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'Family' Won't Strike Back

At 'South Park'

1/25/2009 2:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For all of you waiting for Seth MacFarlane to retaliate at "South Park" for its two episode diss-fest of "Family Guy" -- it's not gonna happen.

Seth told us he had no plans to fight back at Cartman and crew for knocking his show, because it would be "way too much work."

But he did make one correction to the "South" episodes: "Family" is written by sperm whales, not manatees.


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Family Guy is WAAAAY better than South Park.

2095 days ago


It's CARTMAN you d- bags!

2095 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

This goes to show what morons the little girls at TMZ are. Those episodes are over a year old.

2095 days ago


indeed! no one watches south park anymore, prince von douchebag

2095 days ago


Did he watch those episodes? Is he going to "retaliate"? For cripes sake, both asked and answered a thousand times. Hire me, TMZ, or at least some paps who read once in a while!

2095 days ago

Richard Ott    

I personally wish there would've been a beef with Family Guy & South Park,
not that ABC is picking up the foul-mouthed series. If that were the case, I'm
sure both South Park and Family Guy would've been off the air. Someday,
I hope that all of these crappy animated TV shows, especially The Simpsons,
will finally get what they deserve. Maybe someday, but not today.

2095 days ago


I find south park to much funnier... in a sarcastic, vulgar, sardonic, sadistic, messed up, disgusting, vulgar, delicious way. There are only so many funny 80's pop references one can make before it gets old.....

2095 days ago


This is the DUMBEST argument. South Park and Family Guy are both great shows. If they were too much like each other one of them would have gone away. So stop bitching, BITHCES!

2095 days ago


I hate South Park. It is THE MOST vile, racist, juvenile, disgusting, idiotic, low class, leftist show on television. It's not even funny. How it has managed to stay on the air for 10 years is beyond me, but I think it speaks more about the intelligence of the average American viewer, then to the South Park creators themselves.

It is a CRIME, when hate filled shows like South Park can stay on the air for 10 years, but truly intelligent shows like THE BOONDOCKS, get canceled because the political commentary is too much for the pansy stations.

I despise South Park's creators, and I commend Seth and the Family Guy staff for not stooping to South Park's level, and retaliating by making a "diss fest" episode of their own.

2095 days ago


I can't believe both these shows are on the air and "King Of The Hill" is off (except for reruns). PLEASE BRING BACK "KOTH""!!!

2095 days ago


Mr. Citizen, you sound like a class A douchebag. For you it's not about being vile, racist, juvenile, disgusting, idiotic, low class. It's the leftist angle that you can't stand because sadly enough you STILL support Bush. How pathetic. South Park continues to be current and hilarious. Family Guy continues to be hilarious as well. Boondocks was awesome; the 'parking' episode I remember the most.

2095 days ago


i added a comment but it still isnt showing in my email!

oh well... i just said, i never got into south park but now i think i will try to catch those two episodes!!! or not...probably not tho

2095 days ago


South Park is way funnier. You fools know nothing!

2095 days ago


hey TMZ, use your spell check.

it's 'FEUD'

not 'FUED'

2095 days ago


Seth McFarlane's a douche and Family Guy sucks. SUCKS.

2095 days ago
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