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Vick -- Out of the Doghouse "Any Day"

1/30/2009 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickMichael Vick is just days away from the sweet smell of freedom -- the kind you find at a half-way house.

Vick's lawyer told a Virginia bankruptcy judge this morning he expects Vick to be released to a halfway house "any day" -- which means he could be out from behind bars several months before the end of his 23-month prison sentence at Leavenworth.

Vick could end up serving the rest of the term in Newport News, Va.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons would not confirm the early release plans, but his lawyer seems pretty damn sure of himself.

Think he has plans for the Super Bowl?

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No Avatar

Triple Play    

This Pig should be in for another five years. Look at that picture he is one Satanic looking Douche Bag. I hope that he is monitored with an ankle device and has no freedom at all.

2057 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

can anybody say 49ers

2057 days ago


#2, layoff the crack my brutha... Anyone who shoots someone 6 times and they live has horrible aim. Quit fighting dogs in your cousin's backyard and GROW A BRAIN!!

2057 days ago


MadeinUSA just made the biggest mistake of their life
They are being tracked as we speak-& I thought M. Vick was dumb.
Karma is a bitch

2057 days ago


I was hoping the SOB wouldn't even make it out of prison!

2057 days ago


Really? Is it just the hateful people that post on these things?? Forgiveness and second chances people.

2057 days ago


I hope he rots in hell. There were no second chances for the dogs he tortured.

2057 days ago

Triple Play    

# 12 jen. You are a freaking idiot. Maybe they are tracking your mama for raisning dumbass kids

2057 days ago

Triple Play    

Jen # 12 you should out teh crack pipe and vibrator down and get a life.Freedom of speech. If the Obama administration has nothing better to do than read TMZ posts this whole country is going to hell

2057 days ago


Second chances? Any what second chances did the dogs get. He deserved much worst than he got. And if the Cowboys take him, I am moving!

2057 days ago


I was hoping he would have to serve his entire sentence, but that was wishful thing! If the 49er's don't take him I would not be surprised if he winds up in Dallas with Jerry Jones who will recruit evey NFL convict out there. I hope he is NEVER allowed to play in the NFL again and I would still like to introduce him to my Akita.

2057 days ago


May the energies of mercy and peace be with Michael, he has done an unfavorable thing to many. We all have done some unfavorable things. We are fortunate to have not been in the spotlight for ours...Hatrid and prejudgement is not the way. If a dog was meant to mean more than a human life then God would have given the dog dominion over all. I love dogs, just not as much as my human family. Michael should be forgiven as well as, we should forgive eachother for accepting hate. PETA and the likes play on our emotions...PETA - they are dark spirited and wanted nothing, but the energies of sulfering to last for a wrongly guided soul. WAKE UP PPL!!! Remove your veils and be aware what is orchestrated for us to bath in hatrid. We should be thankful that we are given chances to prove that we can be a better person!!! We are better than what we have been made to believe. REMOVE THE VEILS AND SEE!!! May peace be with Michael and ALL who need it!!!!

2057 days ago


BlindMan I do not hate Vick, I hate what he did. Here is a man who had everything but class and no moral judgement. He has done many other things other than the dog fighting to people and he got away with it in Atlanta because of who he was. Well, now he is virtually a nobody and he has no one to blame but himself. If you are the type of person who can do such disgusting things to an animal what else is he capable of?

2057 days ago


Hey, 99 pennies or you black people, or colored or whatever else you want to be called. Dont say you white people you racist PRICK.
I am a white male 42 and HOPE he gets out of Prison and kicks ass and gets back in the NFL. He screwed up, is serving his time. Now he can go on with his life. I am tired of seeing all of the Puss quarter back like Tony HOMO.
Good Luck Vic.

2057 days ago

mary jane    

The guy who commented in the first comment.....I got news for you fool....it has nothing to do with WHITE OR BLACK! It's people like you who keep bringing up the difference that make it different!! Stop acting like this country hates blacks! HAVE YOU SEEN WHO THE PRESIDENT IS THESE DAYS???? Watch the news and educate yourself and stop focusing on the negative. They guy abused animals and s hould be punished.

2057 days ago
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