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Sarah Palin

Handled With Care

2/1/2009 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Sarah Palin had a muzzler like the one in D.C. yesterday, that Katie Couric interview might have gone a whole other way....

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Palin dodged the press (except us) after last night's Alfalfa Club Dinner with Prez Barack Obama.


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Wow I remember the Katie interview, she single handily uncovered Palin's true intelligence. Katie should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Hussain Obama for saving us from a vice president who doesn't know Africa is a continent and has a whore high school drop out daughter with two kids before she was 18. Good job Palin your abstinence education worked wonders on your daughter.

2087 days ago


Still way hotter than most movie stars

2087 days ago


Talk about ignorant people maybe before you post you should have your own information straight. First of all the africa comment never happened. Second the daughter has one baby not two the little baby from the campaign was sarah's baby and only a person who only pays attention to what they want to hear would have missed that. Third to call her daughter a whore just shows what a low class person you truly are.

2087 days ago


TMZ, why must you constantly put her on your page? She's not a celebrity. Hell, she probably doesn't even know where Los Angeles is. She's like the Kelly Bundy of Politicians. She's so much a joke that someone decided to make a porno with her likeness as the basis. The only reason you were able to get a response out of her is probably because she thought you were ABC not TMZ. Now is the time to forget about Sarah Palin and her unwed teenage daughter Bristol, and go watch the porno Sarah Palin instead.

2087 days ago


She is better looking than most Hollywood starlets.

2087 days ago


Unfortunately, we have not seen the last of Sarah Palin. This woman got a taste of power and celebrity and she's not going away any time soon. Anyone else notice she can't answer a single question without that silly smirk on her face? What a total joke...

2087 days ago


Hey Palin, can you still see Russia from your state?

2087 days ago


6.flower I agree with you...... She's annoying, I'm surprised she has not winked..... She's forever winking! Go AWAY Sarah Palin! Go back to your state and stay there!

2087 days ago


is it true that Sarah's son trigg is her daugther son? I over heard that Sarah lied, about that.... Not that she doesn't look like a liar,,,

2087 days ago

d to the izzle    

#4 HBTigger IS Sarah Palin. Sarah, shouldn't you be at your crazy voodoo church?

2087 days ago


@ 4. Her daughter is a hoe and Sarah is letting the baby daddy shack up at her place with the baby. Where are the morals in this family? She wants to run the country, but has no morals. She needs to sit down somewhere and lead her younger daughters in the right direction.

2087 days ago


This lady has more brains that 99% of the Obamacrats that are out there. Look out for 2010 Obama, you mess up and she will grab that seat. Ever who the paps are that are trying to interview her have to be complete morons. They do not even know how to ask a question.

2087 days ago

what what    

Our new president, Hussein doesn't have any morals. He wants to kill all the babies.

Something bad is happening to our country. I want it back.

And give me my friggin stimulus check, you FREAKIN LIAR.

2087 days ago


Perhaps someone who lacks the intelligence to realize that in the United States the President serves a 4 year term--not a 2 year term and that 2008 + 4 = 2012 NOT 2010 should not be making any judgments or assertions towards anyone's intelligence or lack thereof.

2087 days ago


#13 I commented on the baby killings yesterday, the Obamanites just don't want to believe he's a baby killer, they told me to check my facts. They just don't want to see they voted for a murderer. Thanks for clarifying.

2087 days ago
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