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Slaughter at Michael Bay's Place

2/11/2009 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael BayThey say good fences make good neighbors -- but what happens when your neighbor knocks down your fence, cuts down your trees and builds a wall on your property?

That's what Michael Bay is dealing with, at least according to a lawsuit filed today in L.A. Superior Court. He claims his neighbors took down a fence that helped separate their properties. Then they built a wall that crosses over onto his property. And finally, he also alleges his neighbors hired tree trimmers to hack down trees on his property -- twice!

He is seeking unspecified damages.


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Let's focus on the "real" story here in the Bay saga:

Our backyards are not limited by the fence or shrubs that seperate them. From above you will see a vast network of people, and yards, who know things that, well, maybe they shouldn' here goes...

-Michael Bay is trying to have his sister Lisa arrested for "harassment".

Now, Michael understands this word well. If you have ever worked for the man you will know this to be true. This is not a joke. Michael has done something he should not have done, and he is afraid to lose his power in Hollywood over it, which we all know can come and go overnight. So...let's focus on the real story. Michael Bay is trying to put a family member (sister Lisa) away, and she needs our help. We need to save Lisa Bay from Michael Bay (remember saving Ferris?) We know things we should not know - and - he knows that WE know these things, and so...obviously, if you were him, wouldn't you try to do everything in your "power" to keep it? We need to "Save Lisa Bay from Michael Bay!" DOT ORG !

-from a showbiz baby who knows what "they" do to each other out there in movie-land, and it ain't no good. So Watch Out...Karma (not Carmen) can be a real bitch sometimes.

*This is dedicated to Michael Bay. Let's see how "big-time" this little episode makes him.

1956 days ago

Dr. Adams    

LOVE THY neighbor...LOL

1988 days ago

Dr. Adams    

(toofastforyou)....looks like you're screwing up on collecting that prize money for being first!!!......LOL@ toofast

1988 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

WAS HIS NEIGHBOR ASHTON KUTCHER????????????? That explains it..

1988 days ago

Vanessa B.    

Man, I thought someone was murdered at Micheal Bay's house...... that would have been much more interesting.....

1988 days ago


I've heard that Michael is a real tool...he probably deserved it!

1988 days ago


Karma for making so many crappy ass movies, perhaps?

1988 days ago

Dr. Adams    

There is a prize waiting for you at TMZ headquarters
....(toofastforyou!).....But you must be at our office no later than
2/15/09 3:00pm EST. to claim it.. $15,000.00
Please be advised you must have proof of ID with you in order to
claim your prize, and proof of being first to post
20 times.

1988 days ago


Blessed are you that have good neighbors. I am afraid to put the fence up because I know that my neighbors will be offended, but 70% they are from hell the other % of the time they are asleep. I had two of those large grassy plants close on both sides of my home. I noticed unbelievably thy would routinely Mohawk the bush closest to them. I asked them to please stay off my lawn. One day I noticed they had completely uprooted this 3-4 year old plant/bush and planted roses and placed those freakin ghetto bricks to mege with thier yard. One of the residents said that they cut down the bush because she had always been afraid snakes reside in that type of bush. Their every going and coming is announced with loud music and horn honks. We have small yards in this community and we are in close vicinity of each other so appropriately so they have about 3 vicious dogs chained in the back yard. Community on lockdown when one of those dogs are loose. TILL NEXT TIME TRY TO BE CONSIDERATELY GOOD NEIGHBOR!

1988 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

God, we all have Bad Neighbor stories, don't we?

At least in Mike's case I don't feel so bad about the bulk of my neighbors CONSTANTLY leaving their cars dead in front of my house when the entire rest of the street is otherwise completely empty

1988 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

toofastforyou hasn't posted in a while,
I'm terribly concerned...

1988 days ago


#8: They do all that to you and you're worried about offending THEM?! Time to move!

1988 days ago


Hopefully toofast broke a finger and is incapacitated for a very long time. We should be so lucky.

1988 days ago


At least they're not the neighbors from The 'Burbs.

1988 days ago


Who's Michael Bay?

1988 days ago
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