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OctoMom Goes Green

2/14/2009 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom showed her support for the environment yesterday by setting up a small composting site in the backseat of her car -- known in the auto industry as "the place where children usually sit."

The pics were snapped as America's favorite mother stopped by the hospital to see her kids ... or maybe get another pregnancy test.


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I am a California tax payer also but never will wish for the ill will of another, that is not what a legacy i ever wish to teach my children about our humanity. I am just as sad for people like you as i am for her. The misery, stalking and downfall you wish for another is only to your detriment. Just be glad and thankful you were not born burdened with her unstable, irrational thinking as the cross this woman carries. That woman bought a first class ticket to hell with her life choices.. is that not enough and do we really need to add to her misery. Do i agree with her but i sure as HELL do not feel entitled to condemn another to the point of cruelty to get that point across! We should always contemplate our action and cruel words aimed towards another human being. Cruelty is never a legacy to aim towards nor be proud of. Let it go and move forward.

2076 days ago

ilove jesus    

hey, as a mother of 4 young kids,,,thats pretty much how my mini-van looks like,,,try to clean it as much as possible,,,but with 4 small kids,,,thats impossible most of the time so i cant say nothing bad a bout octomom,,,thats pretty much how it is,,and unless you have more then 1 small child,,,,you cant understand....

2076 days ago


This is getting ridiculous. She's off to see her children. You guys are completely stalking her now. Do I need to see the inside of her car?? no. As for her lips - until I get proof she's getting her lips done, I will simply think that it was her hormones that made her lips swelled up during her pregnancy which is normal. She had eight worth of different hormones in her womb since she had octuplets.

2076 days ago


OK - this is getting beyond crazy. NOW these idiots are photographing her car?WTF?! Listen up people - it is NOT out of the norm to have a bit of a messy car when you have children. Kids drop food, crumbs, spill things and hide crap under the seats - I can't imagine having 6 kids would leave anyone much time to clean the car. Yes, she could throw away food, etc, but the bottom line is that you're not gonna find an immaculate car unless you sit on your a** all day long with nothing better to do. I agree this woman is not in the right frame of mind, I'm disgusted with the IVF and birthing all these children but looking at the empty water bottles in her car and judging her by that is just pathetic!!! TMZ you should really be ashamed.

2076 days ago


This is not a story.,.. this is borderline creepy.
I fully support trashing this woman. She is disgusting. The other articles were great. Really showed her priorities, and if she shops at an expensive store or something like that, go ahead and trash her...But her car is messy? not a good one.

2076 days ago

Average Housewife    

I agree with everyone. My car looks like a nuclear explosion took place inside it, and I have 2 kids! This is over the top. Knock it off, TMZ. She is a pile of crap and deserves to be shamed for abusing our money, but come on! Inside her car?

2076 days ago


I feel so sorry for these babies. I hope she does not profit from this. I stop covering her story...she just wants to be famous. It is sad. So sad.

2076 days ago


I wonder what her stomach looks like now. Probably hit the ground if she wore a bikini.

2076 days ago

ilove jesus    

COMMENT 31.....hey you feel so strongly about where every single tax penny is going towards,,,try finding out where you money is on wallstreet as well,,,its the same thing,,,

2076 days ago


32. All you people defending her privacy MUST NOT be from California. As a CALIFORNIA TAX PAYER single with NO DEPENDENTS - I am footing a good portion of her bill. I want to see what she is doing and am outraged that CPS has not been involved. How come she can six kids in a tiny house and my parents who have 20 acres have to get a kennel liscence for four dogs? Which are not on welfare!

This whole situation is maddening. As a native Californian it is a disgrace.



Now you sound pathetic! Give it up with the taxpayer crap. This is no reason to photograph the inside of her car. The media will run with this story for as long as they can. What next? Going through her garbage? If you're so freakin' pissed about where your money is going then MOVE! Move out of state. Be done with it. Stop harping on this woman because your life sucks. Should she have had so many kids? NO. But she does and there's no turning back time now. Not sure how finding empty water bottles in her car is going to satisfy you or save you your money. This is creepy and everyone on this site agrees. How the hell is the garbage in her car gonna tell you how your tax payer money is being spent? Get over yourself. Lets worry about how the taxpayers are going to pay back a $750 billion debt! Go scream about that. We have a right to know how the banks are spending that bail out money but I guarantee we'll all be kept in the dark.

2076 days ago


I have to agree, I have alot more junk in my car. That is clean compared to mine, but mine is kids stuff and my school books but still this may just be a little over the line.

2076 days ago


The day wouldn't be complete without an update. I think TMZ is addicted to this train wreck.

2076 days ago


AMEN, i agree with the person responding on #39!!!

2076 days ago


If she can have 14 kids and make the American public pay for them, then she's just going to have to deal with *stalking* and death threats. She made the decsion to live this way. No one is forcing this on her.

2076 days ago


TMZ, keep up the good work. This sick woman asked for this attention when she had another eight kids on top of the six she was already struggling with. She deserves to be followed and photographed. She didn't mind being filmed for Dateline. So why should she mind now? The way I see it, since she's living off of the government tit, we as taxpayers have EVERY RIGHT to know what she is up to 24/7.

NOBODY SEND HER ONE THIN DIME either. Because all this dummy will use it for is the tummy tuck she undoubtedly needs after her last litter of pups.

Follow her everywhere and film it!!

2076 days ago
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