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Bale vs. Director -- Best Freak Out

2/4/2009 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale's tirade is epic, no doubt. But remember the explosion on the Lily Tomlin set when David O. Russell ripped her a new one?

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Mark Proctor    

Tough call. Both are punks that need their ass kicked and there are many of us capable and willing to do the job. I have family in the business on both sides of the camera and this needless crap makes me appreciate them and their character that much more. Neither would subject or be subjected to tirades without swift, severe and certain consequences.

2052 days ago

Laughing at that fool    

Does it really matter what the big NO NO's are in the middles of a scene???/ I don't think so!!!!! I have family that have worked in the business for many years and have never dealt with this level of immaturity. Remember this is the same man that also pushed his MOTHER for damn sake!! RIght? Wasn't that reported in the news? He was out preformed in The Dark Knight by two great actors. Hmmm.. I am remembering the recent PLEDGE I saw posted about a week ago on celebrity with all of the BS from like celebrities... one of them being Ashton Kutcher who was recently in the news for an out burst with a neighbor. Yeah, it happens..but you know what don't put out a HUGE PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT and then completely break your pledge!!!!!! Yes, you apologized. REALLY WANTED TO SEE T4 BUT I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER CHRISTIAN BALE FILM AND I KNOW A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE THAT WON'T AS WELL. He's got a dream job and he's going off on some DP?????? Ok, whatever!!!!! Wanna switch jobs Christain?? I save lives for a living... wonder if you can do a honorable job like that. Seriously disgusted at the human race sometimes. Peace out!!!!!!!!!!

2052 days ago

mike steindel    

the reason people go to movies is to see the actors perform their craft, the reason that the crew has a job is because of actors like Christian Bale. The crew member should have immediately apologized and the person that leaked the audio should be fired. Its not unreasonable for Mr Bale to expect professional behavior in his workplace, its not as though he went off in a grocery store , he was on a set performing his art.

2052 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

Bale is an idiot.

If the guy he was yelling at had any guts he would have knocked him on his ass.

2052 days ago


Ok let's put this in a perspective SOME or you might understand. Say you just poured a concrete sidewalk and some A-hole kept walking through it. You had to fix it. And you had to fix it again. And AGAIN. You say you wouldn't loose it?? Dropping the F-bomb might have been a little over the top, but do you all know this guy was repeatedly warned? (per a TMZ report). Talk about unprofessinal! It is up to Bale to make the best movie he can or God knows You all would piss and moan. Bet the guy working the lights could care less!!! He (Bale) was trying to finally get a point across. Sometimes you have to yell, they don't get it otherwise. Sounds like his head was as think as a rock. I'm no Christian Bale fan per-say, but come on people! Can't you imagine an intense scene and how draining that could be after 5-6 takes? Just sayin--give him some slack! I think you would be surprised at some of your favorite actor's behavior if it came to light!! Get over it already. It is amazing that one person writes a negative comment and everyone else jumps on the bandwagon.

2052 days ago


Good grief. A guy under pressure blew up at someone who was screwing up his work. Big deal. If Bale was doing it every day it might be a problem, but then he would pay for it by getting a reputation as a "bad boy" nobody wants to work with. By the way, it's clear Bale was not really threatening to tear down the lights . . . it was more like him telling the lighting guy, "How would you like it if I screwed up your work?"

2052 days ago


These are F'n' better than the movies!!!! Thanks TMZ!!!

2052 days ago


I have always thought Christian Bale was a very good actor. After hearing the way he treats his colleagues however, I will not pay money to see anything he is in anymore. When his films don't make money, then noone will hire him. It was pathetic the way the cameraman was bending over kissing his ass as if he was king. Somebody should have fired Bale. But I suppose that's the way it is in the entertainment world. The bigger the star, the bigger the ego, and everyone cowers down to these actors as if they could walk on water. You're an ACTOR Mr. Bale; you pretend to be someone else for a living---the fate of the world doesn't depend on you. What an ASS!

2052 days ago


Bale is FULL OF HIMSELF..........and full of a lot os something else too !!! What a JERK !!

2052 days ago


I think its pretty ridiculous at all the people saying "I will never see another Christian Bale movie.. blah blah blah..". He lost his temper. Who doesn't. You don't even get to hear the whole thing, just bale upset. You also can't hear anyone else, or see it. How can draw so many conclusions. I think he had every reason tot be upset, the BP is an idiot. I think he would rather be yelled at then fired and not able to get a job anymore. There are many actors who have lost it on set.. From Gene Kelly, to Russel Crowe have lost it on set. But none of their fits were recorded and put on the internet.

2052 days ago


I think I would blow my top if I had to work with nasal annoying voiced Lilly Tomlin all day every day. She pisses you off every time she opens her mouth.

2052 days ago


Bale needs some serious anger-management therapy. That was nothing but a display of pure rage. I know there are many people who display this type of behavior and usually it is related to some form of deep insecurity. I have lost a lot of respect for him as an actor. Actors are just people. They are not any more important than anyone else. Too bad a lot of them don't get that. I don't think you would EVER hear of Tom Hanks behaving like that and he is one of the best actors in the business.

2052 days ago


Christian Bale, Who? He's a nobody. Someone should of just bitched slapped him. He has no movies that i know of. Can't count Batman because anyone can play batman and make it a good movie (George Clooney).

2052 days ago


you guys have the best job here i am turning wrenches while you guys can watch all these ace holes frek out lol thats awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! long live TMZ thanks rock on and paris sucks!!!!!!!!!

2052 days ago

Mark Calhoun    

What a f*#@ing douche bag, Bale is such a dyck... The lighting guy should have taken one of the light standards and crushed his skull, I'd like to see him try that kinda of behaviour in the general public, he be dead by now. No one and I mean no one should have to put up with that. I'm sure this will be one of his last acting GIGs. So long DOUCHE BAG

2052 days ago
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