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Darth Judd Invades Sundance

1/21/2009 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The indie film Rebel Alliance was hit with another blow when newly crowned Sith Lord Wynonna Judd arrived at Sundance on Tuesday.

The 44-year-old fell to the dark side a long, long, long time ago ... because it's more slimming.


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If you have ever had the opportunity to sit across a table with Wy you would see how beautiful she is - inside and out -...So she has been battling a weight problem - hope she wins this one. ..if only for health reasons as she is ashmatic . She has the best voice in country music today.

2102 days ago


WTF????? She looks a HOT MESS!!!! I mean she needs another hair style/color, and get her thyroid checked FAST.

2102 days ago

TMZ Fan 71    

Is it Darth Judd or a redheaded "Goldust" from World Wrestling Entertainment. Hard to tell...perhaps TMZ can show the two side by side. I know it may be a stretch, but...

2102 days ago

Terry Nelson    

If you all judge a person by ONE picture whethter it flattering or not, then it's pretty shallow...You do NOT know the "heart" of that person, and I'm guessing, you have your own insecurties, so you have to LASH out at others...Try being creative, feeding the homeless, getting a second job, tending to your children or maybe just take a look in your OWN mirror , once you wake up from the cloud your on...Negativity gets you nowhere, try being positive and using your time WISELY to make a difference somewhere in your community, workplace or even the works, and maybe you'll feel better about yourselves, so that you won't have to put others down to make yourselves feel's a false sense of security, and YOU KNOW IT...apparantly, you have too much time on your hands....we're all human, have faults and flaws , but are equally as all evens out in one way or another, YOU need to find that for yourselves...prejudice, negativity, and lashing out gets you nowhere these days...DO SOMETHING POSITIVE...what a waste of space this is....

2102 days ago

Someone who remembers    

C'mon, give this talented lady a break--not all of us are hardwired to be skinny. Like half the women in this country, she struggles with her weight and is very public about that struggle. That makes her real to me and humanizes her. It's also one of the reasons why I and other women adore her and relate to her.

And you know something else? She'd probably cry with you about your own weight struggles and hold your hand. Her hearts as big as her talent. She's a big beautiful woman who can rock. I love her skinny, I love her unskinny.

I just love her for who she is.

2102 days ago

Darth Vegas    

Kudos on the lead in sentence, TMZ. Made me chuckle out loud.

2102 days ago

Patrick Joseph    

Darth fatter in the house!

2101 days ago


Has she called Jenny Craig, yet? ;-)

2101 days ago


If she'd only eat Ashley the world would be a better place.

2090 days ago
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