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Heath's Apt -- Still Empty, a Year Later

1/22/2009 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A year to the day after Heath Ledger died in his SoHo apartment, the pad still is empty and shows no signs of being rented.

After it was offered for $26K/month just a few months after his death, the loft was yanked off the market and no listings are available for 421 Broome. One source tells the NY Post, "It's completely empty. Nobody is allowed up there."

Heath's death was ruled an accidental overdose. As expected, he was just nominated for an Oscar for his performance in "The Dark Knight."


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eddie s

You are an idiot. Loser ? The guy was widely respected in the showbiz. Don't be jealous that nobody will care when you die. Mediocre ? ROFL. He was widely considered a great actor. He came up with all the stuff that made his performances great... like the voices and the accents and the mannerisms. The scripts do not help the actor completely transform himself for a role and the script most of the time does not tell an actor how to say a line. That's up to the actor to figure out. Two years ago Ledger was even compared to a Young Brando. Have you even see most of his films ? Guess not. Let your bitterness go, the great loss is that a great actor who was known for being a nice humble guy lost his life before he even hit the age of 30.

2028 days ago


Leave this one alone, please. He is gone, rest in peace, Heath. (Please respect his family at this time.)

2070 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Rent is Only $26,000 ---- a month, WTF ! A freaking apartment for $312,000 a year? Well theres your problem!

That and the possibility that the place may be haunted by the ghost of The Joker and the Pole Smoking Cowboy.


2070 days ago


I'd live there in a heartbeat... if the rent wasn't $26k a month. I know it's prime realty, and a celebrity died there, but geez, bring the price down some and you might get some takers.

2070 days ago


Mybe they should stop trying to profit from his untimely death and drop the price.

2070 days ago


Does anyone really care about this no-talent anymore? Puh-leeeeze.

2070 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

That clown knew too much.....hehhehe masonic brohood of killroySS...we workin on the hughes air give us time...time......time.....time....time.

2070 days ago

eddie s    

I just do not understand why all the hype about another Hollywood loser... I mean the gene pool is cleared of one more freak so why is everyone so convinced that so many care that this guy is gone.....It's no great loss,,, and his acting was mediocre at the best..... He did nothing that wasn't written for him, told him what to say, told how to say it, how to walk, how to talk, even someone else dressed him and put his "face" on.... So what's the big loss???

2070 days ago

The Observer    

The Ghost Hunters should be invited into the apartment. Perhaps they can catch something lurking about, or at the very least fabricate evidence to support that idea.

2070 days ago

.:Loki 4Ever:.    

RIP Our Dear Heath- A year has passed, but still seems like yesterday :(

2070 days ago


this is pretty eerrie. maybe it will give a magic to manhatten, a hollywood magic. we need that, this country does. so lets all play pretend in this world!!!! RIGHT? oh, there is no magic to hollywood. there is no MAGIC at all anymore!!!

maybe its haunted?

2070 days ago

Mary Worth    

RIP Heath. You gave me more than I thought possible. A year later, I feel enriched by your life, your art, your love.
You made some awful mistakes, and your accidental death taught me to be careful of prescription drugs. Hopefully, others learned, as well.

And another important thing: You taught me to try to accept people just the way they are. That lesson was lived by you.
You didn't preach; you just lived!

2070 days ago

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