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OctoMom Goes Green

2/14/2009 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom showed her support for the environment yesterday by setting up a small composting site in the backseat of her car -- known in the auto industry as "the place where children usually sit."

The pics were snapped as America's favorite mother stopped by the hospital to see her kids ... or maybe get another pregnancy test.


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30. All you people defending her privacy MUST NOT be from California. As a CALIFORNIA TAX PAYER single with NO DEPENDENTS - I am footing a good portion of her bill. I want to see what she is doing and am outraged that CPS has not been involved. How come she can six kids in a tiny house and my parents who have 20 acres have to get a kennel liscence for four dogs? Which are not on welfare!

This whole situation is maddening. As a native Californian it is a disgrace.


Posted at 1:52PM on Feb 14th 2009 by CAL TAXPAYER
Some of you people (CAL TAXPAYER) are just nuts, really. Like the state is using your money right now? Hell no, they're issuing IOUs.

2085 days ago

love it!    

For those of you who are on here leaving comments about how bad TMZ is, if you don't like the show or it's site or the topics or pics on here, then log off and don't watch the show instead of wasting your time and everone elses by writing how horrible they are.

2085 days ago



2085 days ago


43. If she can have 14 kids and make the American public pay for them, then she's just going to have to deal with *stalking* and death threats. She made the decsion to live this way. No one is forcing this on her.

Posted at 2:18PM on Feb 14th 2009 by cm

Death threats? OK go take some medication for your delusions. Not sure who is worse, the woman who had 14 kids or the jerk who is talking about killing her for it! You're sick. Get help. Why don't you start stalking the homes of people that have been on welfare for years, are fraudulent with workers comp and disability claims, anyone on food stamps - basically anyone that is sucking the US dry. This woman is not the only one. She just did it in a big way. Strep off the soap box unless you are actually contributing to the thread.

#47 - freedom of speech. Just because you disagree with a particular story does not mean we don't like the site. This story is a little ridiculous - doesn't mean there haven't been good ones in the past.

2085 days ago

midwest gal    

Stalking isn't cool. And this is what you are doing.

2085 days ago

marky spark    

WOW!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! You got pictures of someones dirty back seat!!!!! DAMN DUDE!!!! I bet you got PAID on this pic, son!!!!! You are some fantastics photojournalists!!!!!! Stellar work, TMZ!!!

2085 days ago


There were already reports that said the inside of the home was filthy. dirty walls, garbage etc. The state wont step in untill she brings the babys home then you can bet it's on.

2085 days ago

Middletown, RI    

You guys have crossed the line by snapping pics inside her car. Give her privacy!

2085 days ago


WAY TO GO TMZ!!! We have a right to know how our tax dollars are being spent. Maybe this will put an end to vaginal abuse. This woman is SICK!!! Honestly, don't have more kids than you can afford.

2085 days ago


OMG TMG lay off, who care's how much stuff she has in her car? She has 8 babies in an NICU she is living between where ever she is staying and the hospital. She is bound to have a bit of stuff in her car. I had twins in the NICU and lets just say the last thing on your mind is water bottles in your back seat. She is worrying about oxygen levels, blood gasses, and cat scans not her car right now! Give her a break. Despite what you think of her 14 kids, this lady still deserves the right to live her life without death threats and people following her around and stalking her!

2085 days ago


this is just mean. enough already.

2085 days ago


It is really sad that everyone has missed the most vital points of this whole thing. There should be laws against how many children a person can have and if they are unemployed and have no way of taking care of them and themselves in the first place. The problem is that the religious people in this country don't want to ever hear of anything that controls our population and especially not abortion. This woman had every opportunity along the way to make the right decisions but has chosen to make the wrong decisions every single time. She obviously has mental problems, that most definitely have not been addressed properly. Now the tax payers of this state will be left with millions of dollars in medical bills and I guarantee millions more in the future. People just see TMZ as harassing her but the truth is she needs to be under a bigger microscope, so that all of her lies are exposed and so that the world can wake up and realize that we cannot take care of every persons problems. Truth is she should have to repay every cent of the student loans and disability she has likely improperly used over the years to pay for all of these bad decisions. Look if she was physically capable of carrying around 8 kids in her stomach then she was capable of working. Wake up folks and realize that we cannot keep covering the bills of stupid people like her. The kids I really feel sorry for them but that is exactly what she counts on, so do not fall for it. If you help her or her kids you are just as guilty of stupidity as she is! If you buy her books or watch whatever Reality TV show she gets your are just as stupid as she is. This woman cannot be allowed to shine for anything she has done and here is the reality check folks, she is a disgrace and should be treated accordingly!

2085 days ago


Leave this woman and her family alone! So she has 14 children, we are not to judge her. I don't agree with it, but this is her life. It is getting totally out of hand. This woman needs to be left alone and her evrey move should not be made public. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!

2085 days ago

He makes me sick    

I am not a fan of this woman at all. I think she has made some really bad choices. But the woman has 6 kids (at least the ones that are not in the hospital) and there's no way to keep her car from looking like that. I have one kid and my car looks like that too. Do you TMZ people even have any children? I agree that these pics are over the line.

2085 days ago

ilove jesus    

52. WAY TO GO TMZ!!! We have a right to know how our tax dollars are being spent. Maybe this will put an end to vaginal abuse. This woman is SICK!!! Honestly, don't have more kids than you can afford.

Posted at 2:48PM on Feb 14th 2009 by Gossipho

then i guess we should know how are tax dollars being spent on WALL STREET as well,,,whos going after them.....whos stalking them,,,,,,theres MILLIONS of people on welfare,,,,then go stalk them and see how your money is being spent as well,,,,these are the people at some point in their lives will need help,,,so watch what you say,,,,regardless of how irresponsible this mother acted,,,whats done is done and hopefully these kids have what they need,,,and that includes a mother in their lives,,,,

2085 days ago
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