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Eve: Don't Make Me Punch You!

2/12/2009 4:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eve was sending her prayers to alleged assault victim Rihanna -- but after an oddly phrased question, she was ready to smack someone too.

Eve: Click to watch


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jessica p.    

good for her

2042 days ago



2042 days ago


What's the big deal? Imma say I think Rihanna started it. You know how women play games and stuff. But things went too far and Chris got rough with her.

2042 days ago


Where is the absolute outrage in the entire entertainment and Black Communities against Chris Browns treatment of women here?

I've had enough of this nonsense---Black men getting away with terrible treatment of women, in song, in manner and in life.

Why has Oprah not invested her money in stopping this instead of Girls schools in Africa?

2042 days ago


Thank you, Eve! Finally, someone captures the reality of the moment! Regardless of fault, every woman, particularly woman of color should be outraged by this. This is YOUR life on television. Black women are the #1 victims of domestic assault. That's right...#1! There is no excuse to sit back and continue being the whipping pole for someone else's inadequencies. My prayers are with Rihanna. Chris Brown, keep hiding!

2042 days ago

Read a book!    

Flatnose should shut her yap and Erica let me smack you up cause I can give beats just like a man....skoe!

2042 days ago


I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for Rihana .... she as a bitch attitude and im sur she punch him .... If you punch first guy or girl assume when it come back on you . If he didnt do it and I saw her I would gladdy done it for him.... but i do feel sad for the Koala who got burn ...

2042 days ago


o ya baby???

2042 days ago


What the hell does color have to do with anything? If she was purple it still would have been wrong.

2042 days ago


first of all i would like to say sorry for what happened to rihanna, but has anyone taken out the time to hear chris brown side. there is two sides to every story you know.what if the shoe was on the other foot, and it was rihanna, who assaulted and bit chris brown,would the media still blow this out of proportion and everyone take all her endorsements or would they just label it as a temper tantrum?lets get the REAL reason behind this before we go trying to destroy one up and rising star.

2042 days ago

Michelle H    

Hey you guys, don't you remember Eve had a song about domestic violence. Of course she would stand up for the woman in a situation like that. If I remember right, she wrote the song about a friend of hers who was in a violent relationship. The name of the song was Love is Blind. Check out the video.

2042 days ago


Who is eve? Summer's Eve?

2042 days ago

my 3 cents    

To All Of the Ignorant Men Who Read This:
1. Imagine you were a women with a boyfriend who you love, imagine you were hit and you can't defend yourself because you are not as strong as your boyfriend.
2. Imagine Rihanna was your MOTHER, or your SISTER.
3. Imagine you went through a Domestic Shelter because you have no where else to go.
So take your lame comments and shove them haters. Because of men like C.B., some women are taking this very seriously.

2041 days ago


It doesn't matter what caused the fight, YOU DON'T BEAT WOMEN TO A PULP. YOU JUST DON'T DO IT. There are some seriously messed up people on this website... I thought I had some real serious problems but DAMN. GO EVE!!! IM SO GLAD YOU'RE TAKING A STAND!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT OPIE AND ANTHONY SAY ABOUT YOU BEING STUPID AND A PAIN IN THE ASS! AT LEAST YOU CAN CONDEMN THE ACTIONS OF A WOMAN BEATER!!!!

2041 days ago


MEL... I can guess exactly what you look like and what you do on a Monday morning. I would bet all of my money on it. Here's a hint... I know you're not at work on Monday. What's it like waking up at 1 pm on Mondays and not having a high school diploma? How many of your kids is the state supporting? Or how hard does your kids' mother(s) work to support them and keep them away from you? I hope they cut off your benefits and a gang of strong, independent women whoop your ass. Education is the key to ending domestic violence, but personal responsibility is just as important.

2041 days ago
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