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Everything Must Go! Including Favre

2/11/2009 1:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing says Hall-of-Fame career like a yard sale! Hours after Brett Favre announced his retirement (again) from football, the NY Jets announced a 50% sale on all Favre gear.

Brett Farvre
Appropriate, since the Jets were barely 50% better with Brett playing QB.

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2080 days ago


He is going to the Vikings or Bears this is a scam.

2080 days ago


I got something that's tofast4yoour arse!!! buck! buck!

2080 days ago


Get your arse to Mississippi and stay down there on your farm...no cheers, no accolades, just you and yours-...have fun.

You had your send off last year so dont be looking for one this time around...whats the matter, A-Rod got exposed for his steroid use and you knew you were next? No way any QB plays the game at your age without having cheated....none...prove your innocene man because you're all now guilty of it in every sport, you too Tiger, because of A-Roid.

The money is too too big for all involved to not cheat...owners, playesrs, commissioners, sports writers, tv guys, all of you looking the other way because all the money came to you too.

dirty, the whole lot of them including and especially Favre. There are no more miracles or legendary work out ethics, just cheats----Chris Chelios in the NHL is the oldest athlete still playing at age 47 in any professional sport----drug test him at once, no announcements, nothing, and save the sample for future testing too.

Clemens fooled us too at his age and his "legendary all day workouts" too for how he could still play at his age---we know why.

2080 days ago


Only 50% off??? It should be 90% off and Favre should foot the expenses for printing all those (now) worthless shirts and other gear!

2080 days ago


He was never the same once he left Green Bay. Once you leave the Pack, you can't go back. GO PACKERS!!!

2080 days ago

Dr. Adams    

There is a prize waiting for you at TMZ headquarters
....(toofastforyou!).....But you must be at our office no later than
2/15/09 3:00pm EST. to claim it.. $15,000.00
Please be advised you must have proof of ID with you in order to
claim your prize, and proof of being first to post
20 times.

2080 days ago


I am walking 10' above the ground today for the first time in 100 days!

2080 days ago


good thing they JUST got rid of chad pennington, AND MIA did GREAT!

2080 days ago


they do that with EVERY player when they leave the team. this aint nothing new.

2079 days ago


Mr. Z you are a complete MORON!

Just because your morbidly obese slob azz is slobbing around all day ripping on amazing athletes out of anger & rage for being a nothing is your problem.... you have absolutely no business making your assumptions to the public that Favre is a cheater.

This man is amazing... why don't you " educate" yourself & see all that this man has done. THEN come post some more negative things, I'd love to see you try.

This man was born w/ talent. Absolutely no doubt about it! He is in the game because he " LOVES" the game. He doesn't need the money or fame ...COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME ON! that deserves a lmao! You dumbass.

Oh, & this hang up on A-ROD ya got... who cares? When he played for the Rangers he was this scrawny ass punk, a few years later buff has all hell.... yeah, A-ROD doin roids... *SHOCKER* if your so naive & are in such awe this fool is now admitting he was on something .... you are an idiot!

Now go to the liquor store and stock up on your 40's & drink yourself to death this time... you loser!

2079 days ago

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