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Sued by Lutfi

Did She Really Fear Dad?

2/3/2009 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0203_lufti_spears_bn2-1Sam Lutfi has filed a lawsuit against Britney Spears and her parents, Jamie and Lynne, claiming they defamed him and also alleging Britney lived in fear of her father.

In his lawsuit filed today, Sam boldly claims, "Resentful of Lynne and afraid of Jamie's controlling, violent, and often unpredictable behavior, Britney began inquiring about obtaining restraining orders against Jamie and Lynne." It was under those circumstances that Sam met, and eventually worked for, Britney.

Sam goes on to accuse Jamie of physically assaulting him. He says he was standing in Britney's kitchen on January 29, 2008 when Jamie stormed into the house. Lutfi alleges Jamie yelled at him, claiming Sam made a rude comment to Lynne the night before. Then, Sam claims, Jamie "intentionally punched him in the chest" and threatened to kill him if he ever heard Sam make a rude comment about Lynne or any member of the Spears family again.

All the claims of libel and defamation spring from Lynne's book, "Through the Storm." Lutfi says since the publication of the book, he "has been subjected to unfathomable amounts of ridicule and public scorn."

Lutfi also claims Britney broke a contract with him and owes him unpaid management fees. He claims he had an oral agreement with Spears to be her manager for four years, earning 15% commission.

Last Friday, Britney got a restraining order against Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib, barring them from having any contact with her, her parents or her kids.


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Patricia juicy little details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tasty Tidbits for all of us that make Britney Spears the #1 Google Search 4 YEARS IN ROW! She is an entertainer all right.... professionally & personally.....WOW! It;s Britney Bitch......and we LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any one that would sue my parents would be road kill. The fact that he is suing Britney proves she is not into him anymore.....GOOD! But how about Adnan.... she may still care for him BIG TIME...we need to wait and see.

1901 days ago


Lufti a JERK and Louse. Somebody should kick the cr__ out of him, then maybe TMZ can have something worthwhile to post.

1901 days ago


I feel that she has gone through enough and that people need to back off and let her go on entertaining us with her great music. All is in the past

1901 days ago

lost in lalaland    


Oh my, you are so right. I stand corrected. Guess I jumped the gun but MAN these folks that think they are of superior intelligence because they spot a typo really get on my nerves.

Taking my lalaland!

1901 days ago


This lunatic just seems to keep hanging on trying to steal Britney's money. She's doing good now and has her children back with her due to the help of her family so he needs to go away and earn his own money.

1901 days ago


Good luck with that one Sam! Get over your God Complex while you are at it! Im no big Brittney fan, however I am a big fan of people ridding their lives of toxic people! Funny, her life was in turmoil and horror when you were in the pic not to mention her career was in the crapper. You get out of the picture and get your hold smacked back and look her album sales are great, she's back in her children's lives, she has a stronger than ever bond with her family, and her bills are getting paid. So what does that tell anyone with a quarter of a brain.......your a joke Sam!

1901 days ago

David's Dame    

I have never seen ANYONE so derserving of "unfathomable amounts of ridicule and public scorn".

1901 days ago

Katie G    

Um, all I have to say is what a freakin dumb ass. Making an oral/verbal contract? In Hollywood? LMAO. Stupid is as stupid does. And you know it's amazing how much better Brit is w/o this slime ball in her life. Hmmmmm, you do the math.

1901 days ago


Blood sucking leech.

1901 days ago


The looser must be out of money!

1901 days ago


This at best, is truly entertaining. It took him a year to openly complain about a physical assault by Britney's dad?!? Awwe... Seriously, those of us with children, although most are probably not millionaires, would have given him a proper beat down for endangering their child's safety. I believe Sam greatly contributed to her being stripped of her custodial rights all the while scheming for his own benefit, and I hope he gets a strong dose of reality when he tries to convince the judge that his intent was anything BUT malicious. And oh by the way Sam, good luck getting your "oral agreement" management deal to withstand in court, you're gonna need it! According to the records you're being accused of drugging the pop princesss, so badly that she has had to have a consveratorship put in place due to the inability of making her own decisions. Essentially making your so called "anything" null and void...

1901 days ago

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1901 days ago


Who wrote this mis-spelled piece of crap? That no brain Valley Boy with the long blonde hair who is on the TMZ tv show every night? I doubt that clown even made it through high school.

1901 days ago


I don't think the judge should award him anything. He needs to get a job and stop trying to live off someone else wealth. She should have dumped him sooner. She should file a lawsuit against him for being in her life so long.

1901 days ago


First and foremost, Britany has never said that he was doing these things her parents did. The same parents that were out of her life and no longer in control of her money. I don't trust them anymore than I would this guy. They are now and will alway be interested in the cash their daughters can rake in. Brittany was an adult and obviously allowed this man in her life and to pretty much run her life. We only know what her parents have said and they are both Louisana bozo's who have pretty much made their living off of exploiting their children.

1901 days ago
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