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Our Apologies to Sam, Australia

2/11/2009 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We officially apologize for poking fun at Sam, the koala rescued from the fires in the Australian wilderness. Sam was photographed drinking bottled water and we made a joke....and it was out of line.

Sam The Koala
Turns out lil' Sam suffered burned paws and was taken to the Mountain Ash Wildlife Shelter -- nothing funny about that. But since she's been at the shelter, Sam has drawn the attention of a male koala named Bob. The two are now said to be inseparable.

We made a joke about Sam drinking bottled water and then going to pilates and eating sushi. Bad joke, bad us.

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OK TMZ now step up to the plate and donate some cash for Sam. That would be the correct thing to do.

2050 days ago


Poor little animal., thanks TMZ for making it all better, now you should send a DONATION to the place helping the animals!

2050 days ago


Good luck to "Sweet Sam" and Good on TMZ for apologizing!

2050 days ago


It must have been the blond guy who wrote the bad joke.

2050 days ago


What a great idea TMZ should start a campaign to raise money for Sam. They could start it off by sending a good amount money. I would send $100.00 myself if you get this going TMZ

2050 days ago


Why in the bloody hell should you apologize? The comments made were not offensive in any ways, just silly and cute. It's not like you said you wanted to make a coat of the the damn thing!

2050 days ago


Good on you TMZ. :)

2050 days ago


Poor little creature!!!! Shame on you, I don't mind when you make fun of humans, but degrading an injured innocent little animal is kind of low! I'm glad the koala survived and was rescued to be rehabilitated

Just to give you a perspective of how poorly this little girl was doing - Koalas do NOT like humans or approach them nor do they tolerate being approached. They also do not enjoy walking, they spend their time in trees. So for this little koala to actually accept help for a human, you have to know she was expecting to die and probably extremely desperate.

Imagine if a fire tore through all of NYC, or Hollyweird, destroying the cities COMPLETELY, beyond recognition. NOTHING LEFT.

I feel so sad for the people of Australia....this is such a huge tragedy. And to think some of the fires were possibly set by arsonists....well if those pieces of cat turd didn't themselves perish in the fires, i hope they are caught and put to death! they don't deserve any sympathy. imagine trying to flee in your car and being burned alive. imagine seeing kangaroos with flames at their backs, jumping down the road.

I read about a mother, her baby, the family dog, and two neighbors who took a chance and jumped in a shallow creek, and covered themselves with a wet blanket and huddled in the creek as the fire PASSED RIGHT OVER THEM and burned EVERYTHING around them. well, they survived. that story and the koala story are the only good stories to come out of it all so far. and they both still bring tears to my eyes to imagine how horrible it must be.

Shame on anyone that makes fun of such things - karma will make sure you're next in line for a horrible tragedy!

2050 days ago


you guys RAWK.....

2050 days ago


TMZ Please start this donation idea. This is such a great idea TMZ you could make a difference if you wanted to. I also promise to donate a $100.00.

2050 days ago


It`s our story and photo TMZ is stealing from the AP-Who needs TMZ than?....I knew they would try to build up yesterdays news late and muti-millions of hits behind the loop -loopy wake earlyer or quit.

2050 days ago


We all should get something going even if TMZ doesn't think it is the right thing to do. TMZ look at all the free advertising you will get if you start a national campaign on raising some funds for these animals. You will be making a wrong a right again. You might even get some Stars to join in and we can than really make a difference.

2050 days ago


Damn right! I thought it was pretty rude. Glad you stepped up and said so.

2050 days ago


Sweet little koala bear!

2050 days ago


OK AP than you step up and help get a campaign going to raise money for these animals. PLEASE

2050 days ago
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