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Tom Leykis Attracts Men

1/27/2009 1:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

People were practically throwing themselves at self-proclaimed how-to-nail-a-chick expert Tom Leykis last night -- except those people weren't exactly the hot chicks he was hoping for.

Tom Leykis: Click to watch
Turns out all the lessons from Leykis 101 also work on men, because our camera guy -- and just about every other dude the talk show host came across -- was in awe of "The Professor," gushing over the larger-than-life personality as he galumphed into the Rainbow Room bar in Hollywood.

And while Tom scored no tail in the 45 seconds we saw him, dude still took us out with a bong rip.


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Louie E. From L.A    

To you all a-holes that posted dumb hate comments all I have to say you guys are probably ignorant whipped men. tom Leykis teaches men not take s..... fro many dumb broad and just get some without any cost at all, and if he s fat who cares thats why his on the radio his occupation is not a male model, one more thing he is no howard stern, howard stern is pathetic a-hole who tries to be funny which is not tom leykis is 100% better. F.... howard stern i cant believe that moron has a public listening to his show his show sucks just like his movie private parts worhtless flick, LEYKIS is the man, LEYkis 101 forever

2063 days ago

Ryo Saeba    

Wow, so many haters. Haters that probably never listened to the show or understand what Tom is really about. If you DO know and you still hate, well, all I can say is you're probably very unsuccessful or just a loser overall.

To all say he looks hideous and don't believe he still gets hot chicks, believe me when I tell ya, women need to look good to get men. This is what men mostly look for. When I fir look at a chick, do I think what's her IQ or what school she goes to? NO! I look at her body, her boobs, and her face. A women can be as smart as Einstein but if she looks ugly, she's not gonna get anything... but if a women is hot and is dumb as a brick, guys will be all over that.

Women on the other hand get's all wet around money and wealth. Women want security, more then anything. Being popular and smart and rich does attract women more then some of you poor people might think. Do you really believe that a chick will like a very hot looking guy that has the brain of Homer Simpson?

Well, flame all you want but I have done this many times and most of you will just not "get it" until it is too late... stuck with kids and a wife you hate... or worse, paying alimony and child support. But hey, like Tom says, I will always need someone to mow my lawn, flip my burgers, bring me my meals, wash my car, and rotate my tires. Good luck!

2079 days ago

mitch orizo    

For anyone delusional enough to think this monstrosity is picking up hot women while spending no more than $40 bucks on them--here's a quarter, buy a clue.

2077 days ago

arte help    

Dude looks like her swallowed a side of beef.

2103 days ago


NRG loves this guy! We only wifh we could do a bong hit with him too!!!

2103 days ago

team obama    

this guy is a joke,

2103 days ago


Who is ths idiot and who really cares?

2103 days ago


What, is he smuggling in Bonaduce in his jowl's?
Just saying...........................

2103 days ago

arte help    

I meant to say he...

2103 days ago


This guy is the biggest effing douchebag!! It annoys me that he actually made a spot on your amazing website. I dated a guy for five seconds who was a "follower" of Tom and I never understood the obsession. Now that I've actually seen what he LOOKS like, I can't believe ANY guy would take advice on how to get women from someone that resembles a whale!

2103 days ago


He looks disgusting. If he really is this big chick magnet he must be $RICH$!

2103 days ago


You should hear all the poor saps that call into his show. It's great comedy. Guys grow some balls !

2103 days ago


Tom Lickass sucks!

2103 days ago

Lord Xenu    

He looks like the love child of Jabba The Hutt and Butterball (from the HELLRAISER movies)

That fugly dude thinks he is a chick magnet? He must spend all his time cruiser the Helen Keller School for Girls.

2103 days ago


Tom is God. Leykis 101 teaches men how to get more "tail." And he teaches women how men think.

2103 days ago
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