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Chief Justice Screws Up Oath -- Obama Blanks

1/20/2009 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So the oath didn't go particularly well, and here's why. Chief Justice John Roberts screwed up the second line and it seems that threw Obama off track.

Obama oath: Click to watch
The oath, found in Article II Section I of the Constitution, reads, I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States....

The Chief asked Obama to repeat these words, "...that I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully...." It's "of" the United States and the word "faithfully" should have come before the word "execute."

After that, Obama blanked. Could this be a conservative conspiracy?

Stay tuned!


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President Obama .. Dosn't that sound good??!?

2110 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

#73 that wasn't a speech, it was the oath.. and Obama KNEW he had made a mistake. Who cares really... There is something bigger here, a huge step for America, lets enjoy the history, not pick apart this minor error.

2110 days ago


Come on .. really? conservative conspiracy.. liberals are a bunch of whiners.

2110 days ago


Good bye George Bush!! ..

2110 days ago


To expygirl, you have too much time on your hands or lack of activities to use in a constructive manner. Obviously, you replay the video several times to make a point. Very petty. Given all that has happpened and will be happening today, don't you think it is time to move on. Really, how important is this. Your comments provide more insight into your personality than the "whose fault is it" video.

Posted at 2:04PM on Jan 20th 2009 by ForReal

Yum ...I read it on a yahoo's front page, I was just stating the actual facts for all those with their heads in the sand. Don't hate the messanger.

2110 days ago


Oboma officially became the President at 12 noon according to our constitution with or without the swearing in. Ask Harvey.. He know

2110 days ago


Let's get a couple of things right, here, folks. The Constitution of the United States of America, Article II, Sec. 1, does, in fact, REQUIRE the president to take the specified oath of office "[b]efore he enter on execution of his office". So, please don't argue it wasn't necessary. And the Constitution does NOT specify the time and day when the president takes office and can begin executing the powers granted by the Constitution. So, please stop saying he was president at 12:00 noon regardless. In the grand scheme of things, the minor errors in the oath-taking are insignificant, in my opinion, but please stop with the specious arguments about what the Constitution provides without actually reading it!

2110 days ago


by the way, one of the most boring inaugural speeches ever.. you could the media on all networks were surprised that it was so bland with no substance at all and quickly tried to cover for him.. Obama is an empty suit born out of the Chicago political machine and wish him luck but am not optimistic .

2110 days ago


Obama is already screwing up!! Just wait...he is just beginning!

2110 days ago


Good bye George Bush .. U go now

2110 days ago


Conda Lisa Rice was just here asking if we had a job opening ... Sorry honey but your SOL

2110 days ago


Heck, Princess Diana messed up Charles' name during the wedding vowels, people do get nervous!

2110 days ago


What part of "Raise your right hand and REPEAT AFTER ME..." is so hard to understand?

"O" jumped on top of Roberts before he even finished speaking the first part of the Oath Of Office (OOO) and there's where everything started falling apart...

Any OOO that I've attended or been part of involves the cooperation of both the OOO-giver and the OOO-taker...there can be ONLY ONE leader and there can only be a follower or group of followers...

The CJ speaks, "O" keeps his yap shut UNTIL IT'S HIS TURN TO OPEN IT...

Once he jumped on top of Roberts...all bets were off as to how smooth ANY RECOVERY is going to be...

And, unless you have tape that shows "O" was perfect 'til Roberts screwed up...there's nothing to brag about or cover up on "O's" part...he put his mouth in gear before he had the brain engaged properly...

Now, in "O's" much sleep do you think the guy got during the past 24 hours? How about the past month...he's going to another year older by the time the close strikes midnight ET tonight...and he's only got, at least, another 3 years, 365 days and 20+ hours ahead of him....

He needs all the luck that ANYONE can throw his way....

2110 days ago


Who cares !!!! Oboma officially became the President at 12 noon according to our constitution with or without the swearing in.

2110 days ago


170 Million dollars spent on this inauguration day and just the begginning

2110 days ago
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