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John McCain Wusses Out

2/11/2009 6:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And this guy wanted to be President? John McCain wouldn't take a stand on the basics of the economic stimulus package....

John McCain: Click to watch


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Okay...its been a month or so since America got a new president. And might I add that Obama wasn't elected by the AMERICAN PEOPLE...he was elected by LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD!!! I can't wait until we as a country start having serious problems from all this!!! Then everyone who voted for him will be sorry when things go bad and can,t point to George Bush anymore!!! SUCKUZZZ!!

2045 days ago


Isabella = idiot

2045 days ago

get real    

okay TMZ. this is wrong. even though mccain didnt win he has served this country and one what he thinks is best. he is trying unlike our current president. he has been through more than anybody in the whole USA. he has done everything and more for the united states people.

like somone else said:McCain has been trying to warn America about all the PORK that the democrats are hiding in this ridiculous PORKULOUS bill!! There is little in the bill that will create jobs or help America. Instead, the dems have snuck in things like billions for Acorn to continue their voter fraud, millions for prostitutiuon, $500,000,000 to re-sod the national mall, billions to continue the murderting of babies in their mother's wombs and so much more porkulous disgusting junk that we TAX PAYERS have no choice but to pay for this nonsense!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

this is 100%%%% true.

2045 days ago


tmz leave mccain alone! seriously, we dont need to follow around and tape him, it just seems wrong to watch that! but the rest of you people calm down!!! if you cant take the heat get the hell out of the kitchen!! if you want the polite non-biased news go somewhere else other than tmz. all you crazies coming out of the woodwork coming on here to talk crap about obama and the stimulus plan... this is not just obamas plan, so give it a rest. hes been in office for about a month and there have been ups and downs but really, who are you to judge? you got your vote and whether it was for obama or mccain shouldnt matter now. if u have something important to say and you are smarter than the people working on this plan than why dont you take your silly angry blogging selves to the capitol and do something about it. thats all. have a nice night!

2045 days ago


can someone please explain to me why the republicans were all about the first stimulus but not the second? and what effect did the first one have?

2045 days ago

Molly P.    

He can't help it, he's senile. Just the way they like them in Washington.

2045 days ago


First, let me start off by saying I really enjoy watching TMZ for the celebrity “entertainment” value. However, if TMZ is going to delve into the political arena, they may want to hire people that are more than just celebrity reporters. In watching – better yet – listening to John McCann’s comments in response to the question from the “reporter” how can the stimulus package help my family, Senator McCann answered, quote, “I don’t know your family, so it would be hard for me to know exactly how that could happen.” Anyone who had listened to any of McCann’s interviews over the past year could tell you that he was being a little fictitious in his answer. And if any research had been done they would have known that Senator McCann along with 37 other Republicans voted NO on the stimulus package. So of course he doesn’t know how the package would help any family – he believes it is a bad idea that is why he voted NO. Let alone not every family in American will benefit by this plan so for anyone to be able to answer the question with any bit integrity, they would have to know a little bit about the family of the person asking the question.
PS – I don’t expect Senator McCann to solve the problem of the economy, isn’t that the President’s job – that would be why President Obama won the election, right?

2045 days ago


Not wussing out! He wouldn't waste his time making comments on bailing out individuals, which is what Obuma wants with his socialistic agenda. Obuma's the looser.

2045 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

confused - it's because BUSH wanted the first stimulus passed and he and McCain are buddies...
The second stimulus was during the OBAMA administration - the Republican's wouldn't cross the aisle for him even if it meant making our country more secure from terrorists. They would rather stand by and do nothing than work with a Democrat.
Did you notice his whole demeanor changed when Palin was brought up? You can tell he is REALLY regretting THAT decision.

2045 days ago

HI Haters    


2045 days ago

Time 4 Ur Pap-Smear    

John McCain earned the right to be treated with respect. He is an honorable man and an American war hero. F*ck all of you losers who denigrate him and f*ck ObamACORN too- he couldn't run a Kmart, nevermind this country. Go to hell.

2045 days ago


I would vote for McCain all over again. He has always been against the porkulous bill and voted appropriately. Nobama is about to become a one term president with this bill. It goes against all the promises he made on the campaign trail. Keep in mind there are no stimulous checks for us the little people, the ones keeping this country going, but there is $30 million dollars for some swamp rat in San Fran. This is just an example of the pork proposed by the other swamp rat from San Fran, Nancy Pelosi. In other words, the dems won and they get it all, and if you or I make too much we have to share it with those that don't. Socialism at it's finest. Thank you all you losers that had to put the first black man in the white house where he truly doesn't belong.

2044 days ago


i'd give anything to have this man as president right now. everyone who voted for obama sold ALL OF OUR OUR souls to the devil (figuratively speaking, obviously.) the government owns us now... which is just want democrats want really. most will trade in their freedom and their rights as an american for a couple dollars in government handouts any day. BIG GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM. is this the "change" obama spoke of? change to socialism? because other than that, nothing else HAS changed. thank you to the person who said obama is no different then all the other radical democrats, except he's half black. HALF.

2044 days ago

concerned citizen    

All of you Republicans want to go back to "trickle down" economics. Like that really worked! At least with President Obama the Country has a fighting chance.

2044 days ago

Tutti Froooooty    

John McCain is a well respected American HERO!!!!! He has lived his life for America and almost GAVE his life for America. He has an extensive military background, was even born at a naval base, and followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who were both 4 star admirals in the U.S. could we let him slip away as president..... but here's Barack Hussein Obama.....only been in office since 2005??? What makes you think he can run a country? Oh well I do wish him the best!

2044 days ago
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