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Now This Is a Bloody Good Site

1/31/2009 2:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you're tired of female mood swings, and handy on the Interwebs, perhaps there is a website that can help you.

PMS Buddy

With the motto "Saving relationships one month at a time," allows you to set up reminders to let you know when the women in your life are having their time of the month. And ladies -- you can set up alerts to let all your friends know when your bitch level is set to Defcon 1.

When Al Gore invented the Internet, this is probably what he had in mind.


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why wernt they around when I waz married???sure would have saved me ahole lot of $$$

2093 days ago


FIRST!And it feels good!Sorry suckers

2093 days ago


im sorry but what is pms?what do it stand for?

2093 days ago


Yes, we all need help remembering that bloody time of the month!!!

2093 days ago


Who are they kidding

All women are rotten bitches 24/7 UNLESS they have full time access to a man's bank account and then if we are lucky they put out once a month so it is men who have headaches the rest of the month,

2093 days ago


To tofastforyou haha you loser! you were NOT first... does it still feel so good? Lame losers waiting for a new story to pop up so they can claim the first comment and only adding that they were first! Must be nice to have so much time on your hands...

2093 days ago


You know, I used to read TMZ every day, sometimes several times a day. This is the first time I've checked out the site in weeks. And this misogynistic crap is the reason I stopped visiting. Grow up, TMZ!

2092 days ago

northern gypsy ex had my cycle down...he knew when to lay low...
if you spend any kind of time with someone...
you'll know just by the look in her eyes !!!

2092 days ago


that time of the month brings on a surge of testosterone in women's bodies. so they start to act more like men. surprise surprise, they start to stand up for themselves and act like defiant servants.

2092 days ago


Classy title. Slow news day?

2092 days ago


Ok, I love sexist jokes so I find this pretty funny. And I am a woman. However, people like that douchebag MadeinUSA pisses me off. Apparently you had a bad experience with a few females, doesn't mean all females are like that. And maybe, you are the are the only common factor in those equations so it could be you. But you didn't think of that huh? You have an ego the size of Kanye West.....which is horrid even for him. You should really get over yourself because acting like that much of an a-hole isn't going to get you a girl that will actually care about you. You don't really seem like that much of a catch anyways, so its no wonder the good women aren't flocking to you. I know that I am not like that, I do have access to my husbands bank account but that is because we have 2 kids, I am pregnant and he is in Iraq so I take care of everything. Grow up old man.

2092 days ago


Ok, now we need a website where we can track the hormonal rampages of men. Yeah, hopefully a website like this could predict everything from hostile, aggressive driving all the way up to ballistic, homicidal mass murder... ah la, the "santa killer."

2092 days ago


I agree with Jazz on this one!

2092 days ago


WOW - MadeinUSA - hate women much? No wonder you are dateless on a Saturday night! I came into my marriage with financial assets equal to my husband's, yet I love to pamper him, cook, clean, and entertain our many friends. I don't care that he is 20 years older than me, he is probably in way better physical shape than you are. How very sad your life must be.

2092 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

This site might cramp my style

2092 days ago
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