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OctoGrandma -- It Was News To Me

2/16/2009 11:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When you turn your mom into a babysitter to take care of your 6 kids, it's kinda bad form not to mention you have 8 more on the way. But the ever self-absorbed OctoMom didn't bother to mention she went back to the clinic for a fresh load. Grandma didn't find out til it was obvious.

OctoGranny: Click to watch
Angela Suleman said on today's "CBS Early Show" she resented daughter Nadya Suleman for having another litter but now believes she's a good mother who is "trying so hard."


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tired of octo-lips    

pleasssssssssssssse how can anyone say that she is a loving mother if she were she would be working and only having only the amount of children that she could afford.If her mother had put her foot down 5 kids ago we wouldn't have to be hearing about this nut case

2047 days ago


I think grandma knew about it! And i think she was ok with all of them! Now that they have recieved alot of negativty she seems like she was in the dark about it all.

2071 days ago


Do we get to claim the kids on our taxes or are they part of the stimulus package? Who wants to bet that the sperm donor for all the kids looks like Brad Pitt? LOL He has come forward saying he knew about some of the kids and she tricked him. She says it's the same donor but he didn't realize how many were his and he is still gripping that. She said she hopes he gets to know the kids in the future but doesn't need him to. He hasn't seen any of them she said. He is asking for a paternity test of the 8 just born. All of the kids have his last name on their birth certificates. He is listed as the father on the first 4 born but not on the twins the last of the six before the 8 just born. How do you put a donors name on the certificate unless it wasn't donated? Doesn't that make him resposible for support? Also on the twins her name is listed as Natalie. But 1-4 and 7-14 it says Nadya. These kids are going to wonder why they have a sperm donors last name. He will be on the Good Morning America show on monday. All will come out then. Who wants to bet he looks like Brad Pitt? LMAO if he does. She is probably obsessed with him and in love.. Bet he goes in and takes custody and puts her in a institution and the grandparents will help. She needs to pay their mortgage with some of this money if not all of whats owed so they own it. I am glad her dad went on Oprah and made her mad. I hope he made good money to replace all his daughter took from them and they can pay their house off and retire in peace. They may even do one up and have her commited and keep the kids and have many nanny's and live in the big house. Jerry Springer here they come.

2067 days ago


Hey, K! Are you out of your freakin' mind? Is that you Nadya, posing as a 'fan'??? Speak for yourself, the woman makes me ill. People in CA can't get their state tax refunds and you are a baby vending machine on public assistance - AND your mother can't afford her house payments because of you. I hope someone takes those kids away, you are a delusional moron, a cancer on society.

2065 days ago


4. After battling with infertility for 10 years now, stories like hers makes me very angry and sad.

Posted at 9:44AM on Feb 16th 2009 by Makes me angry

unfortunately this is your problem and you have to deal with it. there is no point being angry or sad about any one elses fertility.

2063 days ago


i read that nadya took the kids to preschool today. i have seen pictures of the older ones getting off the school bus. in fact during the day i think nadya has nothing to do until the kids get home from hospital.
nadya said that she would get back to study and the babies woould go into childcare during the day.
certainly while nadya was in hospital someone had to look after the kids in the evening but what was the story of the nanny about? either she had a nanny or she didn't. the story appeared in the british press so i think two newspapers have interviewed her and she did in fact have a nanny. for how long who knows. you would think if she was still around that the press would be all over her. i see pleny of pictures of nadya with the kids at the playground. i presume on the weekend since they are enrolled in school and preschool.
so when in fact is the grandmother looking after the kids?

2061 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Sad. First!

2073 days ago

i love james iha    

i wish everyone would quit callng these 8 babies a litter like they are kittens or puppies they are babies and they don't deserve to be called a litter they didn't choose how to come into this world and yes maybe it was a bad coice for the mom but it wasn't the babies choice

2073 days ago


Feel so sorry to the mother to giving birth to a deluded woman like her who's a baby hoarder/. DOWN WITH HER.
Keep the articles coming, TMZ!

2073 days ago


After battling with infertility for 10 years now, stories like hers makes me very angry and sad.

2073 days ago



2073 days ago


so it appears that now this woman is seeing the all mighty dollar sign. Or could it be that she just wants Octomom from hell to get the hell out of her house and cash in at the same time. These people make me sick. The state needs to move in quickly. TMZ never let up, keep up the good work. We need the 411 on these bottom dewellers.

2073 days ago


Speak for yourself #5. I think it is completely ridiculous! She needs psychiatric help and the babies and children need to be put into homes that will care for them properly. The Octo mom is clearly out of touch with reality and needs meds...STAT!

2073 days ago


I thought there was a gag order against the grandma?

2073 days ago



SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! I don't support her, I don't love her...I resent the hell out of what she's done. I feel she's a crook and an unfit don't go saying EVERYONE when you are speaking for yourself!!!

2073 days ago
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