

2104 days ago

No Excuses    

To say that your photographers inexcusable comments were "hilarious", show's TMZ's total lack of any kind wotth. Yo Yo Ma is an incredibly talented human being. Your photographers can hold a camera and humiliate people. Truly disgusting.

2104 days ago


Yo-Yo Ma is a classy, humble guy - I feel a little bad for the photog because he's going to get ribbed for his ingorance forever on this one! Yo-Yo Ma also appeared in The West Wing, by the way.

2104 days ago


What a class act Yo-Yo Ma is! The cello is my favorite musical instrument and I love to hear him play, it is very relaxing.
Your photographer should have done some research before interviewing this great musician.

2104 days ago


um........ can't say i would have known who the hell he is either. YO YO MA???? if my life depended on it I would have said it was a female spanish rapper.

2104 days ago


It took FOURTEEN posts for a tmz'er to "damage control" this comment section.

Was today a half day?

2104 days ago
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