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Chris Brown

Dumped on Valentine's Day

2/11/2009 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It seems nobody wants to spend Valentine's Day with Chris Brown -- 'cause dude just got the boot from a party he was supposed to host that night.

Chris Brown

Brown was set to host two separate parties in Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend for the NBA All-Star festivities -- "was" being the key word -- because Brown was just officially replaced with rapper Nelly.


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To the comment made by Seriously?! Please re-read what I said and understand it before you jump to your own personal conclusion. I said "Nothing" about Chris apologizing to me or anybody else, what I clearly typed was that he should be made to publically apologize to Rihanna and his mother. What that means is that talking directly to them but for all to witness he needs to issue an apology. This being done in public to them will humiliate him and make him think about his actions. Also, because he is a celebrity he is already being scrutinized by the public. Thank you for your comment but my position still stands. I'm sure if he stood on a podium and aplogized to directly to Rihanna and his mom he would feel worse than he already does and if he really cared, he would not have beat her in a public neighborhood where a citizen who heard her screams in a public place called the public police ......

2083 days ago


I hope he loses all his endorsemenys! I'm so shocked and angry that he'd pull this crap. If you check out they have it posted that she had to cancel concerts for the rest of the month, that she had a bloody nose, a split lip, and bite marks on her arm and fingers. She was obviously trying to fight him off!

2083 days ago



2083 days ago

Bajan Woman    

There is no excuse for Chris Brown's behaviour but why do people seem so happy to see the absolute ruination of a 19 year old boy for what was obviously a total loss of control? His age has everything to do with his behaviour, even with his running from the scene, and now with the large majority of his life still ahead of him he will always have this incident and his behaviour on public record. I can't imagine how ashamed he must feel. I feel very sorry for Rihanna, for her physical pain, but her life will go on once her wounds have healed. Rihanna is young and time heals all wounds, quickly if you don't harp on the issue. People should allow Chris Brown to rehab as well. I wish them both well.

2083 days ago

Phineas J.    

The sad part is that everybody is basing their thoughts on Alleged statements and supposed photos that no one other than the LAPD have seen. How credible is an anonymous cop who is breaking the law and giving information? not credible at all. She had bite marks on her hands and arms supposedly, sounds like she was on his back and he was fighting her off. No one is willing to think that she may have been kicking his Azz and then she was left alone and could have pulled a Fatal Attraction self beat down on herself. Let's all just chill out and wait to hear all sides of the story. You all have convicted him without knowing or seeing anything. Everyone forgot that she is also a dancer who is in great physical shape as well.

2083 days ago


I have heard speculations that she has given him a STV. So this means she cheated on him. This is what maybe caused the fight?

2083 days ago

Raul Duke's attorny    

I hear Charles Barkley is going to fill in.

2083 days ago


He's a douche and they both need to get help.

2083 days ago


people are you for realz
i still love chris no matter what
and i think before making assumption we should know the story from chris and rih 1st
1 its he bites her
2nd she is beaten up
come on which one and
if someone is doing that to you why stand there and let it happen
lets be real

2083 days ago


Life is too short to be wasted by living with Nuts and Kooks. Move on, both of you.

2083 days ago


Areal man would never put his fist in the face of a women...chris when you get that feeling again go outside punch a tree and see who would win!

2083 days ago


Chris Brown and Rihanna have been having their ups and downs. She is not all innocent like everything is thinking. She is a very jealous girl who should not be. I personal do not like her, but I still feel she is a beautiful and very attractive. Chris Brown may have hit her, but what did she do to provoke him and was it self defense. Remember she is from Barbados and women from Barbados know how to protect themselves. I have family in Barbados. Also, I hope this does not mess up his career once the truth is really out. I will still love Chris Brown.

2083 days ago


All people, male or female, should not hit someone period, end of discussion. It is wrong no matter who you are and why you think you have the right to do it. If you can't keep yourself under control in any and ALL situations, than you need to get the proper help. If you chose not to get help, you should not be in any type of relationship at all.

2082 days ago

Rip It Up    

Chris Brown is done as a public figure. Sure, he'll have fans in the black rap world that celebrate beating up women and killing people, but he's career will never recover. Tom Cruise said anti-female comments on The Today Show over a year ago, and his career hasn't recovered. Mr Brown beat a woman senselessly, he's done.

He should go to jail and get his ass drilled by Butch....relentlessly.

2082 days ago

the truth teller    

you guys suppose to be christians
but you all are haters and not willing give someone a second chance

2082 days ago
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