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Beckham Sued -- Accused of Beating Photog

1/26/2009 9:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham has been sued by a paparazzo who claims the soccer star and his bodyguard beat him up.

We just found the lawsuit, filed last month in L.A. County Superior Court, in which Emicles Da Mata claims on December 7, 2008, he had stopped his car on a Beverly Hills street when Beckham reached through the driver's window and grabbed his camera and attempted to wrestle it from him. Da Mata was holding the camera at the time.

The lawsuit claims Beckham's bodyguard -- also a defendant -- then beat him repeatedly, grabbed the camera and threw it in a trash can. The picture on the left shows two of Beckham's bodyguards on top of Da Mata.

Launch PhotosDa Mata says he was injured and is suing for assault and battery, as well as emotional distress. He's seeking unspecified damages.

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No Avatar


Money money money money....

2098 days ago


TMZ! Explain the pictures and how they relate to the story!

2098 days ago


Hurray for him. These paps have gotten out of hand. Civil rights, my eye. This man, well most of them follow and yell stuff to get a reaction, and gues what he got what he deservied. I have never hit a person, nor my children, but if someone was tailing me, I find a way to stop them. Yeah!! Let me get on the jury for this case. All of the actors/actress need to start something and make a law forbidding picture of family or yelling, or ocming within so many feet of the actor/actress and family. Look at when some of them try to leave a club or store.

2098 days ago


Wow, you got beaten up for being in peoples faces all day - Good.

It's part of the job, take it like a man you big bitch.

2098 days ago


David (and Victoria) Beckham certainly seem to want their pictures taken most of the time. Posh is always "posing" for the camera...and David usually doesn't mind having his mug plastered all over the gossip sites. So why this sudden change of heart? Are they becoming modest or humble? Nah...

The Beckham's can't have it both ways (or maybe they can?). You're either attention whores or you're not. Make up your minds...

2098 days ago


Sorry,but i have to agree with #2 & #3 you ask for it....It'z not just stick-n-it there face'z...it haz a lot to do with the photogg'z snide remark'z...az for the judge,he will throw it...but Sammy'z camera haz a big sale so you can buy a new one.......

2098 days ago


jackasses all...

2098 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Risk comes with the job, pansy. If you don't want to risk getting bitch-slapped, don't be an obnoxious papper. Also, how many traffic laws were YOU breaking at the time? When you stopped, were you at a red light, or just stopping in the middle of traffic? Were you causing a distraction to other drivers? Take your lumps You BIg BABY!

2098 days ago


This man deserves a lot of remuneration for the beat down he took...he was sitting in his parked vehicle trying to take foto of

this pecker head celebrity and was assaulted. I hope he gets at least $200k just because 2 body guard are sitting on top of him after the beat down.

All the rest of you are a bunch of douche bag tools if you disagree.

2098 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Is this the Tranny Papsmear that works for TMZ?

If it is.. good.

'Her' 'voice is irritating.

2098 days ago


i hope he takes him to the cleaners :) if it wasnt for the camera crews we wouldn't get to see D--k

2098 days ago

Joseph Edo, Jr.    

IF these "celebs" can't handle the heat; get the hell out of the kitchen!!! This is how the game is played.

2098 days ago


why do these celebrities have to get physical. All they need is a can of stoparazzi spray and the pap will no only not be able to take a photo but will spend the 30 minutes cleaning his lense. stoparazzispray.com

2098 days ago


Face it, kids. Posh would have no career, and Beckham would have only the stump of one, if it were not for the many photographers and suck up journalists who make them possible. Publicists keep the paparazzo informed of their clients' every move, and that, as Joseph Edo, Jr. says, is how the game is played.

The only publicity a celebrity (as opposed to an artist) doesn't like, is the kind he can't control.

2098 days ago


Beckham should have smashed his face in. No sympathy for the photog here.
And I don't even like the Beckhams.

2098 days ago
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