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Brady's Warning -- Keep Gisele Out of Your Mouth

1/22/2009 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Brady is finally ready to open to the media up about his life ... with one major catch: You bring up Gisele, he's unleashing hell.

Last night, Brady finally agreed to give his first radio interview since busting up his knee, but sources at ESPN claim the Patriots QB warned the Toronto station "certain topics -- including girlfriend Gisele Bundchen -- were off limits."

As far as the actual interview, Brady blathered on about a bunch of meaningless nonsense ... like his knee, and his rehab, and the Patriots' ownership situation ... and other things of the non-supermodel related ilk.

But if you care, he says his rehab is "going really well."

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KatCon 273    

As a Brady probably not related and don't care i think u are a really great football player in New England not that great at U M(go blue) but in my family the men stick by there women some have got them p.g. so what they still did the right thing and married them and guess what it worked out! I guess u just didn't have the ball's to go with the program. I just have to say that my uncle was Tom Brady, my cousin also named Tom Brady and my grandpa was John Patrick Brady. I think my grandpa would be imbarassed by you not marrin the woman that gave birth to you son. I hope u have a great life with the super model wow what a catch u should have stuck with your son's mother she's more grounded and stable. 1 Brady 2 another.

2035 days ago


I would have asked him about his kid and does he ever bother to see him or just sign the check. You think he would have minded that question?

2064 days ago


UMMM I care,,,,,,,,,,, but could you show his beautiful face next time!!!

P.S. I am sick of all the whiners crying about how he doesnt see his baby or support him... STFU!! Do you know where he is every waking moment and if he sees his baby or not?? If the bitch didn't get pregnant on purpose (yea all of a sudden after years of dating her birth control stops working) maybe everyone would shut up.

2064 days ago


Right before the Super Bowl he was being interviewed and they asked him if he sees his kid. He stammered for a few minutes and finally admitted he didn't. It was really awkward and you could tell he was really embarrassed. I think that has since changed though. We have seen some pics of him with his son.

As far as #2 TINALOUISE

I agree. They were breaking up and she tried to trap him.

2064 days ago


Whatever...I think Gisele is homely and he's a turd for leaving his baby.

2064 days ago


He could have talked about his tiny penis and how he cannot fully satisfy Gisele.

2064 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

Gisele is just waiting for Leo to come back and then Brady will be history and go running back to his baby mama

2064 days ago


He'z a superbowl mvp & know'z how how to hit the tight end.............

2064 days ago


Sarcasm is lost on trolls.

He's a whiny biatch. Don't ask me questions about my girlfriend. - Why? He's not playing Superbowl Sunday and he's known more lately for being the Victoria Secret's boytoy, so why couldn't a question like that be legitimate.

PS - I could care less if she got pregnant on purpose - don't want a kid ,wear a glove or don't have sex with the person you are getting ready to break up with. Just as people don't know if he's with the kid every minute you don't know he was going to break up with her. Support your argument with more than vulgarity.

2064 days ago


I do not care about his girl friend I want to know how he feels about next years football season.I would also like to know what trades the Pats will be doing in the off season to bring New England back to the super bowl.


2064 days ago


Ummm...I've never seen Tom Brady with a 'stache...is that him in the picture?

No one knows the details about him and his son, or him and G...stop speculating and get a life.

2064 days ago

Pats Fan    

How does anyone know that she meant to get pregant? That's about as personal as his social security number that I'm sure you don;t know either. So why bash her? How do you know it wasn't his birth control that failed? Let's face it people the best protection is a rubber and the man wears that not the woman.

2064 days ago


Tom talk never about his private life,where is the problem,everyone know the both are get married, at the latest from Giseles Interview where she said they have/ make wedding plans. They found both the love of their life.

2064 days ago


tom brady is so awesome he is too cute

he is a football player and his private life was not meant to be PUBLIC

we all know he is a known figure but still he needs privacy

Tom Brady is the best the patriots were still good though but with him theyre invincible........

there gonna come back ..i hope

and the superbowl this years sucks ass

i hope the underdog wins

Tom Brady You are the new joe montana

2064 days ago


if he is marrying gisele i hope bridget puts limits on who the baby can see,you never see her with the baby and those two are joined at the hip.

2064 days ago
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