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Miley Digs Herself a Hole All the Way to China

2/5/2009 11:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hanoi Montana doesn't seem to get why people think she's mocking Asians in this picture.

Miley Cyrus

During a half-ass non-apology she just posted on her website, Miley claims she was simply making "goofy faces" with her friends and "In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity." Ok, it's a plausible explanation ... BUT WHY ISN'T THE ASIAN DUDE MAKING THE FUNNY FACE?

Hanoi then deflects responsibility even more by joking that the only reason people are mad is because "... now that Britney is back on top of her game again, they need someone to pick on!"

Her full statement can be read after the jump.

"Ive also been told there are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces! Well, Im sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context!

In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity! I was simply making a goofy face. When did that become newsworthy? It seems someone is trying to make something out of nothing to me. If that would of been anyone else, it would of been overlooked! I definitely feel like the press is trying to make me out as the new 'BAD GIRL'!"

I feel like now that Britney is back on top of her game again, they need someone to pick on! Lucky me! haha Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know what is on my heart. You guys know me and have been by my side every step of the way!

You guys know my heart and know the most important things to me are my friends, family, fans, and GOD! In NO WAY do I want to disappoint any of you! But, when I have made mistakes in the past, I feel like Ive owned up to them and apologized.

Anyway, I really wish everyone would stop focusing on my personal life and get back to focusing on what I love! Music and Acting! Hopefully, I will be touring again this fall! Yayy! =] It will be a nice change to be back out on the road again!"

xoxo Blessings.. Miley =)


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The asian dude is making a face, he's trying to open his eyes wide enough to look like "white peoples eyes" Notice everyone has slanted there eyes and he's widened his. I've done this with my asian friends before, they make fun of my eyes I make fun of theres, get over it, its a joke, the girls 16 let her be a human being.

2052 days ago


They aren't making fun of Asians... they are stoned off their asses!!!

2052 days ago


Everyone needs to grow up - she is a kid doing what kids do. I'm sure no-one reading this can truthfully say that they have not done the same thing. It is in people's nature to try and tear a person down who is more successful than others. Stop being jealous and act like adults!

2052 days ago


She's jealous of Brenda Song.

2052 days ago

Chevy Girl    

Such an obnoxious child

2052 days ago

don't do it    

Don't anyone may offend someone that doesn't have lungs. LOL Get over yourselfs people, this stuff is just crazy.

2052 days ago


All of you saying "oh she's a kid, leave her alone.", Well Dakota Fanning is a kid around her age and you NEVER see her doing stuff like that so don't even try to blame her "being a kid" as the reason for her behavior. It all has to do with the way she was raised. Look at her parents, they don't even try to help her out... they let her date a much older man and they think she's not having sex? Get real. Maybe they even KNOW she's having sex and they just don't care. But don't blame her "being a kid". Blame her parents and her upbringing. I sure as hell don't see any other stars' kids doing stuff like that and being so nonchalant about it. She just doesn't care about hurting anyones feelings and because of that she's only ruining herself and she's going to wind up as a unwed, pregnant 16 year old little girl with no man anymore because he wasn't ready to have a baby.

2052 days ago


"Funny face" or not - she looks totally stoned to me! I wonder if Disney does random drug tests? No way is she passing!! Oh, and when I was 16 my parents didn't let me have "sleep overs" with my boyfriend!!! Of course, I wasn't footing the bill for everything either!!!

2052 days ago


Well its official we live among retards..Some of these comments are so stupid..I

First of all it IS a big deal. You dont mock anyones ethnicity ever. ESP if you are in a position that Miley is in.

And she is not a "little Kid" you weirdos. She is young but she is at the age where she should be responsible for her actions. Just a kid my a@@..I guarantee you if it was a rappers son, or someone who had more of an imposing presence than miley you people would be talking waaaay different so stfu with that b.s.

the little dummy did something stupid and should of apologized, but instead doesn't realize WHY this could POSSIBLY be offensive, and whats worse her PARENTS dont realize why this is wrong either...UGH

Rednecks man..i We live among hillbillies who cant comprehend things..Just look at this comment section.

2052 days ago


Yeah right Miley, "making a goofy face"?? That's a dumbass statement. You think you're immune to everything, e.g the truth THAT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE RACIST!!!!!! Get real and say sorry to your Asian friend for making fun of his ethnicity.

2052 days ago

Gimme a break    

The fact that folks actually blame this girl's stupidity on her age is ridiculous. Did she not read her statement and realize how totally stupid she sounds for a human being of any age?? Did she look at the picture with everyone pulling on their eyes or squinting and think, "Oh, no one will EVER think I was making fun of Asian folks!" I am beyond words for her idiocy. I am soooo glad I am not the parent of a young child, if THIS is the kind of thing they are being exposed too. Oh yes, and let's just blame it all on the media now. Thank your lucky stars for the media, honey, cuz if it weren't for them WHERE WOULD YOU BE??? Another example of your idiocy. Go to school, girl.

2052 days ago


Only white people would get away with this. I don't care how old she is, she's a douche bag. It saddens me to see someone with this level of mentality is as popular and rich as she is. She should quit and go back to school, not only is she ugly, she has ZERO TALENT.
Miley, go marry your first cousin or something.

2052 days ago

sick of political correctness    

Come on, Im a little offended the asian in the picture has his eyes obviously made to look wide open, how insulting to caucasians everywhere, quick someone call the "National American Caucasian Justice Center"(fighting for equal rights of Caucasians everywhere)! oh wait, there is no such thing because its asians not agree that most of there eyes are slanted, no one is saying its a bad thing, its just no one can ever make there eyes slanted or the whole world will fall apart, people are ridiculous.....

2052 days ago


And for the comments that keep saying "every has done stuff like this before"...WTF

Where did you people grow up...How were you raised?....

HOW COULD ANY DEMEANING behavior towards anyone ever be considered fun?

The problem with the world is all of the LOW CLASS UNEDUCATED WEIRDOS raise the same LOW CLASS UNEDUCATED WEIRDOS...its a cycle that never stops.

I NEVER in my life have made any mocking gestures about another race, and i have never say demeaning things about someones culture etc...YOu people talk like that is common..maybe it is where you all are from, but i guess i am obvious to that trashy behavior, because i dont associate with losers like that..

2052 days ago


umm, they all look stoned, which would explain the "faces" they are making. Haven't you all heard of the term slant eyed referring to someone being baked out of there mind?

2052 days ago
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