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OctoMom Goes Green

2/14/2009 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom showed her support for the environment yesterday by setting up a small composting site in the backseat of her car -- known in the auto industry as "the place where children usually sit."

The pics were snapped as America's favorite mother stopped by the hospital to see her kids ... or maybe get another pregnancy test.


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I no longer watch any TV coverage of Octo. Any time, any network I quickly change the station. I feel for her school age children. They are going to have a rough life in schools. The other children will be awfull with the comments about thier crazy mother. How sad. ps. I keep my car clean, PEOPLE DO JUDGE YOU AN YOUR CARS CONDITION.

2042 days ago


If I were her I would get a restraining order against you wolves. I left my job because I wasn't comfortable working for people who treat others poorly. It really makes me wonder how you all sleep at night.

2069 days ago


And, oh please! I am so sick of hearing from "taxpayers" who don't want their "hard-earned money" going to her. Grow up! Your hard-earned money goes to pay for a lot of things that many of us don't believe in--like WAR in IRAQ for one. How can you sit on your couch complaining about the measly $490/mo she gets in food stamps when we spend $10 billion in Iraq EVERY MONTH! It might help you feel better if you learned some compassion for your fellow human beings.

2069 days ago


TMZ keep up the good work the more dirt you can find out about on this woman the better chance those poor kids will be taken away from her. She is sick and needs to be committed and as for the doctor who turkey basted her he needs to support the kids until they are 18 like a father should.

2069 days ago


I wonder, the Moneygram laying in the back floorboard, who was it from and does the welfare dept. in her town know that she is recieving outside income?

2069 days ago


Oh wow you mean between getting all the attention she can , spending time with friends and spending the donations that she got for her KIDS on getting her nails done and buying $15 lip gloss she found time to go visit her little money makers?

2068 days ago


i feel really sorry for all of the kids this woman has cuz this woman is a total nut case and is robbing people of there money

2064 days ago


TMZ, be careful because from these types of pictures it looks like you guys are having her hunted down! Not cool at all. This is when you cross the line of being funny and into stalkers! No one cares about this story anymore-ENOUGH!!!

2074 days ago


Oh my god, leave this woman alone. Stalkers!

2074 days ago

Enough is right!    

Very true! You have crossed a line TMZ and you are nothing less than stalking this women. Waste your life somewhere else....

2074 days ago


If her car looks like this then, imagine what the inside of the house looks like!

2074 days ago


I have to agree; I have more crap in my car the she does. This is a lot like big brother watching and is starting to border on the ridiculous. Do I agree with what she did? NO But death threats and crap like this are idiotic. If the woman is mentally unbalanced we need to get her some help; not threaten to kill her or do stuff like this

2074 days ago


Enough already. You are getting carried away. At this point she can't undo the babies (unless everyone harrasses her so much that she loses her mind and hurts them).

2074 days ago


someone needs to drug her up and tie her tubes

2074 days ago


This is way over the line and is far beyond anything that can be defended in the name of public interest. Quite frankly, the idea that anyone would even think to spy on the interior of someone's car is disturbing.

2074 days ago
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