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Jessica Alba Was Right ... We Were Wrong

1/27/2009 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba is fuming at TMZ for calling her dumb when she called Sweden a "neutral" country last week ... even though it currently has troops in Afghanistan.

She is absolutely correct. Sweden was a neutral country ... 60 years ago.

Even though she was engaged in a debate about the current political situation in America when she advised a reporter to "Be Sweden ... be neutral" -- Alba is swinging back at critics, like TMZ, on her blog saying, "It's so sad to me that you think the only neutral country during WWII was Switzerland."

She is absolutely correct -- when the Nazis were waging war on anyone who opposed Hitler's evil rule, Sweden remained neutral and stayed out of the war. After the war, Winston Churchill referred to Sweden as "that small, coward country."

We apologize for not considering the political climate of the world in 1942 when we suggested she may have meant, "Be Switzerland" -- a country that is currently neutral.

Our sincerest apologies.


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Whats really stupid is her referencing WIKIPEDIA in her blog!

2005 days ago


Swedish troups in Afghanistan are peace keeping forces presend on a UN mandate. They are not combatants. Sweden is still to all intents and purposes a neutral country, alliance free from both Warsaw pact and NATO

2005 days ago


she's still a mornon. can someone shut her up for good?

2005 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

She is dumb, unattractive, and talentless. I know you're reading this, Jessica....

2005 days ago


It's hell when your sad, snarky little comments ("currently neutral") come back to bite you in the ass, isn't it?

Yes, Sweden is currently neutral. Believe it or not, Jessica Alba was right. Not just about Sweden in World War II, but Sweden currently. No, she's no rocket scientist, but she IS a bit more intelligent and more politically involved than the blithering gossip-mongers and media whores at TMZ would care to admit.

2005 days ago


QUOTE "58. Sweden was not truly neutral. They allowed the Nazi's to march into and out of their country. Not neutral. The Swiss actually had clashes with Axis over border issues.
Posted at 5:29PM on Jan 27th 2009 by FYI"

As it happens all neutral countries "helped" one side or another during the war. Franco's Spain, despite letting feeling Jews pass through, did share intelligence with the Nazi's and there was a HQ (or similar in Madrid). Despite Churchill's shared disdain of the Irish Free State, Irish neutrality was considerably more lenient with captured Allied soldiers, who would be quietly dropped over the Border into Northern Ireland, whilst germans and others were interred. The Germans still had greater freedoms than the interred Irish Nationalists though.

Back on track - TMZ in being so quick to judge Jessica Alba, you've just managed to show yourselves to be completely clueless when it comes to world affairs. I wouldn't mind but the quickest google search would have given this information to you in an instant. But instead you chose snark and came out the loser.

Sweden are In Afghanistan on a peacekeeping mission. Coming from a neutral country, the protection of which has come up with EU referendum in the past 8 years, I can confirm that neutral countries may send troops to UN or other such missions as their presence is to ostensibly protect the public, not engange in partisan battles for either side. When directly attacked the peacekeeping troops may retaliate in defense only. They generally do not have the remit to launch any offensive strikes. With the UN in particular, they also cannot get involved in civil wars or similar disputes.

The peacekeeping troops of countries, such as Sweden do have a vital role in areas of political and social strife, such as Cyprus, Lebanon or Chad for example, as they are there for the protection of the civilians and the securing of supply lines only and are not partisan in carrying this out.

Oh and by the way -Churchill for Neville Chamberlain, ALSO said that he would protect “dear Poland” from a foreign invader. He never bothered to mention the deal made with Stalin that this proviso was or Germans only and was willing to hand over whatever the hell Stalin wanted because Churchill distrusted Hitler more.

Choose your quotes more wisely in future TMZ

2005 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

You can all say that Sweden was not neutral during WWII, but look at all the scholarly books on which list it as a neutral country. I am sure you are not all true scholars either, but the Military History Channel also listed Sweden as one of the neutral European countries of WWII.

Here is one:
Democracies at War

Democracies at War‎ - Page 94
by Dan Reiter, Allan C. Stam - Political Science - 2002

2005 days ago

Atomik the Duck    

A fundamentally amusing situation. The likes of Bill O'Reilly ridiculing Ms Alba for her 'ignorance', and the likes of TMZ joining in, then lamely re-presenting its own abysmal ignorance with respect to Swedish neutrality, which is an incontrovertible fact, then various folks ranting that the Swiss were evil because they were actually neutral during WW2 rather than fitting the US definition of 'neutral' (which means siding with the US) ... quite the farce, really.
Bottom line: Alba is right, while those who ridiculed her paraded their own ignorance.
Try and deal.
As an aside, the accusations as to the Swiss conduct being dishonorable during the second world war are in most cases dubious at best, and almost invariably hypocritical in the extreme coming from the US.
No nation is an honorable entity. A nation state, any nation state, is a creature of power, and thus fundamentally amoral. This is hardly a new observation. If you think otherwise, I have a bridge to sell you . . .

2005 days ago

jenny mo    

No big shocker. Since when is TMZ not wrong about something?

2005 days ago


Nice try, Mums, but no cigar. She can't be the dumbest person on earth. She'd have to surpass you.

Being snarky regarding someone else's intellect only works when you're smarter than they are. Sorry, honey.

2005 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

I saw that episode when O'Reilly called Miss Alba the "pinhead". He also does commentary for the Military History Channel too. How ironic!

2005 days ago

Zebedee Doodah    

Jessica sure is pretty...and she sure is dumb.

2005 days ago

SF Girl    

Come on TMZ, have some balls! Alba is a moron, anyone who chooses to quote Wikipedia is not that bright! She hates you guys already so you're not really losing anything by agreeing that she is dumb!

2005 days ago


LOL. jessica alba is STILL wrong...switzerland did partake in WWII by profiting from the war...they did business with the nazi's during WWII, switzerland got super rich by using its banks to store money, gold, art etc that the nazi's stoles from other countries and they knew about the holocaust and did nothing....

2005 days ago


#84.Nice try, Mums, but no cigar. She can't be the dumbest person on earth. She'd have to surpass you.

Being snarky regarding someone else's intellect only works when you're smarter than they are. Sorry, honey.

So she's the 2nd or 3rd dumbest in the world (after you Nice Try).. That's still pretty bad...Duh!

2005 days ago
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