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Darth Judd Invades Sundance

1/21/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The indie film Rebel Alliance was hit with another blow when newly crowned Sith Lord Wynonna Judd arrived at Sundance on Tuesday.

The 44-year-old fell to the dark side a long, long, long time ago ... because it's more slimming.


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Big Bear    

Would you look at the rolls of fat on that hog!!! She must weigh 300 pounds.

2067 days ago


No wonder they had about 5 goodbye tours...It took that many for her to get her azz out of the door.
Ease up on the 7th helping, Wy.

2067 days ago


56. She's a kind, generous person who has had a lot of hurt in her life. I hope she can beat her weight problem and get healthy and happy.

Posted at 6:25PM on Jan 21st 2009 by Kay
And she is a drunkard too

2067 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Dan you make some good points... I also agree she is being punished for the sins of her slutty sister and wayward DRUNKEN mom!

There is no GD thyroid problem just have a fat glutton that can't stop eatting..she likes food like that whore of a mother she has likes D!CK!

2067 days ago


looks like ALLI isn't working for her, maybe just push away from the table and exercise a bit

2067 days ago

honest t    

One time at camp I ate all the ghram crackers so we all had to make smores with vannila wafers. I blamed it on this skinny girl named Debbie and the rest of camp everyone called her Little Debbie. I knid of did her a favor because she was quiet and no one knew her name before.
Then if anyone passed gas we would all say, Little Stinky Debbie and put our shirts over our nose. She ended up leaving camp early but we had a lot of fun when she was there.

2067 days ago


Don't pick on the fattest of the Juggs.....She is my BIGGEST client.

2067 days ago


If you've never had a weight problem you dont know what you are talking about. Not all obese people sit around eating all day. Some even eat less than you do. Their metabolisms are so messed up from trying to be a 'typical' weight that even a small amt of calories can cause weight gain. You judgemental people must live very sorry lives indeed.

2067 days ago

real person    

Honestly, how mean can you people be??? TMZ, honestly, please just grow up and report celebrity news, stop hurting people with your cruelty. As for the rest of you who leave such hateful messages, put yourself, your child, or your mother in their shoes and imagine how devastated you would be to have someone say such things about yourself.

2067 days ago


I bet the writer of post #68 is a pig too. Not ALL fatties have metabolism problems!! In fact only about 5% have a true medical reason for being fat disgusting slobs.

2067 days ago


two words.... GASTRIC BI PASS... girl, you are gonna explode!

2067 days ago


more like jabba the hut hahahahaha

2067 days ago


Cut her hair, dye it black, and give her some sideburns, and she'll look just like Elvis the day he keeled over on the crapper.

2067 days ago


the black outfit really slimmed her down... to 310lbs.

2067 days ago


More correctly, she's a COMBINATION of Darth and "Jabbah The Hutt" { sorry if I can't spell Jabbah The Hutt, but I mean that fat blob also from Star Wars }.

2067 days ago
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