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Blago -- Oprah for O's Seat...Not a Bad Idea!

1/26/2009 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Senator Winfrey? It could've happened, if Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich had had his way.

Blago: Click to watch
Just this AM, Blago told Diane Sawyer he wanted Oprah Winfrey to fill the seat vacated by Barack Obama. "She seemed to be someone who would help in a significant way become president," said Gov. Chutzpah, somehow forgetting Oprah would become Senator only AFTER Obama was elected prez.


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Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

EYE Candy? l@@K at me L@@K at me SOS voiceless

2098 days ago


Gee you almost got the story accurate. You spelling was good but i heard the interview and the crazy gov only said she was one of many names he was considered. BTW--she's at least as qualified as Al Frankin.

2098 days ago

Danny Dogg    

Actually it sounded more like he said ... "She seemed to be someone who HAD helped Barack Obama in a significant way become president." That makes sense to me.

2098 days ago

two cents    

Your poll doesn't have enough options.

Oprahs place is in the back of the bus. Period. She needs to stfu and get off my tv once and for all.

2098 days ago


You democrats should be so proud.......

2098 days ago


How insulting to the guy he DID pick.....but of course, any black person would do. He knew if they were rejected, him and his fellow dems could yell racism. He's not as dumb as he looks.....but his behavior is typical of unethical democratic politics.

2098 days ago


The world has truly gone to ----in a handbasket. Let's just have all celebrities and loose canons running the country. If this isn't the saddest state of affairs. You can't even laugh because it's all true.

2098 days ago


Blago is soooo full of it. He has told so many lies that now, he is having to go on national tv to appeal to the Illinois voters! Pathetic!!!!

2098 days ago


The only way Ophra could make it in politics would be for her to BUY her way in. I think she only seeks MORE power and control over others. Can't stand this woman. So self-centered...

2098 days ago


She would be a disaster. But face it, she could NOT be worse than Pelosi or Reid. democrats, both the democrat voters and the ignorant people they vote into office are true disasters. TMZ shows its ignorance by praising the possibility of a Senator winfrey. Following the lead of TMZ and others trashing Sarah Palin, when are we going to see a Winfrey porno????? Soon I hope for you loving democrats. Don't forget your tax subsidized birth control and if it fails, get a government funded abortion. Good idea.

2098 days ago


Oh SimpleSue... how appropriately named. Have you forgotten about a certain Republican's "wide stance" or another Republican's interest in the teenage boys on his staff?? Get out of your glass house before you even think of throwing stones.

2098 days ago



2098 days ago


#10whatever...SimpleSue is the name of my art company. Intelligent response by you .....what are you, 12? I have no interest in bantering with a child. Good day.

2098 days ago


Blagojevich is just trying to "backfill" his predicament by naming a popular television star. Unfortunately, it won't help him here, and Ms. Winfrey would have been as qualified as Caroline Kennedy would have been for Hillary Clinton's seat...which is to say, not at all. No, it's not a proud moment for Illinois but Rod Blagojevich is hardly the standard-bearer for the Democrat party, and given the mess that President Bush left us, the Republicans should mostly keep silent and work with the new President to un-f*** the country.

2098 days ago

hollywood resident    

Oprah is the reason we have this president and the rest of her troops that followed and paid a cretain color of people spreading her cash money all around begging people to vote giving them rides knocking at doors all over the neiborhoods at all hours giving rides to go vote homeless shelters please... thats the only reason he won wake up people yeah i went there they God for bid we have a White march or White woman magazine or White day or White Bet TV show. What would the white race be called ??? Yeah

2098 days ago
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