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Ann Coulter Is a REALLY Skinny Bitch

2/3/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Coulter better stop talking smack about the ladies on "The View" -- because judging by her rail thin legs yesterday in D.C., even Babwa could take her in a fight.

Ann Coulter: Click to watch


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Her arms are bigger than her thighs! She looked like she had a hard time staying upright when that little wind blew! Gee wizz! I hope that coffee that dude gave her was full of sugar!

2055 days ago


As a woman, I feel offended when you call another woman bitch.-It's degrading....Is this a new form of low in journalism? Oh well, you are not journalist, my mistake!

2055 days ago


this is sad.

2055 days ago


HAHA!!! Idiots getting sucked in by your trick photography (making her look so skinny by altering the frame size)....I just love it when you sappy "journalists" can't handle strong conservative women and have to refer to them as "bitches" and have to try to make em look ugly.....America laughs at YOU....haven't you see Pelosi up close......YEIKES??!!??!!

P.S. I do find some of your stuff funny at times, though.

2055 days ago

algonquin j. calhoun    

on balance, fair and equal, i demand that you post the headline: HILLARY CLINTON REALLY IS A FAT LESBIAN.

2055 days ago


I have a solution! Lipo the excess from Limpwad, inject it into Ann, and- PRESTO! Problem solved.

2055 days ago


OMG. This just shows how her hatred is eating her up from the inside. So much for fame, she shows up in a old FOREIGN auto and she holds herself out there like Miss America. Right.

2055 days ago

Keyser Soze    

FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super skinny women are wrong! Give me some curves!!!!!

2055 days ago


Do any of you remember the 1970's Saturday morning cartoons deigned to teach kids about healthy snacking? There was that "Wheel of Cheese" guy who sang, "I hanker for a hunk -a-slab-or-slice or chunk-a cheese". He had boney legs and wore cowboy boots. That is who this crazy biotch reminds me of! Ann Coulter needs to get a real life and a friggin CHEESEBURGER! Maybe she is as mean and crazy as she is because she has no blood sugar.... or maybe just no blood?!

2055 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I hope all the hate she spews comes back to her ten-fold.

2055 days ago

beetches mcpherson    

dat ain't normal, hmmm mmmm!

2055 days ago


You would think that with all the money she saves by only having one dress to wear, she'd be able to afford some food to eat. But, then again, she probably can't cook and who would take her out to eat or even allow her in their restaurant if she showed up alone (which she won't, too pathetic). This woman (and I use the term loosely) is nothing more than a rightwing blow hard who has porno pictures of Rush Limbaugh on her bedroom walls. She is delusional about her "place" in the media - print, television, etc. She is the eveil spawn of Jerry Fallwell and Anita Bryant!

2055 days ago


i can’t believe how many of you liberals can actually wish those kinds of horrible things on ann. “rots to death?” really? aren’t liberals supposed to be all peace, love, compassion, equality, etc.? most of you guys are really just viscious, disgusting, unemployed, brainwashed fools. i mean, i really did not want obama to get elected. i didn’t like him, or his ideas, or his empty promises, or his regurgitated rhetoric. but, most of our great country fell for his nonsense and he is now our president. NEVER ONCE have i wished that ANYTHING physically bad happen to him. doesn’t even cross my mind. i could think of lots of names to call you guys, but the one most true is HYPOCRITES.

2055 days ago


Wow. I feel bad for her... I hope she doesn't seriously think she looks good. I could stand to lose 40 or 50 pounds, but I would so much rather look like me than like that! She looks really terrible. How sad.

2055 days ago



WE are all those things. can only get knocked down and kicked and kicked and kicked and kicked.........then we must defend ourselves. Ann has the biggest mouth of ALL Republicans. How can you blame us for wanting to get OUR jabs in?

Please, her own party kept her away like a sickness when the campaign was going on for a REASON!! Besides, do all you really believe she is just such a great person? To those who say she speaks the truth, hardly. I wish I could remember the name of the book by I believe by Joe Mcguire{?} Ann Coulter and her lies, something like that.

He picked apart a bunch of quotes by Ann. Statements she made and said with truth that Mr. Mcguire very cleverly proved to be false.
WITH FACTS to boot on why she was, lets say mistaken shall we.
She is truly a horrible person. Not as smart as thinks either.

2055 days ago
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