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"Project Runway" Winner: Rihanna Had it Coming

2/15/2009 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Siriano -- the dude who won "Project Runway" -- apparently subscribes to the OJ Simpson school of domestic violence, because he thinks Rihanna must have done something to provoke it.

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My God, who on earth wants to listen to what this untalented 15-minutes-of-fame little ditz has to say on anything, much less this? He needs to know that his time is the spotlight is over - and thank God. Worse dress sense I have never seen, and it calls itself a fashion designer? And now it's an expert on domestic abuse? God help us all - it is deeply unattractive, with terrible taste and zero sense - how do these creatures get attention? And why?

2054 days ago


And how would you know?
Were you present?
I highly doubt that. so therefore...conclusion disregarding this statement since obviously.. you know nothing about what happened.

2073 days ago


he needs to get slapped around a little himself if anyone is a diva its this A-hole I dont care if Rihanna slapped the hell outta Chris he had no right to lay a hand on her he should of just walked away

2072 days ago


What a moron. I can't believe I was even a fan. He's just as stupid as CB and his remaining fans. Go away IDIOTS!!

2072 days ago

miss chrisbreezy    

well he is right she did have it coming diva i hate u rihanna

2071 days ago


Having lived with several gay guys; I can attest to the comments about some homosexual men's extreme jealousy of women, especially good-looking ones... I had one roommate try on my clothes while I wasn't there, another told me his a$$hole was like a vag and another one went online claiming he was a 17 year old girl to have websex with straight men. A couple of them would openly rant about hating good-looking pop stars or actresses.
I'm def not gay bashing as I have personally been close to very kind, loving gay men but some are just wrong in their view of women. People forget that women were the LAST ones given the right to vote and are still considered mentally inferior by many men as their images have been sexualized for thousands of years.

2070 days ago


She totally did something to piss him off. I love how everyone is willing to back her without even wanting to know the whole story. Yes, keep living your simple mindless lives :)

:: waits for some internetz retaliation to further prove my point ::

2064 days ago

The Skizzler    

Someone take the lead boots off this fairy and let her float off into space.

2078 days ago


Jackass speaking

2078 days ago

walter moe mitty    

What a stupid queen. I hope his next lover beats the crap out of him.

2078 days ago


Wtf! What a tool.

2078 days ago


Why even ask this no talent idiot about this. You need to be more intelligent in asking questions if you really care about the answers.

2078 days ago


How much does Rihanna weigh? Maybe 110 lbs what could she possibly have done to provoke 180 lb Chris Brown. That's crap manly men are smart enough to walk away even if the woman starts it.

2078 days ago


i love this kid.

2078 days ago


You're a f**; how about I beat you down, and then you can tell everyone you deserved it for being a douche?

2078 days ago
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