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Ashlee's Got Jessica's Back

1/28/2009 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson's sister has a big beef with everyone who is calling Jess ... big.

The littler Simpson, Ashlee, writes on her blog she is "completely disgusted" by all the attention her sister got from those photos of her in high-waisted jeans and a big belt. Slams Ash: "Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend? I seriously doubt it."

Jessica's ex-trainer is also piping about the controversy, saying Jess is "healthy."


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When you sell you body all your life ya gotta expect some flap when you get fat(ter).

2072 days ago


Oh puleaze, Jessica is not fat. Fat are most of you, posters, as in OBESE as in 50% of the population of this country.
True, the outfit she chose to wear is not becoming. In fact it is horrible. Then again, a lot of Americans have no taste when it comes to clothes. As long as you still consider Talbots, chic, you have no right to comment on someones outfit.

2072 days ago


It's a prublicity stunt. She gained weight on purpose so she could get people talking about her. That horrible outfit was on purpose. She's never dressed bad before...hellooooo she has a team of people to make her look good, this outfit was deliberately chosen. The fact that some pics of a CHILLI COOK-OFF are all over the net should tell you folks something...they were leaked on purpose. Her career needs a boost and she needed people talking about her again. She will now lose the weight and have people applauding her the way Britney did...and then put out a work-out video to show people how she lost the weight lol. Just watch !

2072 days ago


Even my boyfriend addmitted she looks better now! No one likes a bag of bones do they? Curves rock... Although the outfit really sucked....TMZ come on? Did u have to go all out and say this is how she ROLLS? Whatever!!! I dont even like her,,We have some major things going on in the US we should be worrying about..instead of im gonna save the world...peace out

2072 days ago


Interesting coming from someone who has had so much plastic surg.!!!

2072 days ago


She looks pregnant.... Is she?

2072 days ago


Alright...I'm saying this as politely as I can to all the people claiming she is overweight....HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW?! Are you also her size or bigger? Do you have a body like hers? Do you know her BMI, Weight, do you talk to her freaking doctor?! Jessica has spent a lifetime dancing, that alone has kept her at a healthy life even if she gains weight! For all you know half of that is water the other half she was on her time of the month YOU DONT KNOW! I'm 24, I'm a size 20, 5'1", but the doctors say i'm very healthy considering how much weight i have on me? WHY? I danced 16 years of my life, I eat healthy, and still try to workout. GENETICS PEOPLE SOME PEOPLE DEAL WITH IT. If Jessica is considered overweight, then i'm freakin Jabba the Hut! She's HEALTHY. She just chose the wrong clothes to wear for that! She didn't need to try to hide it, nothing would've come over the jeans. What makes me more angry is SHES HAPPY THIS WAY and YOU ALL ARE SAYING SHES BAD! You hear all the time of women like her that gain weight then kill themselves because they get depressed and why? BECAUSE OF RUDE PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

Okay, I'm done. Rip into me if you want, but society today is nothing but cowardly if you feel you have to ridicule human beings because they aren't under a size 10 in clothing when famous. I live in Dallas, not even 5 minutes from where Jessica grew up. The women around here will all agree that it doesn't matter your size its about the size of your heart. Maybe the rest of you should realize that.

2072 days ago


"Is this something you would say to your wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or even a friend? I seriously doubt it."

I dont. You havent seen my family. ha

2072 days ago


I thnk Jessica looks great the media pushes women to much to stay super thin most men dont want a girl who is all bones and skin they want a women with curves with a lil meat it shows that she is healthy. She seems to be i na great relationship Tony must love her a lil more full figured.

2072 days ago


I'm so sick of these girls saying they are a size 2....she is not a size two. She isn't fat by any stretch of the imagination but no one is buying that bag of BS thats she is a size 2 still.

2072 days ago


yes there's no way she's a 2. U know Marilyn was a 12..That outfit is totally wierd and I don't think if she was pregnant (which I doubt) that she'd wear something so uncomfortable.

2072 days ago


It's the "Curse of the Daisy Dukes".
Just ask Catherine Bach.

2072 days ago


You people are out of your minds. How can you be so cruel? It's like you relish the fact that she is being scrutinized. You all remind me of a pack of wolves waiting to ravage someone who doesn't fir into your box of what is deemed acceptable. I know it's hard to sift through the negative for a gleam of positive, but here it is...

You are NOT fat, and most of these people should be ashamed of their microscopic antics...analyzing every aspect of your beautiful an effort to boost their own shrinking egos. Your sister is absolutely right, the lack of depth associated with anyone who supports TMZ's harsh say the least. We are in fact growing as a nation as evidenced by this years presidential election, those of you who are concerned merely with appearances...hopefully are a dying breed. Grow up, stop contributing to everything that is wrong about this country, set an example for your children(so they do not carry your superficial, idealistic, impractical behaviors out into the world...break this moronic cycle). You are all beguiled lambs being led to a trough of criticism and self-righteousness, but we all have skeletons in our closet that I'm sure aren't always socially acceptable...must be nice to sit on a throne and smugly condemn others...with no consequence for your own conduct...unless of course your conscious gets the best of you. As it should.

2072 days ago



2072 days ago


Ash has got to tell Jess to lay off the donuts and fried chicken and find a better stylist, then people won't talk about her.

It's not just that jess is fat, its now that she's fat and poorly dressed. She should get some advice from Miss Piggy if she wants to be fat and fabulous, cause Piggy pulls it off well. Jess does not.

2072 days ago
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