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Bale Apologizes

'I Acted Like a Punk'

2/6/2009 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale just finished publicly begging for forgiveness for that F-bomb filled, on-set explosion, saying he took it "way too far" and he only did it because he "cares too much" about the movie.

Christian Bale
Bale called in to to L.A.'s "Kevin & Bean" morning radio show on KROQ and spilled his guts on the incident apologizing like crazy and explaining how things were never going to get violent with the guy he verbally attacked because the dude is a huge "ex friggin' football player ... not little orphan Annie!"

Oh, and he really wants you to see his next movie.

Christian Bale


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watch next your gona see him and the dude he yelled at hanging out in public areas being all chummy

2048 days ago

brits ok    

So what? Hasn't anyone heard someone go off before? Not going to see his movies because of this? You're too pure for this world. What's it like to be perfect? Or a hypocrite. take your pick

2048 days ago


We all make mistakes and he is a person who is dedicated to his job. So people should just forget what he said. He mentioned that just because of what he said and that people wont' want to watch the movie that's a lie, so far for me, because I will watch it and I'm still a fan of Christian Bale.

2047 days ago

Heeeere's Johnny    

To David in Long Beach,
And from what you said in your post you believe it is normal to "go off" on others at work? Obviously you do not work in a professional environment and act like that. Do you expect others to cater to you and your neediness? Self respecting adults do NOT throw tantrums David..especially at work. I can imagine that you are a valued employee with your obvious stupid attitude.You are idiotic expecting others to condone inappropriate behaviors that hurt others. Self absorbed infant.

2047 days ago


Christian made a public apology b/c this audio rant became public. Had this not become public, the ONLY people he had to apologize to was the cast and crew of T4, that, which he did almost 8 months ago when the incident occured. Did his rant offend me? No, Should he have to apologize to me or anyone else for that matter, who was not part of T4? No. However, it was nice for him to state an apology to the public. We all have had moments, bad moments and only should have to apologize to those we have offended, that which he did. 8 FRICKIN MONTHS AGO!!! So no publicity stunt here. Who could have predicted this would come out over a half a year later as well as stage such a humiliating, negative media frenzy for Bale? I too have seen plenty of his movies and interviews as well as read enough about him to know he really is a very emotional and extemely serious actor. He didn't care for interviews back when he was young and liked being low profile on the "Hollywood scale". That's why he enjoyed independent films, he loves to act. But there is a time that his talent becomes notice by the big shots in Hollywood and thus he now enters the main stream. Unfortunately for him, his life will now be under a microscope, like most celebs, thankfully in part to the internet etc...I am thankful I am not one of them. Being human like Christian, my MANY rants, meltdowns, potty mouthed incidents would have had me crucified long ago. We've ALL had moments like that, so should we seek mental help? Give me a break. He's not a pre-madonna. Many of you would like to have his career and status in a heartbeat. He is an advocate to animal and children charities. All five of his pets were strays he took in. Why not share all the good things he has done? No, the media likes to strive on the negative. That's what sells. He's a wonderful, committed actor and I will continue to watch and support his work. His career will not be affected by this. It was just a little over a year ago Alec Baldwen called his 11 year old daughter a "pig". Again, none of our business what his personal conversations are,but it was unfortunate for him that too became public. Alec now has a top rated sitcom and won several awards this year. Robert Downey Jr spent countless months in rehap AND jail for his drug use, who cares, people enjoy his acting and that's why he's well sought after in Hollywood. You get my drift?? My point is people recongnize them for their talent, not what they do behind closed doors. Again, if this was 25 years ago, maybe a big deal, but in todays technological society that we live in, the "shock" value wears off. There are too many personal incidents that are unfortunately made public, and this will go down with the countless others and we will see plenty more in the future of anyone in the public eye. Look at poor Michael Phelps. So he smoked some pot, at a PRIVATE party, with friends and some ass takes a picture and sells it. Heck, President Obama admited doing cocaine in his past and we elected him. So who care's what Christian, Alec, Barack, Phelps etc.. has done or does in there personal lives. They were all given great talents and will continue to be recongnized by them. I pay to see Christian and well as other actors to act, so what they do in there personal lives, I could care less about and so should you. Keep doing what you do Christian, b/c I really enjoy you! TEAM BALE!!!!

2047 days ago


I'm disappointed that Bale apologized. He was in the right. He should have stood his ground.

2047 days ago


Christian Bale is a great actor. All he did was yell at someone and everyone is acting like he commited a freaking murder! Everyone makes mistakes and people keep saying that they wont watch his movies and that they hate him over something that just went out even though it happened months ago. WHAT THE CRAP?! Every single person that has commented on his actions has made a mistake sometime in their life. Everyone does something that theyre not proud of and obviousely Bale was and is not proud of his actions so why is everyone judging him?! This happens to everyone in the acting business all the time and people act like its a hugely important matter, people judge actors by their every move. Actors are not perfect and its really hard for them to live their lives and be PERFECT LITTLE FREAKING ROLE MODELS when they are being taped all day every day and are never given any space and have people trailing after them and being rude. Bale could have had a really bad day that day and just snapped i dont know, but all i know is that i read all of these annoying, whiney comments and they were judgemental. You shouldnt just stop liking someone because of one mistake. if everyone hated someone else when they made a mistake then the world would be chaos and no one would like anyone. this is how the world is, the world is filled and based on mistakes, that is how life is. if you can look someone straight in the eye and say "I have never made a GDDMN mistake in my life" Then you are either a huge liar or are some type of freaking robot. People cannot just say they hate one guy because of one small mistake he made. nobody is perfect -- you know what? Whatever. It's not even worth it. YOU CAN FREAKING SAY WHAT YOU WANT. IT DOES NOT EVEN FREAKING MATTER.

2047 days ago


CHRISTIAN!! i am oh soo happy that you have a ppologized and i believe that everyone deserves a chance , so i forgive you, and i really believee that it was great that he appologized, My hope in you has cam back , and your back to being my favourite actor .

2047 days ago


I agree with Kirsten V #115. CB is apologizing to the public now coz the tape only just surfaced. Considering this happened some time back on the film set between colleagues (its not like he cursed at an old man in a parking lot or slapped a waitress), wouldn't we all feel weird if a few months ago, CB suddenly came up with an apology and we know nothing about what had happened??

If you listen to the radio interview, he said that he apologized the the DP and everyone on the set immediately after the incident. Its all in a days work and they continued filming together for another month or so to finish the film. And he was even working with the DP 2 weeks ago.

This incident happened in his work place a long time ago and it should have been resolved in his work place instead of getting dragged out and aired. What does the public want him to do now?? Have a press conference with the DP with both of them explaining what happened and in the end both of them stand up, CB says 'I'm sorry man', DP says 'No problem" and they shake hands?? Give him a break already.

2047 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    

We are all human and get frustrated from time to time, probably why he can play those roles so well, actors get into character it is hard to shut it off sometimes. He had the best appology I have ever seen and humbled himself. I won't give it another thought, Love his movies! Keep making movies Mr. Bale!

2047 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    

That would really be funny if he kicked the guy in the nuts, then maybe he would have something to worry about. Of course people say the F word, damn! Some people must live in a cave somewhere! lol!

2047 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    


2047 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    

I think being a total christian means you have a responsibility to not say "bad words", I am so perfect and have a great attitude I never even say dog doodie, ooops! I said it. lmao!

2047 days ago

Rip It Up    

So can we drop it now, please? We all know people lose their temper from time to time, and we also know people love to knock a movie star down a peg or two if they get the chance. So Bale’s apologized and seems totally genuine to most sane people. That’s the end of it. Let’s move on to something that really means something, like Jessica Simpson's weight problems.

2047 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    

I also have problems staying regular, do you know if PRUNES work?????????????????

2047 days ago
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